Essante Organics Review: a MLM Company

essante organics, essante organics review, review
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Essante Organics is a health and wellness niche MLM company. The company was found in 2019, and it operates on domain

Moreover, the company claims that it will help its members to earn a lifetime income through the MLM scheme.

If you are thinking to join Essante Organics MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about investing in the company.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of Essante organics and tells you about the company compensation plan, products, and other things you need to know about the company.

About Essante Organics – Essante Organics Review

essante organics, essante organics review, review


Essante Organics is a company based in the US state of Arizona. The company sells various nutritional, organic and toxic-free products.

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Furthermore, the CEO and the owner of the company is Michael Wenniger. According to information present about him on the company website.

He found the direct sales industry in the 1980s and with no business experience he joined 35 people who further create a chain of 75,000 people with in the next three year.

So with this direct sales method, Michael earns more than 14 million dollars. In 2004 Michael came with his new business Fun Unlimited. With this company, he comes up with two products Power Pops and Kids Pops.

Additionally, the company sells more than 40 million Pops. All this information is present on the company website. However, there is no proof that all claims are true. Also, there is no information about the company name that helps him to earn $14 million.

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Essante Organics Product Line

Essante Organic contains a combination of various toxic-free and organic products. Various products are available on the website

But most are them are fall in one of the below categories. To understand what type of product the company sells, let me tell you about the categories of the products.

  • Body and Spa
  • Homecare
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Therapeutic essential oils
  • Babycare

Essante Organics Compensation Plan

In the past, the company compensation plan is difficult to find on the company website. But it is available on the company domain as a pdf file.

If anyone wants to know about the company compensation plan, then they had to search about it a google, and then they will be able to download a pdf from the official website.

The Essante Organics compensation plan consists of a lot of things. Below I try to describe it in the simplest way.

Affiliate Ranks

Company compensation plan consists of three affiliate ranks along with their qualification criteria which are as follows.

  • Silver: In this, the affiliate needs to recruit at least two affiliates, and both of the affiliates should generate at least a minimum of 75 PV per month.
  • Gold: In this, the affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least four silver affiliates.
  • Platinum: Similarly, like gold in this, the affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least four gold affiliates.

Here PV stands for Product Volume. Product Volume is basically sales volume which means no of sales generated by the affiliate or the own affiliate purchase.

Commission Qualification

The company has various tiers of commission qualification, which is as follows:

  • Retail Commissions Only: To qualify for this the affiliate need to generate 0-39 PV a month
  • Retail Commissions and 5% Binary Commissions: To be eligible for this the affiliate need to generate 40-74 PV a month
  • All Commissions except the Race Bonus: To qualify for this the affiliate need to generate 75-99 PV a month
  • All Commissions: To be eligible for this, the affiliate needs to generate 100 or more PV a month.

Retail and Recruitment Commission

An affiliate gets a 30% retail commission on all retail customer orders. Moreover, the affiliate earns a recruitment commission directly by recruiting new affiliates.

The commission that affiliate earns depends on the package the new member chooses while joining the company. The packages are as follows.

  • Everyday Basic Pack: This package costs $199. Moreover, the affiliate earns a commission of $50 for recruiting each affiliate.
  • Elite Pack: This package costs $599. Moreover, the affiliate earns a commission of $100 for recruiting each affiliate.

Express Start Bonus

It is a recruitment bonus that an affiliate earns by recruiting four affiliates which further recruits two affiliates each person.

If the affiliate fulfils the express start bonus qualification criteria within 30 days of joining, then the affiliate earns a bonus of $500.

Residual Commission

The affiliate gets a residual commission by using a binary compensation structure. In a binary compensation structure, one affiliate is present at the top, and two are below it.

Similarly, two more affiliates are present above each affiliate, and in the same way, it goes so on. The positions in the compensation structure get filled when there is direct or indirect recruitment.

Furthermore, at the end of every week, the affiliate earns a commission of 10% from the weaker side’s sales volume.

Binary Earning Match

An affiliate can also earn personally matching bonus on the binary commission of personally recruit affiliates.

The commission that any affiliate earns depends on the ranks of the affiliate:

  • 25% Matching Bonus: Silver
  • 50% Matching Bonus: Gold
  • 100% Matching Bonus: Platinum

Expansion Race Bonus

It is a bonus pool made up from 1% of total Essante Organics sales volume. To qualify for this commission, an affiliate must have a downline that generates at least $50,000 per month on both sides of the binary structure.

Moreover, it is a lifetime qualification. However, the shares in the Expansion race pool are only available for the first 50 affiliates of each country in which the company is available.

The quota for 50 people is not complete until now because it is quite difficult to qualify for the expansion race bonus. Till now only a few people are able to qualify for this commission.

Final Verdict about Essante Organics

By reading this review, you can easily find out the Essant Organics seems to be the genuine MLM company.

The company is not similar to fraud MLM companies in which people can only sell the memberships. Instead of this, the Essante Organics have various products, but the problems are that the company compensation plan is very competitive.

I will only recommend you to join this company if you have a good skill set in lead generation. Otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulty in making money through the company MLM scheme.

Finally, Essante Organics is not a scam company but still think twice before investing your money in the company.

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I hope my this review of Essante Organics is helpful for you and it gives you detailed information about the company.

Thank you!!!

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