Forex Pharaoh Academy Review: Legit or another Scam?

Forex Pharaoh Academy ( is an educational scam that is straight out of the scam’s bag of tricks. The platform is owned by one Edward J Williams and professes to offer Forex education. Investors have been asking whether it is worth paying for the program to learn to trade. The review is meant to open eyes from the problems one might face with the program. There are a few victims who fell for the program. And this is why our review will be transparent to avoid investors from falling victim.

Forex Pharaoh Review

About Forex Pharaoh Academy

According to the about us page, the narrative is from the creator Edward. He claims to have been in the forex trading world for over nine years. Judging by his looks, the guy seems to be in his early twenties. And it means he must have started trading in his teens, which is not a bad idea. The only problem with this story is that he lacks credibility. None of the traders seem to know him. He also has no trading experience, as he claims. And we firmly believe he is a paid actor meant to sell the program.

Getting by with Forex trading is easy if the right trading tools get utilized. And this is why newbie investors are urged to use Authentic Forex trading robots. These robots will help you trade thanks to the automatic feature and safety provided. They are a gem for newbies as they help them learn better in regards to Forex trading.

Forex Pharaoh Academy is another scam on another level. The program has barely hit the ground, and complaints have already started trickling in. A few investors decided to try the program out after the sales video went viral. Little did they know that this was another scam program orchestrated by online scam artists. And this is the reason why we have to expose this program. To protect our esteemed readers, we have to show the tricks used by such programs.

Asset traders get educated on

The program is strictly using indicators as their main asset for selling the education plight. They claim to help students prosper and find their edge in the trading world. Other than indicators, they also use signals as a means of educating investors. What they fail to mention is whether they deal with other trading assets. With Crypto being a rising market, it would be foolish if they failed to offer such a program. And they do since they fail to mention any of their educational products.

Business Proprietor

Edward J Williams is a paid actor who is using his face to appeal to newbie traders. The young like to associate with other successful people. And this means that they can do whatever it takes to get the ‘success’ Edward claims to have. The selling point is ideal as the majority of young people want to get rich quickly. After buying the program, it later dawns on them that Edward is not who he seems to be.

Comments and Customer Feedback

Although the program is a few months old, it has attracted hundreds of young investors. And this is the reason why Edward is about to go underground. With complaints starting popping up, the truth is finally out. The character is not successful as he claims, and he is simply a paid actor. No one knows the real people behind this scam, as it remains anonymous. From the IP information, it would seem that the program started in Ontario, Canada. Readers should note that the entire website has no valid address.

Domain checker details

With the high number of complaints, we decided to check the domain details of this platform. And we were shocked to learn that the website went live just recently. The details indicate that the robot went live on 31st March 2020. They are barely a few months old, and complaints are all over message boards. It is high time that investors and newbies knew the dangers of buying the program. The program is just another scam to steal from young people striving to get into Forex trading.

Mentorship Programs on offer

Forex Pharaoh Products

Among the courses and programs on offer by this platform include the Eye of Horus Trading system. The trading system alongside Personal VIP Forex Signals is the cheapest, which goes for $49. Other programs include Beginner and Master Forex course, which goes for $197. Users can also sign up for Diamond Facebook Course for $29. The personal mentorship program is the most expensive as it goes for $797. Pip Bounty Hunter Indicator is a program that is selling at $12.95. Signature Trade Blueprint is going for $4.99. Secret System and Mastery Blueprint go for $49.99.

License Credentials of Forex Pharaoh Academy

Forex Pharaoh Academy is not licensed by any regulator to offer any programs to investors. The educational programs on offer are invalid since the owners don’t have trading credentials. No one knows whether these so-called mentors have the trading pedigree. When it comes to experience, it is clear Edwards J Williams lacks the necessary trading experience. And this is why we must expose these mentor programs.

What is evident with the website is that they fail to give users full compliance credentials. They fail to show that they have been certified to offer Forex trading materials. For all we know, these could be recycled products with different names. These scam artists should know that real investors will demand accountability. The website fails to show their license number on any page. Even the terms and conditions don’t give any information on whether the program is industry compliant.

Restrictions of Forex Pharaoh Academy

Contact Details

After visiting the contact page, we immediately noticed a few flaws. The website gives visitors no email or phone number. On the promotional videos, Edward claims that he can be reached via Instagram. Why would he have a website and fail to give his email account? These are scam tactics as they want to divert users to social media pages. Once you give away your contact details, you start receiving emails from their other scam products.

Depositing with the program

Forex Pharaoh Academy is using several depository channels. And they choose these channels to make it easier for victims to purchase the products with ease. Some of the depository channels include Amex, iPay, MasterCard, Visa, and others. They make sure that depositing is easy and takes less than five minutes. The problem is that no one can file a chargeback. These scam artists will claim that the funds were for products and services provided.

Results on the products

There are no positive results on any of the above products. None of the victims could earn using the indicators or signals provided. The program does not have a proof of concept, which is a problem. Some of these programs are groups of traders conversing on trading. A good example is the Diamond Facebook Group. The application should have listed any profits with myfxbook for clarification. It goes to prove that this robot is unable to produce any trading results.

Security of funds with Forex Pharaoh Academy

The safety of funds is not a guarantee from a product whose owner is unknown. These mentorship programs don’t offer any real trading products. The biggest problem is that the people behind the program remain hidden from view. They only sell the idea that they can help investors make a profit.

Scam or Legit Forex Pharaoh Academy

Forex Pharaoh Indicator and Signal Charts

Forex Pharaoh Academy is a scam that is increasingly becoming risky in the Forex trading world. Beware of any sales tactics used by these scam artists.

Closing Remarks

We must protect our readers, and we have to add this robot to our scam blacklist.

The safest option is to get the best Forex trading robots that offer transparent services. Start using credible bots that have been backed by experts over the years. It is safe and provides a realistic profit margin.

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  1. Joel

    I bought this sellers systems are they are all repainting bs, the seller claims the systems do not repaint on the website, and offers a full refund if not happy within 30 days. I requested a refund after 7 days and never heard back from them at all, I tried yet again after another week and never heard from them. Do not buy this, you will be very disappointed.

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