FinaOptions Review: A Scheming Broker

FinaOptions Review, FinaOptions Company
FinaOptions Review
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FinaOptions claims to be an award-winning forex broker with decades of experience and quality resources for its clients to use for their trading options. Unfortunately, the company is a scam platform with inadequate information on its operations. Invest with top forex trading companies in the market.

FinaOptions website is simply built. The people behind this organization lack what it takes to run a professional investment company. The platform allegedly provides investors with free trading tools. Investors are assured of successful investment opportunity once they join the broker.

Unfortunately, trusting this firm will lead to futile results. Investors should be careful when dealing with offshore companies. They only care about their greedy needs. You will not generate realistic returns.

FinaOptions Review, FinaOptions Company

FinaOptions claims their clients’ trade with confidence while enjoying multiple benefits. The firm markets itself as a secure, stable and reputable firm. Traders will get fast trade execution, multiple trading tools, and great value for their money.

The platform additionally is guiding traders. You can trade several currencies pair like GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USD CAD, USDCHF, GBPJPY, and GBPJPY. The entity has leading prices in the market. However, this is only another marketing strategy.

FinaOptions states it has a competitive commission, and spread. They are targeting innocent investors who lack adequate knowledge of how the online market works. It would do you much good if you stick to licensed ventures. Review

The broker is trading Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and CFDs. They allegedly analyze the market on behalf of their customers. Their team plays a greater part in their success. They send their customers accurate trading signals.

Moreover, FinaOptions is also offering an educational opportunity to traders. They discuss strategies to use. Moreover, the forecasts sent are precise. However, this broker lacks transparency. The team it brags of is not credited anywhere on the website.

Therefore, we do not know who these people are or the qualification they have in regards to finance. Trusting your money with strangers is a bold move. It is like leaving a child to someone you don’t know on a bus or a train. That is reckless right?

FinaOptions also boasts that they have won a number of awards. They allegedly are the best CFD broker in the TradeOn summit of 2020. Moreover, the firm also has the title of the best trading platform, Best execution broker, and the best trading experience broker. All these titles are fake and unverifiable.

Invest with reputable investment forex trading companies. These firms have served a number of clients since joining the industry. You will earn a reasonable income using these entities. Moreover, you can check their performance for assurance.

The trading Conditions of FinaOptions

The company has two trading accounts that have beautiful offers. The company does not disclose the trading platform that investors can use. The only thing on their website is a graph that insinuates the broker is profitable.

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FinaOptions Scam Review, FinaOptions Trading Conditions

The company does not conduct trading activities. Leaving out the core feature like this one is an unforgivable mistake. It proves that the people behind this entity are only after clients’ money. Moreover, we do not know the leverage or the spread to expect from FinaOptions.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount to deposit at FinaOptions is $500 which is 5 times what reputable brokers accept. The company claims that investors can cash in using a credit card, bank transfer, and debit card. Unfortunately, we cannot verify is this is actually what the company is using.

We also found out that the entity accepts money using BTC, LTC, and ETH. Cryptocurrency payment is convenient but yet untraceable. Brokers that utilize such form while their reputation is wanting are usually Ponzi schemes.

Additionally, once you click to deposit money you will be redirected to another platform to purchase BTC. There is no point trusting this entity with your money. You will never be able to cash out your earnings or initial capital.

This is evident by the fact that the withdrawal link of this broker is broken. Furthermore, a lot of information is missing. It is hard to tell the fees which this entity is charging clients, the withdrawal request processing time, or the least amount that one can cash out.

Once you sign up with FinaOptions you will be doing it blindly risk your safety. Additionally, this venture does not have the term and conditions that govern its operation. Therefore, it is highly likely that clients will be subject to hidden charges. The company can do it, please.

Contact Details

The entity features a telephone number that investors can use to reach them. The office address of this company is at 158 Jacksotts Balm streets, San Diego, 12920 California USA. The address is fake and the entity is operating in an offshore area.

Trusting a shady venture like this one with your information is dangerous. Once their company collapse and they come back again using a different domain they will contact you. The cycle will go on and considering you are dealing with a con artist you can lose more money.

FinaOptions Regulatory Status

The company claims it has offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and the USA. They are mainly targeting clients from these two countries. Unfortunately, this broker does not meet the requirement of the financial conduct of the USA.

The country is one of the areas that have strict requirements for financial investment ventures. The NFA is doing its level best to ensure citizens do not lose funds to scammers. The financial body is one of the strict bodies in the world.

It is a bold move for FinaOptions to lie about having offices in the USA. First of all this entity does not have the capacity to deposit a working capital of $20M. Avoid this illegitimate investment entity at all costs.

Additionally, the platform is also not licensed in Indonesia. The broker does not offer fund safety. Once they realize there is no more money coming into their system their website will collapse.

At this point, investors will have nothing that investors can do. You will just count yours loses. It will hard for the government to assist you. This is because constant warning has been issued against trading with companies that do not have a license.

The Domain Insight

FinaOptions is a broker that is anonymously registered. The company made its first digital footprint in December 2020. They are barely three months old yet they brag of having won multiple awards. Additionally, the traffic visiting the entity is too low. Investors should avoid such companies at all costs.

You will not generate reasonable income with an entity that does not plan to be in the market. Moreover, there are no trading activities taking place. The trading conditions of the firm are unknown. With all these red flags it will be unwise to still entrust the company with your money. Watch out and trade safely with the proven and verified brokers.

Final Verdict

FinaOptions is a self-proclaiming award-winning venture.  Despite the entity being less than a year old, it brags of having three decades of trading history. The company will do everything in its power to scam multiple investors.

Additionally, it further boasts of offering high-quality education. They also have advanced measures for managing risks. Their company does not have clients’ testimonials that can show if the entity is profitable.

Instead of wasting time and resources at FinaOptions, it would be best to invest with the best forex brokers in the industry. There are regulated and your funds will be segregated in top tier account. Additionally, their customer support team is friendly and professional.

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