Forex Hacked Review: non partisan bot

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Forex Hacked ( is a trading robot that is described as fair by most pundits. The robot is however using non-NFA regulated brokers and we insist users traders should be cautious. They are already gaining respect among top investors and have been in the market for long. With over a thousand live trading accounts, it is safe to assume that the robot is fair. What makes this robot considered as par by most pundits? Read this genuine and transparent review for more.

Forex Hacked Review

About Forex Hacked

For those who don’t have a clue, Forex Hacked is an automated trader that is a strong performer. When looking for the best trading tools, performance is CUE to a trader’s success. These tools will keep you safe and will provide a realistic profit margin. Relying on an automated trader that guarantees results is what we should have. These are robots that have been proven by testing to produce favorable results. And this is why newbies should also consider having reliable tools. What does Forex Hacked have over other trading tools? Are there any features that investors should look forward to?

Time and time again, this robot offers sales offers and their current offer stands at 67 percent off. The platform is continuously updating settings that perform at an optimum level. Traders should be happy that the platform also shows live trading results. What we do have a problem with is their claim that they are ever profitable. There is no trading expert or robot that should guarantee results. The robot is using sales tactics to attract newbie traders. And this is why we have a small doubt in the robot’s capabilities.

Assets Traded by the bot

There has been no information posted on the assets the robot is trading with. From the member’s testimony, the robot is trading on normal markets with common assets. These assets include Binary Options, Crypto, and Forex assets. What the platform fails to mention is how they are able to provide their services. Investors should sign up knowing what the available features are and how the robot works. And this is where investors should be careful with their trading. No one should sign up for a platform blindly.

Business Owner

How Forex Hacked Works

Forex Hacked is also unclear on who developed their platform or the people currently working on it. These robots have been trading in the market for over four years without revealing the owners. And we have to know who the owners are before signing up with any robot. The owner should be held responsible in case of any problems. It would seem that the platform is operating under an anonymous nature. And this is another red flag we have to raise in regard to the robot’s transparency.

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Customer Feedback

Their testimonials page is rather ‘planned’ as there are no single negative reviews. All the ratings are above four stars which is a problem. No product or service provider is perfect. Why have they failed to post comments and feedback on members who lost funds? These members have time and time again ranted on social media on the downside of using this robot. The website has no disclaimer warning investors that trading is a risky business. And this is another cause for concern. They are misinforming investors that after signing up, they will automatically start making profits.

Domain particulars

The website has been in existence since 16th August 2009. And this means the robot has been in the market for over 11 years. This robot must have some serious power to be able to stand the test of time. And this is one way of giving the robot a pat in the back. After being in the industry for over 11 years, it means their services can be termed as credible. The IP address has been changed four times in the last four years. Does this mean they change their domain names and products? It could be one reason why they have managed to be online for so long.

How does Forex Hacked Work?

Forex Hacked Account Details

They claim on the homepage that the robot comes optimized and is ready to trade right out of the box. The default settings are apparently able to get positive results in less than 10 minutes. And this is another area where investors need to tread carefully. They claim that the settings will be profitable in both the short and long term. If this is the case, why do they need to change the settings after some time? These are the loopholes that investors should also consider as a disadvantage of the robot.

The robot is also not clear on what the investor should do once they purchase the platform. It is not clear on the instruction which is a big problem. What is clear about the platform is the inability to show actual or simulated trading results. And this could mean that Forexhacked is a duplicated robot of a real and genuine trading program. Why have they failed to give users instructions on how to use it? Does the robot integrate on all trading terminals including custom made platforms?

License and Registration of Forex Hacked

Forex Hacked is not Licensed or registered to offer any trading services to members of the public. If they did have a license, the must know how to hide it. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage does not have any details of their license. A legitimate trading robot will have a license number issued by a reputable regulator. According to the testimony, most of the members hail from Europe and North America. To check whether the robot is regulated, we asked a few regulators about the robot.

None of the regulators in Europe have ever heard of this platform. The NFA has no records of ever issuing a license to this platform. And this is why we must inform investors to be careful. The CFTC is about to issue a warning on some of these robots. Owners must find ways to ensure that their products get regulated before offering services. And this is a letdown considering the robot has been in existence for over four years. And this is why we must mark the platform as an unregulated trading robot.

Money-Back Guarantee

Forex Hacked is offering members a 100 percent money-back guarantee. And this sets the pace for a highly reliable platform. Once you are unhappy with the robot, there is a chance of recovering your funds. However, we fail to see any member who has been able to get their money back. The robot only claims of having a money-back guarantee with no proof. Will investors get a refund after signing up and making trades? Or will they have to use a demo account to see whether the robot actually works?

Restrictions of Forex Hacked

Account Types

The platform has two account types that users can use. Forex Hacked is offering original and pro account types. On their account’s page, we get to see the results of people who seem to be members. What we don’t see is the features that set apart these two accounts. What is the difference between Original and Pro accounts? Are there any extra charges to having these accounts? The platform has done a terrible job of not giving users a true description of the features.

Performance claims

Another serious issue is the claim that the robot gets a 120 percent gain in one week. It must be the highest ROI in robot trading history. And this is why we must be careful with the sales tactics used by programmers. These developers will quote an impossible number to get investors to sign up. If these results were true, we would all be using the robot. Who wouldn’t want to make such a huge ROI? The only problem is the robot is unable to back and verify these claims. And that’s why the better option is to stay away.

Security of funds with Forex Hacked

The safety of funds remains to be seen with no verifiable trading results. They claim to offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee and yet, no proof of it occurring. The robot also fails to mention when investors are eligible for withdrawing funds. Do members withdraw funds daily, weekly, or monthly? These are the details missing from the platform which is a real problem. Stay safe and use products that come highly recommended by experts and the trading community.

Scam or Legit Forex Hacked

It is difficult to place whether the robot is a scam. The number of years in the industry shows that there are some who profit from the robot. Others have some issues with the robot especially with a lack of proper information. Without a valid license, members are treading on dangerous grounds.

Final Thought

We have to ensure our readers stay safe when trading online. It is recommended that investors use reliable and reputable robots with a valid license.

Start the trading success journey with tools that are credible. Become the next success story by using tools that are triumphant in every way. These tools will guarantee your security when trading online. Check them out.

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