Ethernity Marketplace Review: Is a Legit NFT Marketplace?

If you’re looking for big brands in sports for NFTs, Ethernity is the marketplace for you. With over 150,000 members, here’s our candid review.

For those looking for the great boxing legend Mohammed Ali, Ethernity is the place to get his NFT.

And the buck doesn’t stop with the boxing legend, and others do too, including legends of the NBA, NFA, and the NHA.

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Plenty of high-quality collectibles are found on the Ethernity NFT Marketplace. And we are thrilled the platform offers a unique experience to users.

Open for both buyers and creators, the platform is one of the best go-tos for sports NFTs. And the results speak for themselves.

About Ethernity

Ethernity Pros and Cons

A community oriented platform, promises to hit its goals by the end of each fiscal year.

With sports NFTs, the projected income alone each year is around $1 billion. And that’s just the estimates.

Sports NFTs are increasing in value as the sales of these collectibles increase with time. With the world cup stars, the NFTs for soccer players skyrocketed.

Are you thinking of buying an NFT from the platform? It’s easy to open an account with Ethernity as you are required to have a MetaMask wallet.

And with the token in place, you are good to go when it comes to trading these NFTs. Members get the chance to trade on several limited sports NFTs.

Registered in the Cayman Islands, the platform started in 2021 and has grown by leaps and bounds.

And that goes to show the market for sports NFTs is even greater than we imagined. The platform is getting it right when trading this art and collectibles.

With the native ERN token available for users, it also means you can stake the token and earn high returns.

Trading cards on this platform are authenticated by the sports icons which give more authenticity and value to the NFT.

As a buyer, you know that your NFT is the original as there are only a limited number available. Mohammed Ali’s NFT will fetch millions in a few years.

Apart from selling sports NFTs, you can also get entertainment NFTs on the platform. And the platform only sells authenticated entertainment NFTs.

Advantages of Ethernity NFT Marketplace

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to having these NFTs. The platform is a very unique one thanks to the icon’s input.

You have a great marketplace for buyers who want to invest in ERN Token NFTs. These NFTs also increase with value over time.

The platform bases their price depending on two features, a bidding war or direct price quote from the creator.

For creators, the platform offers a varying option for creating NFTs with authentication a must by icons.

It helps to give credence to the platform and overall collectibles found on the platform. Entertainment NFTs are no different as the classification and rules are the same.

And that ensures all NFTs found on the platform are secure and highly valuable in all two categories.

Entertainment and sports kind of go together and you will find even several NFTs of the same art.

An example would be the ‘Associated Press’ NFT which goes for $2,880. That’s the lowest ask which means the creator uses this price tag.

From rock star legends to Rap moguls, you get some of the best NFTs created with a high quality aspect.

Buyers and Creators on

For buyers, this is the perfect place to get the NFT that you want. The platform ensures you have a wide array of collectibles to choose from.

Opening an account with the platform is straightforward, with the platform not requiring more of your personal details.

You will however need to have a MetaMask wallet if you’re planning to go ahead and purchase any NFT.

Creators have an easier task on the platform, only that their art has to get verified. And that’s the beauty of this marketplace altogether.

Cons of Ethernity for creators

Team Behind

High gas fees based on the Ethereum token are one of the reasons why some creators may shy away from the platform.

There’s a 10% fee to incur when creating these NFTs. And the creators move the bulk of the expense to buyers.

And that’s why some of the listed NFTs have a higher than average value. Even with a large inventory of over 200 of the same art, the ask price can start from over $1,000.

For exquisite rock star NFTs, you have to have deep pockets to even get your hands on one.

An excellent example would be the Marilyn Monroe bulk auction which is the only available.

The lowest ask price for this NFT is currently at $21,444.23 as we publish this post. Remember this is a unique and one-of-a-kind NFT.

Contact and support

For some reason, Ethernity doesn’t offer live chat support. The marketplace is another one that limits even communication between buyers and creators.

You can’t message the creator as the platform leaves no room for such. And you can’t also access the support team.

There are other ways of making contact including social media pages. That’s not enough as buyers should at least get to contact support at one stage.

Payment Methods Ethernity

Ethernity is only accepting crypto payment methods through the MetaMask wallet. The supported currency is the ERN Token.

With Ethereum-based currencies or tokens, expect high gas fees for transactions. And this is the case even after the Ethereum move to proof of stake.

We believe the marketplace is only acting in the interest of raising the value of their ERN token. Despite this being the case, the platform ought to help members have other alternatives.

Design aspects of the arts

There’s no denying that the design aspect of all the NFTs found on the platform is of high quality. And that’s the reason we believe this is a different NFT Marketplace.

Summary/Verdict of Ethernity

It’s a worthy marketplace with high quality and valuable NFTs.

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