EarnMarkets Review: Earnmarkets.com A Bogus Broker

EarnMarkets Review
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EarnMarkets has three trading accounts. The least amount that one can deposit is $50. The spread is at 1.6 which is slightly above what the market approves.

EarnMarkets is a broker that allegedly aims on paving way for their clients to thrive in the online venture. The scheme brags it as over 100 trading assets for their clients. They also brag about having superior trading software ( which is true). You get perks like entering the market at a lightning speed, auto-coping strategies from others, and the scheme allows scalping.

EarnMarkets Review, EarnMarkets Company

The company wants investors to diversify their risks by trading various products. It boasts of being in the industry for years. However, the entity has nothing to show for it. There are no trading results or endorsements from those that have traded with them before. The available trading assets are shares, CFDs, and forex.

You need to register by providing your data. The next process is to deposit funds that are comfortable with, and then start trading. The entity is allegedly optimizing its profits. EarnMarkets claims they have the trust of their clients. They have a boring and monotonous sales pitch. When it comes to investment what matters most is the ability to validate claims by providing statistics.

EarnMarkets is a venture that is operating in an area that nobody oversees the operation of investment schemes. Could this be because their business is murky and bogus? The only thing that can save you from the mystery of dealing with fraudulent ventures is if you choose legit and transparent forex trading companies. To make your work easier we have done the leg work for you.

EarnMarkets.com Review

EarnMarkets is a company that promises investors quick riches. They are operating anonymously and all our attempts to determine the qualifications of the people behind the venture hit a hard rock. You are exposing yourself to severe danger by testing the waters with the venture.

The data of traders could be used for illegal purposes. Nothing is certain when it comes to offshore ventures. Customer support is available via email and phone. However, they will only be friendly and professional when they need more money from you.

EarnMarkets has featured a section of testimonials from their clients. None of the reviews are negative. Unfortunately, there are no profiles or links to social media platforms. The information is vague because there is no evidence of proof of payment. The old tactic is common with scammers.

Trading Conditions

EarnMarkets is a company that is offering one of the best trading software in the market MT5. Investors can trade with several tools, customize EAs, and have access to high-quality indicators. There is also an opportunity for social trading that allows you to copy what the professionals are trading.

Despite the interface being one of the best in the market, we do not approve of joining the firm. We recommend that you stick to some of the leading and reputable investment ventures in the market that don’t intend on defrauding their clients.

EarnMarkets has three trading accounts. The least amount that one can deposit is $50. The spread is at 1.6 which is slightly above what the market approves. However, if you choose the top tier account you can get up to 0.3 pips. The together the spread the greater the profits and price of opening trade. There is a leverage cap of 1:400.

The scheme purports it operates legally in the UK. If this was true the FCA would not allow such a high cap. The allowed leverage is 1:30. Investing with genuine investment schemes grants you peace of mind. At least they do not intend on pushing investors to risky limits with ill motives.

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Withdrawal and Deposits

EarnMarkets is allegedly accepting funds with Visa and Mastercard. The deposit is made to Stanbic, GT Bank, Zenith Bank, and Paystck. However, the only working method is if you use BTC or Zenith bank. You should note that using crypto payment leaves you with severe hazards. You cannot know the individuals that receive the funds or issue a chargeback.

The safest method when dealing with a scheme that does not have a reputation is to deposit via bank or credit card. Unfortunately, this is a platform that has failed to set up the minimum amount that clients can deposit. An entity that provides insufficient information regarding the withdrawal and deposits is not worth the time.

Regulatory Status of EarnMarkets

Unfortunately, we do not have a regulatory body in Nigeria. Therefore, EarnMarkets is operating on its own accord. There are numerous risks that come with the decision. For instance, this is a broker that is capable of changing its terms and conditions. They will not inform you beforehand. Instead, there are going to even withhold your withdrawal request.

The scheme is targeting investors from the United Kingdom. A platform ought to acquire a license from the FCA before commencing its trading activities. A capital of 730K EUR must also be deposited by the entity. It serves as an assurance that they can survive the market volatility. Moreover, in case of insolvency investors can receive compensation of 85K EUR.

Moreover, EarnMarkets should be reporting its daily trading activities to the authority. Con artists cannot risk this as they tend to manipulate the prices for them to make money out of their clients. They are also not working with a reliable team. Ventures that conduct their business anonymously are unworthy of your time.

There is no segregation of funds in this company. Hence, you risk depositing money to the con artists’ wallets. The withdrawal process would take forever or never be handled at all. A  venture that lacks transparency could do the unthinkable.

Does EarnMarkets offer Fund Safety?

Unfortunately, this is a scheme that does not offer fund safety to traders. It conducts investment activities from a country that does not have a financial regulator. The only advantage the firm has is providing an MT4 trading interface. However, the entity provides trading conditions that expose investors to severe risks. There is nothing for you in this fraudulent scheme.

We also are unaware of the people that are behind the platform. The safety of your money should be your priority. Do not settle for anything less. Moreover, EarnMarkets fails to provide terms and conditions. Such reckless mistakes are common with scammers. We do not know when an account becomes dormant and what the charges are.

The venture is accepting funds via BTC and wire transfers. You can never recover the amount after hitting the deposit button. Moreover, the experience that the entity gets from the scheme is unknown.

Earnmarkets.com Review, Earnmarkets.com

The Domain Insight

EarnMarkets is a venture that is registered privately. They have been in the market since April 2020. It is weird that the entity does not have trading results. Their domain name is expected to expire in 2022. We suggest that you avoid the firm at all costs. They can shut down their system without notice.

Final Verdict

EarnMarkets is an offshore investment that hails from Nigeria. The entity is not regulated by any financial body in the market. They are operating as they please without following any rules. The trading conditions are too good to be true. Instead of wasting your money in this shady business, we suggest you refrain from engaging with them.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. The safety of your money should come first. You will get multiple advantages by trading with them. Moreover, the ventures operate in full transparency.

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