Easy FX Signals Review: EasyfxSignals.com Scam Shown

Easy FX Signals (Easyfxsignals.com) is yet another online signals scam that has caused ripples in the trading world. It is without a doubt one of the leading scams we have in the market today. EasyFXSignals is after your money, there is no doubt about that. They have been all over the web with empty claims and promise. Low risks and high rewards are their main sales pitch. Get to know more in this eye-opening review from the trusted experts.

Easy FX Signals Review

About Easy FX Signals

Once you visit their homepage, you will realize that the website is well designed. The word sleek does not cut it as the website is enticing to the eye. They try their best to hide their ill-intent by designing a website that looks good. What most people don’t see is that the same website is not able to fully communicate. The website is full of information that has nothing to do with trading signals. If they are a signal provider, why not inform visitors what they offer? And this is one of the many reasons to stay away from the robot.

It is our experience that having credible trading bots is the only safe way to trade. Thanks to dependable Forex trading robots, investors can know that their investment is safe. And this is what every investor should have, a reliable trading tool.

Easy FX Signals is far from being reliable as the complaints from members are staggering. Our investigation started immediately we received over twenty complaints from different members. What we found out regarding this signal provider is shocking beyond words. And this is why we post reviews to enlighten our esteemed readers. Once you know how a scam operates, it will be easy to stay away from it. EasyFXSignals is a scam that must be exposed to keep the trading world safe.

Assets Traded by Easy FX Signals

The platform claims to be involved in the forex market thanks to their copy paste services. They claim to send signals to investors who prefer to trade on the go. What they fail to mention is which specific Forex market they trade-in. Are there any specific currency pairs that the signal provider is interested in? These are some of the missing information which makes us question the intent of the signal provider. A lot of missing information is making investors sign up blindly to an unproven platform.

Business Owner

Easy FX Signals is claiming to be based in the United States which is a lie. Our investigation on the address shows that the location is on a farm. It is our experience that such scam signal providers hire virtual office providers for the business addresses. And they also fail to give actual names of the developers of the program and owner. This leaves anyone who signs up to be in bed with an anonymous online investment platform. And the end result of dealing with an anonymous online investment platform is heartbreaking.

Comments and Customer Feedback

Before jumping into bed with any online investment platform, get to read comments from other members. The feedback from other users will shed more light on what the signal provider is all about. And this is why we must thrive to stay away from a platform that has negative comments. The internet is full of negative comments from members who lost their funds with this signal provider. In return, the platform has hired freelancers to post positive posts about the program. And this is where we must place be careful with online comments.

Domain Tools Registry Details

The reason why we turn to domain tools is checking whether a platform has changed their website. Most online scams will change from one website to another but offer the same scam products and services. It is astonishing that the platform has negative feedback and they are barely six months old. As of the time we are publishing this post, records indicate they are over 120 days old. Records show that the website easyfxsignals.com went live on 1st March 2020. They don’t have any online credibility or reputation, stay away from such signal providers.

Features of Easy FX Signals

They claim to help investors start making profits immediately with their copy trading feature. Easy FX Signals is also giving a seven-day free trial to investors. The free trial is meant to drive in more sign-ups. They have failed to give any features on their copy and paste trading program. All they do is the claim that their copy trading will start making money immediately. If this were the case, millions would be on the platform. The claim of being consistently profitable is not backed up by any proof. And this is another over the moon claim that investors should look out for.

Is Easy FX Signals Licensed or Registered?

Easy FX Signals is not licensed or registered to offer any trading services to investors. They claim to be based in the United States and we reached out to authorities for confirmation. The CFTC and NFA have no platform that is licensed under the name EasyFXSignals. We also tried to check with the company register to check whether it is a limited liability company. This too did not give any results of an entity registered under the name EasyFX Signals. And it was a sign that the robot is not complying with set industry guidelines.

What seems to be a good-looking website also has some big flaws. They fail to give any details of their compliance with investors. The terms and conditions do not indicate whether the platform is registered to offer financial services. There are no details to prove that the platform is licensed. And this spells doom for anyone who deposits funds. The funds sent to the platform do not have any insurance cover. And this is why none of the members get any compensation or money-back guarantee.

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Restrictions of Easy FX Signals

Account Plans

Easy FX Signals PLANS

They are offering investors four plans to choose from. The plans listed include monthly, three months, six months, and yearly. For investors who choose monthly plans, they must deposit $49 to start trading. They claim that the yearly plan is the best value and comes at a price if $30 per month. What they fail to inform users is how these plans are different from each other. It would seem that all of the plans have the same set of features. There is no clear distinction between any of the plans.

Customer and Support

The only way to communicate with support is by using the Messenger App. They have listed a support email and no phone number. One might think that it is normal to use chat and email address only. The problem with this website is that they give no direct communication channels. There is no phone number that a member can use to contact the people behind the platform. And this means the support team controls the message and decides which ones to respond to. This is why their communication team is slow at responding to withdrawal-related emails.

Safety of funds with Easy FX Signals

What looks like a secure website is faulty as it does not cover members. There is no DDoS protection and SSL encryption to help investors with their funds. And this is why we insist that this is a huge problem for anyone who signs up. Any deposit will go straight to the hands of the scam artist. With no proof of anyone having made any profit with the platform, it remains to be a scam.

Scam or Legit Easy FX Signals

Easy FX Signals False Client Testimony

Easy FX Signals is a scam and there is no doubt about it. They fail to produce any compliance document which is proof of their unprofessionalism. Warn your loved ones on the dangers of using a non-compliant signal provider. The internet will also have numerous negative comments from members who lost funds with the platform. Stay away from the platform or else become another of their victims.

Bottom line

To protect our readers, we have to add this platform to our scam signal list.

Ensure you protect your investment by using credible and proven Forex trading robots. They have been tested and protect any investment. Try them out today.

5 Replies to “Easy FX Signals Review: EasyfxSignals.com Scam Shown”

  1. Sam etherington

    Been with easy fx for 3 months and massive profits consistently every month ? Great head traders , always helpful! I’ll be a customer for the long run for sure ! Thank you easy fx

  2. Josh Shaver

    Easy FX is the farthest thing from a scam there is. What is a scam is this review. I have been a member for 6 months and can provide an answer for nearly everything this reviews falsely claims there is no answer for. As a member, I have grown my account more than with any robot signal provider I’ve ever used. Want proof? Sign up for the free trial. What’s telling is that at the end of this “review” they point you to where you can purchase some other trading robots.

  3. Wilbert Ty

    they have a telegram site easy easy fx signals pls check. they have a new program in bitcoin investment with very high returns which i was thinking of investing

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