Elysium Capital Review: Elysiumcapital.io is a suspicious Forex MLM Company

Elysium Capital

Elysium Capital is also known as Elysium Network. It is a Forex MLM business. The business structure and compensation plan show that it is unlikely to last for a long period of time. Like any other MLM company, it will collapse soon, and its members will end up losing their money. Most of the MLM companies are based on a great number of lies. The same is the case for the Elysiumcaptial.io that try to attract people by telling many lies.

You should keep in mind that the owner and manager of companies like Elysium Capital are experts in marketing their products by lying about the platform. The company claims that is has been in existence since 2010. However, Elysiumcaptial.io was registered very recently in March 2020. Whenever a business tries to get investment from you on the basis of lies, you should avoid it at any cost.

What is Elysium Capital?

Elysium Capital is a Forex MLM company. Despite its claims that it is a globally-recognized company, it was formed just a few months ago. Elysiumcapital.io was created in March 2020. Some of the sections of the site only show a ‘Coming Soon’ message.  Users must invest €500 to become a part of the affiliate memberships. Its compensation plan is like any other common MLM company. Along with paying such a huge amount to join the network, you also have to pay around €80 per month to remain a part of the network.

First, you have to pay the affiliate fees and then recruit people to earn money. The company also gives commissions on generated returns via a uni-level compensation structure. Whenever you recruit an affiliate, you earn €100.

Elysium Capital Moreover, forex trading is a significant part of this company. Members get software for Forex trading. However, the site does not give any further information. There are 12 affiliate ranks in the compensation levels. You have to recruit at least three people to get to the next level. However, many details about the level divisions are not given, making the whole scheme very suspicious.

Owner of Elysium Capital

The company mentions three addresses in Estonia, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Fred Pascal Stege is the founder and Chief Legal Officer of Elysium Network.

Stege’s bio states that he has work experience in law enforcement agencies. He describes himself as an entrepreneur and tech investor. In addition to being a c-level executive, he has held managing roles in different affiliate organizations. Moreover, he claims to have operated successful financial, marketing, and trading operations in multi-billion companies. However, there are no official records of such tasks.

Stege’s social media accounts show that he lives in Malmo, Sweden. The company may lie about being based in Hong Kong and Estonia because of its only valid location in Sweden. He has been involved with other MLM companies before as well because Stege was the co-founder of Vemma’s branches in Israel, Africa, and Europe. In 2010, he was the owner of Origin Pure, another nutrition-based MLM company.

Furthermore, Stege claims to be a regular guest speaker at events of Harvard Business School. He claims to have published several papers on linguistic marketing. However, there is no truth to these claims. Research shows that Stege has not even given a single talk at any Business School.

Founder of Elysium Capital
Fred Pascal Stege

Products of Elysiumnetwork.io

The company offers the members to make investments via Elysium Capital Pinnacle Portfolio. It describes this scheme as a world-class strategy to earn huge ROIs on small investments with minimum risks. According to its website, it generates funds through complex statistical modeling, HFT, and currency and Forex trading.

It does not necessarily mean that Elysium Capital is the only company that is doing something whole. Most of the Forex trading platforms follow a similar scheme of scamming the investors. Hence, it is important to avoid these companies. You can check out some of the top-ranking forex brokers that ensure the safety of your funds and investment through modern tools and technology. They are much more reliable than fake MLM schemes like Elysium Capital that are eventually bound to collapse and financially hurt you.

Forex Trading Via Elysium Capital

Most of the Forex MLM trading companies depend on fake or ROIs to promote their products and services. However, Elysium Capital is not a typical investment scam that tells you to make the investment without any risk. Generally, people might think that it is a good thing, and the company is genuine. Yet, this is another tactic used by the company to attract investors.

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Elysiumcaptial.io offers people to become virtual Forex brokers to earn profits. The only way for the brokers to earn money is through trading costs and the fee that traders pay to hold specific positions. Anytime a trader introduces new clients to the broker, the fee increases by a certain amount of money. It simply means that you will make less money for each trade and have the chance to lose more.

Keep in mind that most of the Forex MLM companies follow this similar pattern to earn as much money as they can before they are shut down by either by the authorities or due to lack of funds. It is highly recommended that you do not spend your resources on these suspicious companies.


Security frauds and pyramid recruitment are the two main concerns about the authenticity of the Elysium Capital. It is important to discuss both of these issues before coming to a conclusion about the company’s nature.

Security Concerns

It claims that to be registered with Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and to be partners with Swedbank, Barclays, and other such renowned banks. However, there is no proof that the company is actually registered with any securities regulator anywhere in the world.

In fact, on 3rd July 2020, Estonia’s FSA issues a stern warning to Elysium Capital over frauds. The statement clearly says that this company does not have any license to operate in Estonia. Thus, Elysium Capital is not a legal organization.

Pyramid Structure

On the other hand, the business structure of the company is like any other pyramid scheme. Members must invest at least €500 to get the opportunity of making passive income. Affiliates are given software to conduct Forex trading. However, it does not give any further details about the software, its legalities, and overall working procedures.

Another noticeable thing about this company is that it keeps mentioning three different names on various pages without differentiating between them. Elysium Network, Elysium Capital, and Elysium Social are all used to refer to the same company.

Is Elysium Capital a scam?

Elysium capital is a new company, but quite clearly, it is already under a lot of problems. Most of the Forex MLM companies tend to collapse soon after their inception.  Hence, you should not join this network. It has already received several warnings from authorities. There are clearly some security issues with this Forex MLM company, so you should not waste your money by investing in it. You should use trusted forex brokers that do not make lies to attract you and get investments from you. Unlike Elysiumcaptial.io, these platforms are genuine and have been available for many years to help the users in safe and real Forex trading.

5 Replies to “Elysium Capital Review: Elysiumcapital.io is a suspicious Forex MLM Company”

  1. Catherine

    I have been invested in Elysium for 4 months. Over that period they lost just under 20% of my equity. The ‘managed’ trades were very bad and no kind of risk management was employed at all. I would highly recommend all potential investors stay away and protect their hard earned capital.

    • Lundström

      I just noticed that there is no more information on the alleged results of the Alpha Linea-portfolio online. Although we can probably assume that the other results Elysium claim are lies as well; and they now all of a sudden claim the published results are those of the alleged master account.

      Once again, this shows Elysium provides account management without being licensed to do so.

      Have you considered reporting them to the regulator? Be it the SFC in Hong Kong, where they claim to be registered; or the regulator in your country of residence?

      Looking at youtube videos or other review sites, more and more people are starting to notice the foul play.

  2. Mike

    You are correct. They ARE NOT in Hong Kong. There is no office here. They only have a Hong Kong address and a business registration here and that’s it. Anyone with 50 USD can register for business registration here.

    I went to the Hong Kong address to check it out. It was an accounting firm that had never heard of Elysium.

  3. Mick

    I am at present hoping to get a resolution with this company, as they closed all my trades and shut the account without my agreement, I asked how I go about closing one trade and enquired as to how to close the account, rather than tell me how to they shut the account. I understand no one can control of the market but I think as many Crypto will rise, I would of at least broke even, I no longer have this option, please stay away from Elysivm Capital, they do not know what they are doing!!

    • Recycler

      Hi Mick, would you happen to know until when they offered their Satoshi portfolio? We’re looking into the possibility of pressing charges. Their portfolios at Equiti collapsed in May 2021, it would be interesting to know how long they kept offering asset management without a license.

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