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Energy Spas Review
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Energy Spas claims to adhere to Canadian laws. If this were the case, the entity could be in the regulatory agency’s registry. However, this company is missing from Canada Competition Bureau’s database. This confirmed our misgivings about this company’s regulatory standing.

Energy Spas poses as the top venture capital services provider. The company claims to offer services in private equity, real estate, energy, life science, stocks &ETFs, hedge funds, insurance, non-investment grade credit, technology and Innovation, and global infrastructure. After going through the entity’s website, we realized it is just another MLM crypto, Ponzi. Review, Company

Companies that use a pyramid-shaped sales structure to offer their goods or services are referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, network marketing corporations, or direct sales companies. Members of an MLM can make money by selling products and receiving commissions on the sales of recruits.

Multi-level marketing gets its name because these commissions, commonly referred to as “overrides” or “bonuses,” are paid out on various levels. The Federal Trade Commission asserts that some MLMs make it difficult to determine whether you are making money. Many MLMs include a DSA Code of Ethics, which could offer some information about the business’s procedures and products.

MLM’s legitimacy varies with countries. While some MLM businesses are legitimate and run honestly, others could participate in dishonest or fraudulent activities. Where they are permitted, legislation is in place to ensure they abide by consumer protection rules, misleading marketing tactics, and competition. To ascertain that you are dealing with legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers , you should ascertain its regulation and screen its DSA Code of Ethics to get information about the business’s procedures and products. Review

The company claims to have been in the market since 2007, but we got evidence proving otherwise. According to whois, this domain was registered on 30th January 2007. However, the company behind that domain was GoodLayers, a WordPress themes marketer, and not Energy Spas. Conversely, the company under review took over the domain in February 2022, indicating its operational experience is about a year. Such facts poke holes in its narrative of having a global footprint on five continents.

According to this entity, investors get an opportunity to accelerate professional growth and diversify their investment portfolio across eight fixed-income mini-asset classes. Also, investors can allegedly generate superior returns using a low-risk strategy. Don’t buy any of this sham!

The “alpha-focused” entity also claims to manage 719 investment vehicles and assets worth over $649 in different segments. As quick maths, these assets could fetch the entity $18.8 million (2.9%*$649) daily. Isn’t it interesting that the company still wants your money? But we digress. Something else that piqued our interest was that this entity impersonates another Ponzi company, GlobalHubAsset. If this is not nonsense, then we don’t know what is!

Contact Details & Background

Energy Spas claims to be in Canada and Dubai. Despite listing the two corporate addresses, we are skeptical of their accuracy, but we will get to this later. Energy Spas omits ownership or executive information, something we also find suspicious.

Energy Spas Review, Energy Spas Features

Regarding its customer support, the entity has provided telephone and email addresses. Nonetheless, we always encourage investors to contact these companies after verifying their regulations. For an unscrupulous entity like this, reaching out would give them more room to manipulate you and bombard you with intrusive ads and incessant calls.

Deposit & Withdraw Policy

Investors should invest in bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin. Those are the acceptable payment methods. For several reasons, using cryptos as payment might be problematic. The crypto value you pay may vary dramatically before the transaction is concluded because its value can be quite volatile and fluctuate quickly. This may cause you to pay more or receive less than anticipated.

Likewise, once a crypto transaction has been sent, you cannot reverse it, implying refunds are impossible. Additionally, hacking and cyber-attacks can result in money loss if crypto exchanges and wallets are targeted. Because financial institutions or governments do not govern cryptos, there is less consumer control and protection. Lastly, most nations do not yet have clear laws governing the usage of cryptos, making it challenging to know how to settle disputes or regain lost cash.

There is nothing right about this entity. From missing retailable products or services, shady payment methods, and falsified claims. Whatever you do, do not take the company’s bait.

Energy Spas Investment Plan

Becoming an affiliate is free. However, investors must deposit to participate in the investment. Energy Spas has three investment plans. The core benefits package requires an investor to deposit $798 to $ 9549.The deposit threshold for the second plan, the scale-up package, is $ 9550 to $ 449999. Lastly, the elite premium package requires a minimum of $ 450000 to $5m.

Notice that the company minimum investment amount is significantly high. But we still wouldn’t recommend it even if the minimum deposit was lower. In online investment, you should only risk with credible entities.

Also, do not forget that the longevity of these investments ends where the recruitment does. Put differently; it is a decorated gamble since you are unsure when this moment will come. Worse still, when the recruitment pipeline dies, so does your investment.

Compensation Plan

The company offers recruitment commissions up to three levels, among other benefits to investors. Core benefit package members earn an ROI of 1.13 % and earn 0.9 percent daily for six months. They also get a commission of 5 %.

The scale-up package members earn benefits of 1.1% daily for six months. The ROI for scale-up members is 1.48 %, while the commission is 5% on level 1 and 2 % on level 2 affiliates. Elite premium members earn 2 % daily for six months. They also earn returns of 2.9 % and a recruitment commission of 7%, 4%, and 2% on levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Energy Spas Regulation

Energy Spas claims to adhere to Canadian laws. If this were the case, the entity could be in the regulatory agency’s registry. However, this company is missing from Canada Competition Bureau’s database. This confirmed our misgivings about this company’s regulatory standing.

As for Dubai, we didn’t bother checking. For the longest time, the country has been an MLM crime hub. As for Thailand, US, and Sweden, we expected the same findings. The entity cannot operate legally in the US due to stringent regulations. We expected the same findings in Thailand and Sweden.

The risks of investing with an unregistered entity are several. These entities are subject to the same scrutiny and rules as regulated organizations. In other words, they might not be obligated to provide financial statements or risk disclosures to investors. Consequently, they can be reckless, abusive, and manipulative, making them dangerous.

Additionally, unauthorized businesses aren’t obligated to follow specific guidelines for safeguarding investors’ assets, which could raise the risk of fraud or poor management. Similarly, the business is unlikely to have the legal authorization to run or offer investment options, which could put the investor in a legal predicament. Before investing in any firm, especially an unregulated one, it is usually important to conduct extensive research and due diligence.


Given the controversy surrounding MLM companies, we rarely recommend them to investors. You only need to look at Energy Spas to understand how conniving these entities are entire. You are under constant pressure to recruit, only for your sweat to reward someone else. Again, your ROI is contingent on forces beyond you, and this Ponzi company can vanish anytime.

 If you still want to invest in MLMs, be sure that your chosen company got you. In a nutshell, the only way this venture can give you reasonable returns is if you settle on legalized crypto companies or transparent forex brokers . These ensure that direct sales determine your returns.   



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