Finetero Review: is it Legit?

Finetero Review, Finetero Company
Finetero Review
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Finetero is an anonymous broker which promises its clients a great trading platform, security of their funds, and a range of trading tools and resources. The company sounds excellent on paper but its data is unverifiable and the company is unlicensed. Invest with reputable forex trading brokers in the market to enjoy the transparency.

Online financial trading has made a lot of tracks in recent years. It has become a great alternative to making passive income. Online trading has become popular mainly because of the possibility of making high returns and the flexibility of working remotely. If you are thinking of starting forex trading, it is imperative to have a broker. Finetero claims to be a forex broker specializing in offering trading tools, resources, and services vital in executing successful and profitable trades.

Finetero Review, Finetero Company

Finetero claims to be an online multi-asset and forex trading platform that promises to provide an optimal trading experience for its clients. The company is in operation since 2018 and boasts about providing its clients with high liquidity, a high level of security, and fund safety. The website is relatively new and traders may be hesitant to sign with the unfamiliar broker. However, Finetero claims to grow consistently over the years and it has clients globally in over 150 countries.

Finetero sounds good on paper and can be easily be seen as a legit broker but the company has several red flags. Online trading has given rise to a significant amount of scam platforms that creatively try to steal investors’ deposits. They target newbies who are not keen on detail and how the market operates. Finetero is a company that has a lot of claims but no verifiable information.

The company brags about having a top-notch team of expert traders with many years of experience. Unfortunately, Finetero is not very credible and you should not blindly invest in the company. It is important to conduct proper research of brokers that best suit your preference. Invest with legit forex trading brokers that strive to create credibility with their clients.

Finetero Review

Finetero is a broker which prides itself with their asset index that comprises of more than 1000 trading instruments. Investors can specialize in a preferred market or diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize potential returns. The website also claims to partner with reputable platforms. It deals with stocks of leading companies such as Microsoft, Visa, Apple, and Amazon.

Additionally, Finetero guarantees its, customers, that it has necessary security measures to ensure customer’s funds and account security are safe. The company claims to have two-factor authentication on investor’s trading accounts which protects against unauthorized access. Moreover, the website claims to be compliant with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering international security policies. They also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect client information from third parties.

Finetero has promising features and claims to offer its clients more than the industry standard. The platform offers a downloadable trading software with a seamless trading experience which is MetaTrader 4. It is a great tool for both newbie and expert traders and additionally, they have a demo account for new investors to get acquainted with the platform and trading. Moreover, they also provide educational materials in the form of webinars, PDF documents, and videos.

Finetero also claims to have reliable customer support and an informative FAQ section on their website. However, the company is an unlicensed broker which is operating illegally. The website is also running anonymously and the people working behind the scenes are completely unknown. The safety of your funds may easily be compromised and you should not blindly invest in the company.

Trading Platform

The trading platforms are an essential tool for traders whether you are a newbie or an expert and Finetero claims to offer its clients the reliable MetaTrader 4. MT4 is not only popular for forex trading but also cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities which are tradable assets on the Finetero platform. The MT4 user interface is direct and simple to use making it easy for every trader to navigate. You can also take advantage of one-click trading and instant executions for better performance. Moreover, there are numerous trading tools such as live charts, economic calendars, and price alerts.

Finetero Scam Review, Finetero Features

Finetero also has a Mobile trader which gives its investors an advantage of trading anywhere and anytime using their mobile devices. Mobile Trade is a browser-based platform that is optimized to operate smoothly on any mobile device including IOS or Android. Additionally, Finetero has a Web Trader that is easily accessible on a web browser without being installed or downloaded. It allows investors to trade multiple assets on a single platform.

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Finetero Account Types

Finetero has diversity in account types and has five account options available as well as a demo account. The company claims to incorporate numerous traders regardless of the amount you invest. You start with a demo account at the beginning. It has virtual currency and it is used as a practice by new traders. The demo account is primarily used to test Finetero’s trading conditions and a loss-free way of practicing to try various trading strategies.

The account types available are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Premium. The account types have some similar features common to them all such as access to education resources, trading platforms, and online chat support. The other features are specific to the different accounts such as premium signals, private one on one trading advice, and relationship manager the higher you upgrade. The minimum amount you can deposit on the lowest account type Bronze is € 5,000 and € 250,000 for the premium account.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Finetero claims to support several popular payment methods to make it easier for its clients. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Bank transfer, credit card payments, Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill. The website claims that the minimum deposit amount is as low as € 200 but the minimum deposit on its bronze account is € 5,000.

However, the broker does not state the minimum withdrawal amount. Clients have to fill a withdrawal request which a representative will process manually. The withdrawal is free for wire transfer and the standard fee of 3.5% for credit/debit cards. Account inactivity for more than 45 days will be subject to a $ 100 fine.

Finetero Regulation

Finetero is a broker which is operating illegally because it does not have a license. The platform does not display any regulation documents for its investors and has been blacklisted by FCA. Finetero is a company that claims to have its offices in London in the UK and FCA is the financial watchdog regulating all legal companies promoting, selling, or offering financial products or services. Furthermore, the company is accepting deposits from over 150 countries globally without any form of regulation which is a major red flag.

The company is also operating anonymously and the people behind the platform are unknown. Anonymity does not inspire any credibility, especially for a financial company. You should always be critical of information regarding the ownership and regulation status of a forex broker before investing in any platform.

Final Verdict

Finetero claims to offer its clients a wide range of tradable assets, a smooth trading platform, and top-notch security for the best trading experience. Additionally, the company claims to work with reputable companies promising affordability, flexibility, and diversification for online traders.

Unfortunately, the website is all good in writing but fails in important aspects such as its regulation. The company is operating illegally without a license and it is even on the blacklist by the UK financial watchdog (FCA). Moreover, Finetero is operating anonymously. Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market to avoid losing your money to a scam platform.

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  1. Gerald

    This company finetero have contacted me out of the blue cold calling for me to invest 210 euros and that it would be worth 2500 in 6 months time but after doing my research i find out that this company is a total scam.They are not regulated.They operate illegally and without a license.F.C.A have them blacked.They say they have an office in London.Do not have have anything to do with this company as they will steal your money.Regards Gerald 1 star and if i could give it 0 i would.Gerald in Ireland.

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