EnjinX Review: Is enjinx.io the right Marketplace for you?

EnjinX is another NFTs marketplace worth checking out due to the collectibles found and low commissions and fees.

With over 30,000,000 assets, it’s one of the fastest-growing NFTs marketplaces. In addition, the platform has dozens of arts and collectibles.

What’s different from other NFTs marketplaces is that EnjinX sets the price of each piece of art on display. As a result, no bids for any of the arts were found.

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The EnjinX ecosystem is solely for gamers and deals with fungible and non-fungible tokens.

The Enjin coin fully backs all coins minted on this platform. And that means there’s an ecosystem available for growth on the NFTs.

It gives the NFT value, which means buyers can liquidate the NFTs for value on any crypto exchange.

What’s interesting about EnjinX is the fact that it’s easy to use and navigate the marketplace with ease.

About EnjinX

EnjinX Review

You can easily filter assets and upcoming projects on the platform. And this gives rise to the chock-full information on every asset found.

There are blog features available for both buyers and sellers. And this is something other NFT marketplaces fail to offer.

Information on the platform is necessary to help newbies discover some of the best investment ways.

A user-friendly website, we found navigating through the arts fast and seamless in every way. There are three supported tokens on this platform.

These include the ERC20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens, the latter being a unique standard developed by Enjin developers.

Founded in 2019, the marketplace continues to show growth and promise with each art available.

Creators are pleased with the commissions and fees incurred during the creation process.

And that sets EnjinX apart from the rest. There are six categories of assets found on the enjinx.io platform.

These include Art, Domains, Gaming assets, Trading Cards, and Virtual worlds.

Advantages and cons of EnjinX

Thanks to supporting ERC, the creators get a chance to create art that’s secure in the long run. ERC 20 tokens are also a store of value with no known hacks.

You can exchange these tokens or arts on any exchange. So getting your hands on Ethereum using the collectibles becomes much more accessible.

There are several projects on the platform worth checking out. We can mention five projects that will give you a better insight into what to look forward to.

The five projects include Age of Rust, AlterVerse, Banksy, Hunters of Rio, Lost Relics, and War of Ants.

With six mentions, these are some of the more worthwhile projects you can invest in. And that’s what makes EnjinX a better investment option for many.

Contact and support

You have to submit a ticket if you want to get support from the platform. And this might take ages to come to any meaningful response.

Again, NFT marketplaces are a blackspot for getting live support. There’s no dispute resolution center or a quick way to contact support for help.

We insist on better accountability and transparency regarding any Blockchain transaction.

The marketplace ought to do better if they want to entice newbies to sign up with them. That’s one of the main issues we have with EnjinX.

High Gas Fees

Of course, with Ethereum, you’re bound to incur high gas fees. And that’s one of the downsides of using any Etheruem-based transaction.

Gas fees have been an issue for most users since inception. That’s why most users prefer using other cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Even creators feel the pinch when developing NFTs under the Ethereum network.

It’s not all gloomy, though; this is one of the most secure and widely used Blockchain. And this adds value to the collectibles under the Ethereum network.

You can offload the NFTs on any marketplace and even trade them on any crypto exchange. Moreover, all crypto exchanges support Ethereum, a plus for users.

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Payment fees and structure enjinx.io

Collectibles found on the enjinx.io platform

Don’t expect to use credit cards or any other form of FIAT payment on EnjinX. Even PayPal is not available for users.

The only acceptable token is the ERC 20 token or another Ethereum-based token. And this currency is in high circulation.

Depending on market conditions, the value may increase or decrease with ERC or ETH.

User Rating

EnjinX is an NFT marketplace with a user rating of 3.8 stars out of a possible 5. Although not one of the top places for art collections, it’s a worthy store.

You can use the rating score to determine whether a marketplace is right for you. We can straight away tell you the platform is worthy.

Collectibles on EnjinX

With over 30 million collectibles and over 7,000 art types, EnjinX has a pool of NFTs.

Another exciting avenue is the payment method that lists prices without anyone bidding for the art.

Since there’s no bidding war, you won’t have to fight for the NFT or overpay for it.

Gamers will fall in love with some of the project collectibles. However, AlterVerse is one of the more interesting aspects of it all.

Team behind enjinx.io

On the company page, you get to read the details of the users behind this platform. That includes the co-founder Maxim Blagov who also is the CEO.

Witek Radomski is the co-founder and CTO of this platform. And that goes to show you are dealing with an accountable and transparent platform.

The platform has been featured on some of the biggest blogs, including ours. And that shows there’s trust from the crypto community regarding this marketplace.

Is EnjinX A Legit Marketplace?

EnjinX is a legit marketplace that offers quality Etheruem-based NFTs.

The only issue we have with the platform is that users MUST use the Enjin wallet when purchasing any NFTs.

Despite having no security flaws, the wallet is not as formidable or recognized as other wallets such as MetaMask.

Our verdict on enjinx.io

An impressive NFTs marketplace, you can go and join the platform.

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