ETHBTC Investment Limited: A Forex Broker Full of Lies

ETHBTC Investment Limited Review
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If you are looking to invest in the forex market, this is not the company for you. The people behind this operation do not care about customer satisfaction. They are only in the market to steal people’s funds. Moreover, we have no idea who is behind this company. These people are hiding their identities for a reason. 

ETHBTC Investment Limited is a forex broker with some of the worst trading conditions in the market. Nonetheless, this company tries to convince clients that they are the best broker for forex trading. However, this is far from the truth. This company is yet another fraudulent operation looking to steal people’s funds.

Furthermore, you can tell that this company is desperate to attract all kinds of people. The founders are busy attaching cryptocurrency tickers for no reason. They have no association with cryptocurrencies whatsoever. They only want to look like they know what they are doing. Do not go into this company expecting to get any professional services.

ETHBTC Investment Limited Review, ETHBTC Investment Limited Company

This is why you should never just take a company’s empty words. They should first provide you with evidence that they can deliver what they promise. There are far too many scammers looking to steal investors’ funds.

You better stick with the top legitimate forex brokers in the market. Such companies have been in the market for a long time and have the trust of thousands of seasoned traders. Moreover, they can assure you of your funds’ safety. Review

The official website for this company is the first sign that we are dealing with a scam. The website has a poor design, and there is a lot of missing information. Information gaps are a common thing with fraudulent operations. In this case, you can tell that we are not dealing with professionals. 

Furthermore, these people provide some technical analysis to customers. This is not a service you want to be taking from unidentifiable people on the Internet. At the very least, such individuals should introduce themselves and present their trading results. Unfortunately, this company did not care enough to introduce the expert traders on its team.

In terms of a trading platform, this company is providing an MT5 platform to its clients. This is one of the most popular platforms among seasoned traders for a reason. It allows for one-click transactions and instant execution. 

However, this is not something to brag about. This platform is an industry-standard that most companies provide. Moreover, this means nothing if the company cannot provide you with a safe trading environment. Sadly, this is the case with this company.

Furthermore, this company’s customer support is terrible. The only way to contact the support team is by emailing them at We all know that emails can go days without a reply. This is not what you want in a critical situation.

ETHBTC Investment Limited Trading Conditions

As mentioned earlier, this company has some of the worst trading conditions in the market. The lowest spread this company offers stands at 25 pips. This is nowhere near the industry standard. We have no idea who this company is trying to fool. You should avoid this company like the plague. Otherwise, you will lose your money, and you will have no one to turn to.

ETHBTC Investment Limited Scam Review, ETHBTC Investment Limited Features

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Further, the leverage that this company offers is equally ridiculous. The maximum leverage stands at 1:100. This is despite them claiming they are a member of the MFA. The  MFA caps maximum leverage at 1:50 for forex brokers. This shows that this company does not respect regulatory stipulations.

This is not where you want your money as an investor. These people are only looking to take advantage of eager investors in the market. Do not believe the perks that they promise. These are just marketing tools.

ETHBTC Investment Limited Deposit and Withdrawal

Any serious company will provide various payment options to accommodate the majority of its clients. Unfortunately, this company does not state the payment options that it supports upfront. The founders left this for the clients to figure out on their own. No legitimate company would leave out such critical information.

Moreover, the minimum deposit that this company supports is exceptionally high. ETHBTC Investment Limited will only accept a minimum deposit of $1000. This is ten times what is the industry standard. Many legitimate companies will accept a minimum deposit of $100. It seems that this company is looking to make a quick buck real quick.

Founders and Physical Location

It is very important to know the people behind the company that you are investing in. That will give you some insight into what to expect from the company. Generally, you should never invest in companies run by people with shady backgrounds. Additionally, there are too many risks involved in investing in mysterious people on the internet.

Unsurprisingly, this company does not introduce us to any of its founders. There are no faces or names on the website. Additionally, this company does not have a social media presence. This is a common characteristic of fraudulent operations. Founders of such companies hide their identities to avoid facing the law.

Furthermore, it is impossible to track these people down. The address for their headquarters is a mystery. The founders claim they launched the company in the UK. But they claim the company is a regulated entity in the US. This is very confusing. 

Moreover, you can tell that this company is targeting Chinese, Japanese, and Korean citizens. The website supports all these languages. This makes it impossible to track the people behind this company. 

Regulation and Fund Safety

It is always a bad idea to invest in an unregulated company. That is the beginning of a terrible story. Unregulated forex brokers are illegal in most jurisdictions. You do not want to be the customer of one when the law shuts them down. 

ETHBTC Investment Limited claims to be a company regulated by the MFA. Fortunately, it is easy to check the regulatory status of any company on the MFA website. We searched this company on the MFA website, and what we found raised a red flag. The results show that ETHBTC Investment Limited is not a member of the MFA.

This company is lying about its regulations just to attract investors. The people behind this company are running an illegal operation and they know it. There is no telling what such people are willing to do to steal your funds.

No unregulated company can assure you of your funds’ safety. Unregulated companies do not have the right banking set up to protect user funds. Moreover, there is no evidence of systems’ protection on the website.

There is no mention of the software or hardware that this company uses to protect its systems. This means that hackers can access and steal your funds.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to invest in the forex market, this is not the company for you. The people behind this operation do not care about customer satisfaction. They are only in the market to steal people’s funds. Moreover, we have no idea who is behind this company. These people are hiding their identities for a reason. 

Additionally, this is an unregulated entity. Such a company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. It is a terrible idea to invest in an unregulated company. Such companies are illegal, and the law will eventually shut them down.

Luckily, there are legitimate forex brokers that you can invest in right away. Such companies have been in the market long enough and have the trust of thousands of seasoned traders. They will offer you professional services without compromising your peace of mind.


6 Replies to “ETHBTC Investment Limited: A Forex Broker Full of Lies”

  1. Riyazuddin Diwan

    I invested more than 10000$. I was referred by a Singaporean Girl who was friend to me since 6 months.
    I lost all $ now balance in 1000$ but I can’t withdraw it. ETHBTC doesn’t allow to withdrawal.
    Can someone help me to get this withdrawn.

    • Jay

      Hi we are same situation a girl from china invite me on that site. Costumer service and that girl have same taught they are connected each other. It’s also hard to withdraw, they are scam.

      • Max

        I have also done same thing that girl also in china and she told me same things,you put money in your account and follow my command,I put around 70000$ and now I need withdraw so they told me you have to pay us 20% after that you can withdraw

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