EuropeMarket Review: Scandalous Ventures

EuropeMarket Review
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EuropeMarket didn’t think it was necessary to give this detail. We could not discover the company’s origins or who founded it on the website.

EuropeMarket didn’t think it was necessary to give this detail. We could not discover the company’s origins or who founded it on the website. The internet is good. It has made life easier for all of us. It has also made making money more convenient. One of the most convenient ways to make money now is through trading. Although it is easy, it does not mean everyone is enjoying it. This is because there are some unscrupulous brokers out there who want to steal your money. When trading online, one can win or lose. This is okay, and there is nothing illegal about it. Trading is a business like any other, and as such, it has gains and losses. Losing money to a scammer is, however, unacceptable and very painful.

EuropeMarket Review, EuropeMarket Companu

As a potential client of the foreign exchange market. Don’t let the word “Europe” in their name deceive you into trusting them. Unauthorized and dishonest, this broker poses a significant risk to investors. That’s because it’s not properly licensed. As a result, it is not obligated to provide traders on the online platform with compensation in the event of a loss. Don’t be fooled by the broker’s attractive colors on the website; we’ll explain why it’s a scam in the following paragraphs.


We obtained some information from the company website, that might be worthy of further scrutiny. It is a trading platform that deals with commodities like gold & oil, forex currencies (major and minor), indices, and stocks. The company purportedly offers free trading signals and education to enhance your trading. There is nothing wrong with the two. However, trading signals are not always the silver bullet in trading. Overreliance on them is also dangerous as they’re not always accurate. Markets move due to demand and supply, and anyone who claims they can predict their movement is a liar.

The platform also offers leveraged trading. When a trader does not have a large capital base, leveraged trading allows them to still participate in the market. But leverage can also work against you. In a single moment, it can transform your financial situation for the better or, the worse. Using a high degree of leverage in trading exposes one to substantial risk; hence, significant losses can occur rapidly. has leverage from 200 to 400 and even has a welcome bonus. These are major red flags as the company does not care if you lose your money or not.

It’s challenging to take the company’s boasts about its success at face value. You should never fall for a company’s claims of legitimacy just because they make them. Some of them are outright cons who do not intend to provide you with any help. All of their efforts are directed toward obtaining your financial information for theft. Let’s dig deeper into the allegations that EuropeMarket is cheating its customers out of money. In the meantime, check these genuine crypto companies that operate in full transparency.

Company Background

Genuine businesses always take pride in their history. Many successful people enjoy sharing their origin tales, especially those highlighting their early challenges. After achieving their goals, they brag about it to everyone they can. They also provide a roster of its top brass, including the founders. Review, Feature

As far as we were concerned, their actions could only have one meaning: they were trying to conceal something. In case you lose money, they don’t want you to be able to track down the company’s owners.

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The company’s Terms and Conditions, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies are just gimmicks. They are meant to make it appear as though the business is governed by law. However, this is a complete and utter fabrication. If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re not compliant, so you should probably avoid them.

EuropeMarket Company Address

Two email addresses and a phone number are included on the site. These are insufficient means of contact with any serious business. In addition, a genuine business needs official social media profiles where followers may learn about new developments and receive customer support. However, these are crucial facts that EuropeMarket has decided to omit. They must be suspicious and intend to steal from you if they act this way. The company claims to be located at Hägerstensvägen 172, 126 53 Hägersten, Sweden.

Domain Insight

According to, the website was created on 18th August 2022 and will expire on 18th August 2023. In other words, the business has no plans to continue providing those services in the foreseeable future. One explanation for this is because it is a con, and understands it can’t go on forever without being uncovered. Therefore, keeping the website up for more than a year was unnecessary. In all certainty, they are con artists.

Trading Conditions

Understanding the market environment is crucial before entering a trade. A few examples are spread, leverage, and commissions. They play a pivotal role in determining whether or not a trader will choose to engage with a particular broker. Customers tend to flock to brokers who offer low spreads. Be wary of brokers who offer low spreads; they may be trying to con you. EuroMarket offers very low spreads, and this is a red flag.

Regulation Status of EuropeMarket

Authorities in every nation owe it to their citizens to safeguard them from con artists. As a result, there exist organizations that help with the oversight of forex brokers. A forex broker’s ability to obtain a license is contingent upon their meeting specific requirements.

A review of their website reveals that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of any applicable regulatory body. To put it bluntly, that’s a BIG RED WARNING SIGN! That alone ought to dissuade you from doing business with them. As an additional red signal, they partner with sites that advertise “Automated trading software,” as this particular breed of website is well-known for engaging in fraudulent activities.

EuropeMarket has been flagged by Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), the government agency that regulates brokers in Spain. According to the agency, the firm had violated Securities Markets Law. Thus, it is not authorized to provide the investment services outlined in Article 140 of the Spanish Securities Markets Act. These services include investment advice or ancillary services. The public was warned against transacting with the company as it was perilous.

Working with an unlicensed broker is risky since they can steal your money with little to no repercussions. Since it is not subject to oversight by any relevant authorities, EuropeMarket cannot be taken seriously. It would be best if you didn’t do business with a corporation that skirts the law in any way. Can you fathom what they will do to your money if they have the gall to break the law? Avoid them at all costs!

Final Verdict

EuropeMarket is not a reliable broker but rather a fraud. But the fact that they are not registered or regulated doesn’t stop them from trying to rip consumers off. Fortunately, we’ve figured out their strategies and blown the whistle on them. Please do not join in on their plans to gain benefits you did not invest in.

Learn as much as possible about a forex broker before working with them. EuopeMarket is not a legitimate crypto broker, but there are several others you can choose from. Scamming individuals into believing they can help them financially is all they do. Do not enter into risky financial transactions with them! 






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