Dream Come True Review: Is dreamcometrue.ai Legit?

Dream Come True Review
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Dream Come True is uncontrolled. Although network marketing does not violate laws, a pyramid scheme is against the law. The two are sometimes difficult to tell apart due to their similar appearance. Many law enforcement officials struggle to deal with this issue.

Dream Come True is a Ponzi scheme to steal people’s hard-earned money. They claim to have offered many people opportunities to live better, balanced lives. However, all these are lies. After unmasking the company’s true intentions, we realized they were untrustworthy. Not all MLM companies are scams. There are many honest and trustworthy crypto companies or forex brokers that are legitimate to work with.   


Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investment opportunities that have been around for many years. They rely on the greed and confidence of individuals and institutions alike. Despite being outlawed in many nations, these scams keep developing and costing victims a great deal of money and stress.

Even in the modern era, Ponzi schemes are thriving, with new variants appearing frequently. The “pyramid scheme” is a frequent Ponzi scheme in which investors are promised enormous returns for recruiting new people to join the plan. Such schemes fail when there aren’t enough new investors to sustain the expected rewards.

Ponzi schemes remain a big issue, resulting in substantial losses for the unfortunate investors that fall prey to them. Despite the allure of quick cash, prudent investors should exercise due diligence before putting their money anywhere. Individuals and organizations can avoid being taken in by these scams by being alert to the red flags and then taking preventative measures.

About Dreamcometrue.ai

The only positive thing to say about the website is that it has an aesthetic appeal. It would make you think it checks all the boxes of a legit company. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. When you work with the firm, you can be sure that your dreams will not come true as they claim.

One of their principles of work is integrity. This is ironic because they are anything but a company of integrity. They say they are an IT company that started in 2021. They claim to have started by offering online courses, affiliate marketing, and charity services. There is, however, no evidence that they have supported anyone in the community.

They currently claim to offer online services in real estate, digital marketing, blockchain, and financial technology. All these are, however, clever maneuvers to cover up what the company is really about. The claim about giving to charity is only for making the company appealing to investors.

To become an affiliate member, one has to pay $19.99. To participate fully, members invest between $99 and $49,999.  

Contact Details

The company has provided an email address and a physical location in Dubai. However, since this is a Ponzi scheme, the location details may be fake. It is not uncommon among these shady companies to provide misleading information.

Many of the Ponzi schemes do not even provide a physical address. We were surprised that this one did. The reason is that they want to remain anonymous and evade capture in case something goes wrong. They also have a Facebook page where we established that the company began in 2021.

Dream Come True’s Founders

The company founders are essential. They tell the kind of people we are dealing with in an organization. When they have a negative reputation, then it is likely that the company is also shady. The firm is not upfront about its founders.

We established from the company marketing sites that the company is linked to Adnan Ahmed and Asim Jamil. These two are notorious scammers associated with other pyramid schemes like “Ride to the Future.”

This was a Ponzi scheme that the two scammers had started in 2019 until it collapsed in 2021. It is not a coincidence that they started Dream Come True in the same year. The firm will follow the same fate as its predecessor since they have similar features. 

Dream Come True Company Products

The company members cannot sell any tangible product in retail stores. This is because the company does not deal with such products. The affiliates can, however, sell the affiliate membership.   

Dreamcometrue.ai Review, Dreamcometrue.ai Features

An affiliate invests money, and the company promises them a daily return of up to 3%. An investor can invest between $99 and $49,999. Within 200 days of investing, the affiliates can expect to earn their money. There is also the option of earning through recruiting another person to the program.       

Affiliate Ranks

At Dream Come True, affiliates have various ranks as follows:

Affiliate: This is the most basic rank. It is the one everyone gets after signing up as an affiliate.   

Qualified Affiliate: This is the rank you get when recruiting at least two more affiliates.

Bronze: Here, you have to maintain the two recruited affiliates. In addition, you need to earn residual binary commissions.

The other ranks are silver, Gold, Platinum, Executive, Senior Executive, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Double Diamond, Vice President, President, and Royal President. The ranks vary depending on the amount of money a person earns and the affiliates they have recruited.

Referral Commissions and Bonus

If a person recruits an affiliate and they invest, that person gets an 8% commission on the invested money. If a person recruits two people within 30 days of joining, they earn a 12% commission.       

In addition to the 12%, a person can receive $50 for every other affiliate they recruit. The affiliate must recruit another person within the first 30 days to get the referral bonus.  

Dream Come True Residual Commissions

Under the uni-level compensation plan, an affiliate is at the top position. Every other person they recruit is put under them. This forms level one.    

When a level 1 affiliate brings another person, they are put under to form a level 2 layer. If a level 2 member recruits another one, the trend continues. The residual commission a person earns depends on how much they initially invested.      

There is also a binary compensation plan where an affiliate is placed at the team’s top. The first level has two members. The second level is made by further subdividing the first two spots. Hence, the total becomes four positions. To generate subsequent levels, the process repeats itself.  

Achievement Bonus

Members get a reward when they attain a certain rank. For example, if a member qualifies for silver, they get $150 or a silver watch. If you qualify for Gold, you get $400 or an iPad. There are even promises of a Rolex watch, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover Sport, and a private jet.

Surprisingly, the company has not provided any verifiable proof that these promises are true. There is no way to verify that these people can deliver on their promises or the people they have given those rewards.

The firm has only provided one review from a person called William Croteau. He says that he and his wife have invested in Dreams Come True and now make passive income. It is, however, impossible to verify the authenticity of this claim.

Regulation Status of Dream Come True 

Dream Come True is uncontrolled. Although network marketing does not violate laws, a pyramid scheme is against the law. The two are sometimes difficult to tell apart due to their similar appearance. Many law enforcement officials struggle to deal with this issue. There are many illegal pyramid schemes, and Dream Come True is a prime example.

If the company had been subject to any oversight, it would have clarified that fact on its website. It would also have posted a copy of its license. Furthermore, there is zero proof that any customers have been successful with the business. A high degree of danger is associated with investing in a company like that. When the plane crashes, you will lose your money.

Some requirements must be met before the law can recognize a corporation. One of these is keeping consumers’ bank details safe. Consumers should incur no losses in the event of insolvency. The company makes no such promises.


Dream Come True is a Ponzi scheme. The people who have invested in such scams before have all lost their money. Even though some people may get paid early, the trend does not last long. Eventually, the company will collapse.     

MLM is a good business. There are legit, honest, and trustworthy crypto companies. However, before investing in one, ensure it is not a pyramid scheme. A legit firm will have a legal operating license and verifiable data.   



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