Ex Bonds Review: ExBonds.com A Multifaceted Ponzi Scheme

Ex Bonds

Ex Bonds is a multifaceted company because it promises to provide a lot of trading options to the users. Its website, ExBonds.com, is inviting people to join the company so that they can earn money via different types of trading. However, there are many parts of the company that seems quite suspicious.

Therefore, it is very important to review this company in detail to determine whether it is a good investment opportunity. Keep reading this article to get all of the essential information about the origins of Ex Bonds, its income structure, and overall features.

What is Ex Bonds?

Ex Bonds is a company that describes itself as an investment platform where the affiliate members can invest in various different currencies and forms. The company is promising a massive amount of return on investments over a certain period of time.

At one place, ExBonds.com mentions that daily ROIs are distributed among the members. However, the social media profile of the company states that the members will get up to 350% over a period of 50 days. It shows that there are a lot of contradictions about the primary business model of the company.

Moreover, the company is promising to return the capital at the end of the investment plan as well as during any time of the investment. This kind of promise is quite confusing because ExBonds.com does not mention any specific type of payment withdrawal. The website also claims that it is managing more than $8,500,000,00 for numerous investors.


Origin of Ex Bonds

ExBonds.com was registered in February 2020. It is not clear who is running this platform because the website or the social media profiles of Ex Bonds does not provide any information about the owner of the company. It is quite clear that Ex Bonds is a newly-established company. Therefore, its claims of managing a massive amount of money cannot be believed.

The marketing of the company also shows that this platform has not managed to enter many territories. It is claiming to be operating from London, UK. However, there is a very high chance that Ex Bonds is providing a fake address.

The analysis of the website by Alexa shows that Angola (15%), Venezuela (11%), and Brazil (7%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to ExBonds.com.

Features of Ex Bonds

ExBonds.com is a single-page website that briefly describes the various aspects of the company. The major features of Ex Bonds are:

ETF Trading

The company is inciting users to invest in the company and participate in ETF trading to establish a long-term channel of passive income. However, there is no proof of the fact that the company will be able to provide you a significant amount of profits for a long period of time. In fact, the website does not even mention the process of ETF trading and only asks the users to trust Ex Bonds.

Shares Investment

ExBonds.com also asks users to invest in the company to buy shares. It means that the company is claiming to have access to different types of shares. However, the website does not mention the name of any organization in which Ex Bonds might have invested. Therefore, it is not a suitable choice for investment.

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High ROIs

It is not wrong of a company to offer high ROIs, but Ex Bonds promises unrealistic profits to the users. No one should expect a new company like ExBonds.com to provide massive ROIs of 350% over a short period of time. This shows that the company is making some very tall claims to attract more investment without any proof that such promises will be fulfilled.

These features and false promises of Ex Bonds point to the fact that you should not invest in this platform. Instead, you should use the Forex Robots that allow you to earn a significant amount of profits via Forex trading in an efficient and reliable manner. 

How to Join Ex Bonds?

As expected from a company like Ex Bonds, it does not have any retail products. Instead, the only way to participate in the income structure of ExBonds.com, you will have to buy the affiliate membership of the company.

There is no limit on the maximum amount of money that you want to invest in Ex Bonds. However, at the minimum, you have to invest at least $10.

Income Structure of Ex Bonds

Even though Ex Bonds is trying to present itself as a trading platform, it is essentially a Ponzi scheme that is trying to attract investment by promising daily ROIs. As a result, the income structure of ExBonds.com is heavily dependent on the amount of money you invest in this platform.

Two main packages are mentioned on Ex Bonds. These packages are:

  1. Standard Plan in which users have to invest any amount between $10 to $10,000. As a result, the affiliates will be getting a 300% ROI over 50 days.
  2. Premium Plan in which the users have to invest any amount between $10,000 to $100,000. In return, they will be getting 350% over 50 days.

The website does not explain the withdrawal method and how such profits will be distributed among the affiliate members. However, the website clearly states that a 10% fee will be charged on each withdrawal transaction.


Other than the daily ROIs, ExBonds.com is also promising referral commissions. This kind of tactic is quite common in most MLM companies. Referral and recruitment commissions act as an efficient free marketing tool for the companies. However, you should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that Ex Bonds will actually increase any of these profits.

The company is promising the following referral commissions:

  • 5% commission for members of level 1.
  • At levels 2 and 3, the affiliates members can earn 1% of the referral commission.

Ex Bonds


The purpose of the entire discussion above is to conclude whether you should invest in Ex Bonds. There are several aspects of the company that make it clear that you should not invest any kind of money on this platform.

First of all, the company is completely lying about having multiple external sources of revenue. It claims to be involved in ETF Trading, Forex Trading, shares investment, and many other such kinds of sources of revenue. However, the business model of Ex Bonds makes it evident that the company is not engaging with any of these channels.

In fact, the sole source of income of ExBonds.com is the investment of the affiliates. It shows that it is essentially a Ponzi scheme that is relying on recruiting as many people as it can. The company will collapse as soon as the recruitment stops.

It should also be noted that the company is promising a massive ROI of 350%, even on a small investment of $10. This kind of promise is made to attract more investment. In reality, a new company like Ex Bonds cannot fulfill these promises. Therefore, you should not invest in this platform because there is a very high chance that you will end up losing a significant amount of money.

Instead, you should consider using genuine and efficient Forex Robots for Forex trading. Such robots have minimum registration requirements and allow you to trade as per your own terms and conditions. By using these Forex Robots, you will be able to make a significant amount of profits through their modern, reliable, and legal services.

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