ETBOT Review: a Legit AI Crypto Trading Bot

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ETBOT is an efficient AI/ML analysis algorithm that captures and maximally exploit any opportunity in the market. Using this bot, you will be able to trade at favorable times. Get started today! By joining one of the best software in the market.

The cryptocurrency niche is perpetually growing, and unlike before, where investors consumed most of their time trading manually, the technology has advanced. Now you can use a bot to perform your trading activities.

ETBOT Platform, Platform

ETBOT is a high performing AI bot that has a long trading history in the market. It was established in 2012. The main goal of this software is to assist both institutions and the retail client to have a smooth trading process with minimal risks.

The bot is helpful for both retail traders and institutional clients. Retail or individual investors can benefit by avoiding small emotional mistakes that may arise while you are trading.

ETBOT is a client custody solution that was developed for digital currency auto trading.  Join, a venture that has over a thousand active users, and experiences the advantages of automated trading bot.


ETBOT is an AI trading bot that you will never regret investing with the platform. ETBOT has been able to attain a tremendous performance, and in 2018 they achieved their milestone whereby their crypto Alpha portfolio attained over 575% for their retail investors.

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There is no need to worry as is a legit digital currency trading bot that will help you realize financial freedom. No prior trading experience is required both novice, and expert traders can join the venture.

The bot can trade both long and short term trades depending on the portfolio you select. ETBOT categorizes traders into two classes the Alpha and Beta traders.

Alpha traders are those that want more reward, risk, and trading volume, while the Beta trader is more skeptical traders who wish to minimize risks.

The registration process is very swift and easy. Sign up now! The team of ETBOT is an expert in digital trading currencies. Be on the lookout for platforms that promise you a certain percentage of return.

You can only control risks, and online investment venture like all other traditional ventures has both bad, and pleasant days. They have analyzed data above 2TB since their launch; moreover, they have monitored over 2000 assets.

Founder and Team

ETBOT has a professional team, and you can find them on LinkedIn. The CEO of this platform is Dr. Anna Becker, who is a visionary lead data scientist.

The team consists of expert AI specialists, and developers, data, and trade analysts. The software company re-invest regularly on their employees to ensure they optimize performance and deliver to their clients.

When it comes to investing, you should know the people who are handling your money. It creates transparency, and you will have peace of mind knowing your hard-earned money is in good hands. Review, ETBOT Team

The parent company of this platform, which is EndoTech, is well known. They welcome investors from all over the world to try their services.

The investment company team is qualified, and you can see them from their profiles. Unlike Ponzi schemes that use stock images, this platform has credited its team. The CEO, and the organization of ETBOT focus to achieve a high-performance rate on daily trade.

How does operate?

The bot is connected to the global market, and it enables traders to earn a profit. The software links their investors to their Alpha and Beta bot strategies.

The Alpha strategy identifies high risk; hence those who target massive ROI in their trading will have suitable opportunities. It uses margin to target both long term and short term opportunities. Alpha traders profit on volatile in both the down and up trends. Additionally, investors can double their profits and reduce risks from 66% to 26%.

On the other hand, Beta strategies are appropriate for clients with lower ROI desires. It does not use margin and can stay open long enough via verified technical breakout prospects or remain flat. Investors who choose Beta will encounter minimal losses on down moves, and peak profits of 1000% and above.

To be part of ETBOT is easy, secure, and Fast. The cryptocurrency market is plagued by many scammers, and if you are not keen enough, you might end up a victim. ETBOT does not guarantee users that they will make huge returns by investing with them. Moreover, you will experience higher returns than hold and buy.

The company admits that every trade associates its own risk and rewards. They offer real-time trade and analysis that will help generate an income.

ETBOT past trading performance can be used to determine what you can expect from the company. They have pedigree products and a proven team that has gained an excellent reputation.

ETBOT Investment Plans

ETBOT has three affordable investment plans and targets all classes of investors. They have beginner, simple, and advanced accounts. The plan varies the time it takes for them to mature some take 3,6, and 12 months.

  • beginner- $250
  • Simple -$500
  • Advanced-$750

Another method that you can utilize of this trading software is their affiliate program, which offers a commission ranging from 5% up to 20% depending on the number of clients you invite.

ETBOT Review, Plan

The ideal clients for ETBOT are those that have a high appetite for risks, someone who seeks green opportunities, and more. You should not invest what you are not willing to lose. With this bot, you can attain 2, 10, 1000 or even higher within a timeline of 1-5 years.

Additionally, the platform has a demo account which you can use to familiarize yourself with their trading activities. With the rising number of Ponzi scheme, you should be very careful with the platform that you invest your money.

Customer Support

When investing, you should ensure the platform you are venturing with has active, supportive support. The trading bot has a dedicated customer support team that operates 24/7. You can reach the support via email at; or via their telephone number +1-737-2630-730.

The company is located at 2802 Flintrock Trace, Austin, TX 78738 USA. You can rely on the support team to help you pick the best plan. Join the platform today! To enjoy unlimited advantages.

You can also engage with the community in Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. In case of any other query, you can communicate with a live agent. Customer support is friendly, and you can trust they will respond.

ETBOT Funds safety

Your money is safe in the ETBOT platform. Their systems are linked to investors’ funds using a secure API Key connection. The investment company’s API Key connection allows them to order and execute trades for their clients in real-time.

As the investor, you have full control of your funds. Clients of this software are the sole person with access to withdraw money. You can withdraw your income at any moment as you please.

The safety of your money should be your top priority when it comes to online investment. The company has availed information regarding the financial institutions that they segregate their clients’ money. Additionally, the platform observes a high level of security, and hackers cannot compromise your earnings.

ETBOT, before it enters the market, it completes a risk control analysis. If there is an available opportunity in the industry that contains a risk higher than 50%, the company will only take 50% of the connected capital balance. The bot searches for a prospect until they find a profitable opportunity.

Why Choose ETBOT AI trading

There are multiple advantages to choosing ETBOT as your trading partner. The website is user friendly, and you can easily navigate. The company is 100% transparent, and you can trust them with your money.

The investment plans of this AI trading bot is pocket friendly, and you have multiple choices you can select. Once you join this platform, you will enjoy investment with risk control.

The software is 100% auto trading, and you don’t have to do any hard task. You can purchase your plan and enjoy the returns that may come along.

The company welcomes both retail and institutional traders to join their cause. The support team of ETBOT is also very dedicated, and in case you might have any challenges, you can contact them at any time.

The company has trading history, and they have been in the market for long. You will have confidence in trading with a renowned bot that cannot compromise the safety of your funds or information.

Investment is all about the number, and statistics never lie. From the website, you can see how the company has been fairing in the market.

ETBOT Final Verdict

ETBOT AI trading is a transparent company that you can trace its team. Additionally, the platform has a trading history, and your money is secure in its system.

No investment company in the market can guarantee a future return that their trading bot can attain. That is why ETBOT analyses the market, and their bot assists you in trading in most favorable scenarios.


Register today to start using the services of ETBOT. They have a proven track record in the industry. You can as well monitor your account performance as you please.

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