FITD (Foot In The Door) Formula Review: Is It Real or Just a Cheap Scam?

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FITD Formula

FITD Formula (Foot In The Door Formula) is a marketing product that promises to help you learn new methods to approach clients and sell them your product marketing skills. According to their website, the training product will help you to use new techniques that are best known only to the owners, Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis. They are targeting consultants or anybody who is selling a product to a client that will help them increase their sales.

In other words, they also target affiliate marketers. They promise that they will share both email and mail marketing techniques that improve on the old Foot in the Door sales person technique. In this FITD Formula review, I will look at what makes them stand out and whether it’s a scam or not.

What I Liked About FITD (Foot In The Door) Formula

FITD Formula scam

While they do not promise to do anything specific or promise any specific returns, they have a wonderful presentation for their product. In fact if you like reading or watching a presentation filled with funny comments, then the guys at FITD Formula did a great job.

FITD Formula review

I would also like to point out that unlike most scam products, they do not offer any upsells. They offer a single product that promises to give you a magical client approach technique. Yes, they actually say that indeed their promise sounds magical because that is what it will work out once you buy it.

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However, that is all that you will get from their video. Everything else is covered in a veil of the promise that you will learn something if you part with the $97. There is no content or skill that you are required to give your clients, that is why I FITD Formula consider them to be a little better than scam.

What I didn’t Like About FITD Formula.

Support Team

The FITD Formula does not have a phone number or live chat that you can use to get instant help form the FITD Formula support team. All they offer is just a simple email address. What that means is that they get to harvest your email address so that they can bombard you with more emails in the future. As an affiliate marketer, I find that communication with a support team of any product is paramount. That is because most products rely on technology to work. That means if there are any third party changes, then you will not get the updates in time, if at all you will.

There are also times when you are reading training materials, you do not get the intended message, and you realize that you need some clarification. At such times, the instant chat feature comes in handy; unfortunately, you will not get such kind of support from the FITD (Foot In The Door) Formula people. They have a more of sell and forget policy, which is what most scams do to their clients.

Online Assets

foot in the door formula

The FITD Formula does not encourage you to create any online assets that you can use to build your own brand. That means that every day you will be starting from scratch. You see when you have a brand that you are building every day, it means that whatever work you did with your clients yesterday, counts as a credit to your online asset such as website. Your past clients can come back on a regularly basis to find out what you got for them. You past clients also get to refer friends and family to your product or service site and share it as well.

That is why affiliate marketing when dome properly becomes passive. FITD (Foot In The Door) Formula does not promise to help you build a brand, what it promises is just a new sale everyday using techniques that the client has never of heard of before. It sounds like you will just be tricking your clients into buying the same old product without giving them a reason to come back. Which is what a scam aims to do. Otherwise, if FITD Formula was not scam, it would do what big brands aim to do, build customer loyalty.

Community Forum

FITD Formula review

If there is something that you can use to easily verify most online products and services, it a community forum. That is where you get to hear what others are saying about the product and how great it is when they compare it to other products. If there are issues, forum members share and solve them right there. If they cannot solve an issue, they send an open message to the support team who are then obligated to solve it.

If there are no such forums as is the case with FITD (Foot In The Door) Formula, then it means you will be walking alone in the dark once you buy the product. It will be much the same as when you buy a product and you find that it’s faulty and the manufacturer doesn’t accept returns nor offer no refunds. I would therefore urge you to reconsider and not buy the FITD Formula scam.

Value Addition

foot in the door formula

As I listened through the presentation, I noticed that they do not offer any presentation on what type of product improvements you are going to offer your clients. The rhetoric is just about how they are going to teach you to market your skills differently. Since there is no live community forum or reviews from active users, I would say FITD Formula is the typical of one-time scam products that promise heaven but deliver pain and disappointment instead.

FITD Formula


Overall Rating for FITD Formula: 1/10

There are many products that I would recommend to anyone willing to build a successful business online but FITD Formula is not one of them. They offer that no value to you that you can use to establish an authoritative presence online. The temptation to make quick money scamming clients is easy but that will only work against you on the long-term.

Instead of letting products such as FITD Formula waste your valuable time,, there are better ways to make a comfortable living from online businesses. One of the best ways to get started on that journey is through affiliate marketing. You choose a product that you enjoy using and help others find it; and there is no better place to get started on that journey than Wealthy Affiliate.

They have awesome tools that help you to establish your online presence as well as a supportive community. The supportive community of fellow affiliates is what I like most about them. Why? Because it proves they are real and if you join now, you can get ahead of the pack. Some of the Wealthy Affiliate tools and benefits that will be at your disposal are:

  • You get to join a vibrant community of fellow affiliates.
  • They offer you a site builder as well as website hosting.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7 chat support.

I hope that this FITD Formula review has been informative and you will not let yourself get scammed. Please post your comments and questions below.

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