Eaconomy Review: Eaconomy.com Beware of this Scam

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Eaconomy is a platform that claims to be handling Forex trading. The company allegedly offers trading signals to those who invest with them.

The shady platform promises its client; they will earn thousands of Dollars. To enjoy the services, you have to pay an initial capital of 247 dollars and an annual, monthly fee of $169. The company has survived the market due to its affiliate program. You have to sell a membership plan to other people for you to make money.

If you choose to invest with this company, you will not make any profit as they do not have any trading signals. The platform is all about selling digital products; Sadly, they have no intention of making anyone rich.

Eaconomy brag that they have the best team in the market. The company claim they have a proven track record, yet there is no visible evidence of them having trading software. Additionally, the state clients can rely on its team for expert advice.

About Eaconomy.com

Eaconomy scheme offers innocent investors a chance to design their future using their platform. However, this is not the case as there is no visible evidence there is Forex trading taking place.

The company markets itself as a technology and education service provider. You can deposit your money via visa or MasterCard. Investment platform claims that the training will benefit generation to generation.

The information available on their website is insufficient to prove there is a Forex signal taking place. Keen investors will realize the Eaconomy deal isn’t realistic. Trust reliable Forex brokerage that has a history of trading.

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The Forex niche faces multiple risks; one has to keep strategizing their trading model. For you to earn a reasonable amount of money from this platform, you need to deposit a large number of funds.

Eaconomy Scam Review: Eaconomy.com Platform

The education program, which is known as ceed, is available via webinars, videos, trading models, and tutorials. Additionally, they have a trade compass that is meant for manual Traders.

It provides alerts on your telephone or other gadgets. If the services of this platform are top-notch as they claim, then there should be a lot of people endorsing their services, but this is not the case.

Founder and Team

The shady company features information regarding who is behind its operation. The president of this company is Hassan Mahmoud, and their alleged CEO is Candice Rose.

You have used stock images to appear as a transparent company. Additionally, we do not know the Forex trading qualification that these two people possess.

There’s no information regarding the Education or a portfolio that can show they are the best in offering Forex trading training. Legit Forex trading companies display their team of professionals for the public to see.

Eaconomy has not done this hence raising more suspicion. The company is operating behind the shadows. When investing with any company ensure you do a background check, to see if the platform is legit. Avoid investing with an anonymous website with no tangible evidence of investment taking place.

Eaconomy Regulation in registration

Eaconomy claims that they are based in California, and they operate globally. Investment companies ought to have a license from financial watchdogs in the market for them to operate legally. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Eaconomy.

For an investment company to be located in the USA, it needs to have regulatory documents. You find that majority of the online venture is not based in the USA. This is due to the strict measures that the government has put in place to protect its citizens.

We checked with regulatory bodies like FCA, FTA, ASIC, and CySec, but Eaconomy does not appear in their database. Some advantages come along investing with unregulated platforms, but in the long run, it is never worth the risk. The company may collapse with your money in it, and you will end up regretting it.

Investing with an unlicensed company is very risky, and you might end up losing all your money. Moreover, the company can exit the market with your funds.

Contact and customer support

The suspicious Investment Company headquarters is allegedly located at 76w. Palo Alto Ev3, Clovis, US, CA 93612. Additionally, their registered office is at Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St Whitechapel, London, EI 8FA, UK.

Unfortunately, we could not verify this is their real location. Pyramid Scheme tends to disclose false information to gain the credibility of investors. Given the nature of this company, they are operating anonymously, and nobody can trace them.

The platform does not offer 24-hour customer support services. They operate from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT. They display a telephone number on their website that you can reach them through; + 1-55 9- 573-7306 or you can contact them via their email address; support@eaconomy.com

When you deposit money with this system, they will cut all communication leaving you high and dry. It is not a company to be trusted as they have not shown why they are the best choice in the market.

Eaconomy Security of funds

Funds are not secure in this company. The platform does not provide any banking information that they segregate their clients’ money. You will lose your cash to this offshore platform.

They do not take the minimal amount of money that you can withdraw from their system. Furthermore, the platform does not have an FAQ page or a term and condition to enjoy their services.

With all shadiness, the platform is not the best in the market to invest your money. The company does not have a trading history. Moreover, they do not publish any of their achievement in the market on their website. The platform contains bogus information that does not help. They need to show us why they are the best in the market and the reason why we should choose them.

There is no performance report to show how they are fairing on in the industry. Moreover, the company does not show the spread or leverage they offer. The platform does not show the currency that the pair. Despite their claim of being the best Forex company, they are not regulated.

There should be multiple investors endorsing their services. However, there is no evidence of the payment done by this Ponzi scheme.

It is also not known as the least amount of money that you can deposit on this platform. The company does not disclose the period is taken to handle the withdrawal process.

The domain insight

During our research, we were able to gather useful information on all things to Whois.com and Alexa.com. Eaconomy.com was registered in April 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2021.

According to Alexa global ranking, the platform has traffic of 605215. It is currently unknown the area they target their audience from.

Eaconomy final verdict

There are no Forex services been offered in Eaconomy there is no success story of investors who have engaged with them, how to gain from their services you have to refer to other people. The business model of this company it’s also lacking.

The price of the charge is also pretty high. The company is not ideal, and in the long run, nothing good will come out of it. Ensure that you invest with trustworthy Forex trading companies that will help you attain your financial goals.

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