Epic-Growth Investment Review: A Bogus Scam

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Epic-Growth Investment Review
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Epic-Growth Investment lacks legal documentation. The withdrawal information is missing. We don’t know the minimum amount that customers can cash out. Additionally, there is no proof of payment. Such critical information shouldn’t be missing.

Epic-Growth Investment claims to be the best crypto company. The platform assures clients they will enjoy top-notch security. They feature SSL and DDoS certificates. Unfortunately, these documents won’t protect you. The company has similar traits to Ponzi schemes. Engaging with them will only expose you to more risks. 

Epic-Growth Investment Review, Epic-Growth Investment Scam

The ownership information is missing from the website. It is important to know the people handling your cash. Their financial qualifications should be displayed. The platform does not disclose its technique to earn investors the advertised returns. We are unaware if it’s a trading bot or another trading platform. 

EpicGrowthInvestment.com Review

Epic-Growth Investment has many unanswered questions. The website is new, yet they claim to have been in the industry since 2001. They even deceive traders of being legally in business. The platform uses false information to win over rookie traders. 

They are not working with reputable banks. Therefore, the security of your money is at significant risk. The contact information is only for the show. You cannot reach the broker once it decides to exit the market. 

Ensure your venture with the best crypto companies. You will earn passive income without having to deal with fraudsters. These are reputable entities endorsed by investors. Additionally, you can check out their performance. Go through their terms and conditions to see what you are signing up for. 

Trading Accounts and Conditions

Epic-Growth Investment offers a 5% referral bonus. The more people you invite, the greater your earning. However, it is illegal to advertise financial services without having a license. Also, asking your friends, family, or work colleague to a doomed scheme is unethical. 

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The minimum amount you can deposit is $200 on a commercial package. The entity promises a return of $2,000. You will get a 25% ROI for 6 hours. If you invest $500, the return is $5,000, $800 deposit ROI is $8,000. 

The returns are unrealistic. It is impossible to attain such ROI in a short timeframe. No crypto companies in the industry will earn you 90% or 100% profit daily for 24 hours. It is only scammers that make such promises. 

The crypto market is volatile. There is no guarantee the next direction the market will take. Genuine companies try to minimize the risks and maximize profits. The trading results are available and audited. 

Epic-Growth Investment Withdrawal & Deposits

There is a bold warning when you open the Epic-Growth Investment website. It states that all payments should only be made to the company’s BTC wallet. The firm warns clients that they cannot hold the platform liable if they lose money by depositing it to the account manager. 

The firm list various payment methods like; Perfect Money, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Payeer. However, we suspect crypto payments are the only way to cash in. It is a fast method with minimal fees. 

The main shortcoming is that scammers misuse digital currencies’ good features. For instance, the anonymous feature whereby the account holder’s information is not revealed. Therefore, the recipient and receiver transact anonymously. It is also impossible to issue a chargeback once you make a deposit. 

Bank card transfers are a bit secure as you can conduct a chargeback from up to 540 days unless the offshore scheme transacts the deposited cash in multiple offshore banks. 

Sadly, Epic-Growth Investment lacks legal documentation. The withdrawal information is missing. We don’t know the minimum amount that customers can cash out. Additionally, there is no proof of payment. Such critical information shouldn’t be missing. The broker can inflict hidden charges or withhold your cash. 

Regulation Status of Epic-Growth Investment

Epic-Growth Investment is a company in the spotlight. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against the broker. The financial watchdog of the United Kingdom is one of the reputable agencies in the market. They have done a great job of protecting citizens against fraudulent activities.

EpicGrowthInvestment.com Review, EpicGrowthInvestment.com FCA Warning

Regulated companies in the market operate in a conducive trading environment. Investors get to enjoy fund safety, quality customer support, and the security of their data. Entrusting your money to such a broker is a wise decision as you are certain trading activities are happening. 

Epic-Growth Investment provides financial services and products to UK citizens without having a license. These are criminals overlooking the rules. These criminals need to be put behind bars. If their salesperson approaches you, report them. 

The venture is an offshore broker. The problem is that most fraudsters operate in such areas to avoid being accountable. They do whatever they please, from inflicting hidden charges on traders to prematurely shutting their organization. The only thing you can get from such entities is nad outcome. So, watch out!

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Epic-Growth Investment features a United Kingdom address. They claim to have offices in various countries. There is also an address for Switzerland and the United States. Given that this is an exposed scam, it is highly likely to use generic addresses. 

Scammers are cautious not to blow up their cover. They will never reveal their area of operation or contact details. You might find a phone number and email address on the website. Unfortunately, such information does not guarantee fast and responsive support. 

Offshore companies cannot afford quality services. They pay sales reps to entice traders with irresistible deals. Their call centers are always busy, and you may even overhear them closing deals and claiming someone have earned big. However, they are only playing mind games. 

The sales reps will only be responsive when they cash. Once you have given in to their demand and they realize you have run out of cash, their attitude changes. They start declining your phone calls and ignoring your messages. 

If you want to enjoy profound customer service, invest in reputable and genuine companies. You have a guarantee that any issue you might experience shall be resolved on time. 

Epic-Growth Investment False Testimonials 

One customer claims she would be homeless were it not for Epic-Growth Investment. The investment scheme has revolutionized her life, and now she stays in the suburbs driving a deluxe car. She encourages other investors to join and earn big. 

Based on the other reviews, you may assume this is the next big thing in the market. The offshore entity allegedly makes novice investors millionaires within a short period. The withdrawal process is also authentic and fast. 

Unfortunately, Epic-Growth Investment is a scam. These are fake testimonials. The scheme has written the reviews itself. We checked, and they are using stock images. It is a common trick used by scammers. It only works with rookie traders who don’t know how to distinguish between authentic from fraudulent brokers. 

Legitimate companies do not fabricate information to influence traders’ decisions. You will find genuine reviews, even those that might have had a bad outcome. Ensure you perform thorough research before opening an account with any company. 

Final Verdict

Epic-Growth Investment is an illegitimate company. They have a registration form that does not mean much. You can quickly and cheaply access such documents from the corporate house. What the entity should present is audited trading performance. 

Invest in genuine crypto companies with solid reputations. You will enjoy professional services without having to deal with scammers. Earn real-time returns and enjoy fast withdrawal process. These companies also have clear terms and conditions. 


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