Forex Steam Review: bot Trading Scam

Forex Steam ( is another Forex trading robot with empty claims and promises. They are enticing users with their 125 percent profit guarantee claim. The quoted ROI is simply too big to be true. There have been numerous complaints from investors regarding this awful platform. And our review is meant to show investors the true meaning of a robot scam. Be extra careful with pair reviews which paint the robot as a gem. Know more in this detailed review.

Forex Stream Review

About Forex Steam

The robot claims to be in the leader when it comes to providing ample automated services. Forex Steam is by far one of the biggest flaws when it comes to online trading products.  Most of the customers are unhappy with the end results. The robot is all talk and no show which is a huge problem for anyone who has signed up. A majority of the currency members don’t know what to do with the robot. Reaching out to support has been a major issue as there is no help forthcoming.

And this makes trading with this platform a huge problem. The robot is making false claims and has no proof to back them up. Industry experts have warned investors that Forex Stream is another scam that will blow up. And this is the case as regulators in different regions plan to ban the robot. The warning shots are a result of the increasing number of complaints regarding this platform. And this is why we are posting this review to inform our esteemed readers of the scam robot.

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Assets Traded on the bot

Forex Steam remains unclear on the assets the robot trades with. With Forex being the obvious case, we don’t know why the robot is unclear on the currency pairs. Does it also work on Crypto-assets? The missing information is enough to keep away from this platform. Creators of the robot have gone missing and no one is issuing any statement on the negative comments. The robot fails to mention the strategies used to come up with the results. And this is a sign we are dealing with an untrained team.

Business Owner

From what we can gather, Forex Steam is another scam robot created by the same scam artist. The artist behind Forex Stream is associated with several high profile scam products. And this is why the robot gives no information regarding the people behind it. If the robot was as successful as they claim, the developers would want recognition. Without the actual names of people behind this platform, it makes it a ruthless platform to use. Stay away from the platform or else become another victim.

Comments and Customer Feedback

The comments about the robot are far from offering any confidence. Most of the investors who offer their feedback are left dismayed. It seems the robot is incapable of producing any positive results. And this is associated with the owner being a partner with rogue brokers. They ensure that users of the robot make lose to help other brokers profit from trading. And this is why we must expose Forex Stream for the negative actions they portray. These are scam artists who must be stopped.

Domain Register

Forex Stream Features is a domain that keeps on changing from time to time. One time they are up for sale, the next, it is under this product. Forex Steam is also blamed for other products namely Forex Stream 9 and 10. They claim that they have been in the industry for over five years is in fact true. They have been scamming investors for over five years with products with the name Forex Stream.

Features of Forex Steam

The platform claims to be 100 automated and users simply have to let the bot do the trade for them. What most don’t know is that the robot does not offer any trading demo account. A demo account would be ideal in revealing how the robot actually places the trade. Investors are signing up blindly not knowing how the forex stream is placing trades. Ensure you don’t trust what a robot says on their website. Demand a trial period and see whether the claims can be backed with actual results.

License and Registration of Forex Steam

No one knows where the robot is located, but the IP address shows a US location. To try and confirm whether the robot is licensed, we reached out to the NFA for details. The CFTC and NFA have also been receiving complaints regarding this robot. A majority of American investors have lodged complaints regarding this platform. And this is one way of knowing whether a robot can be trusted with funds.

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The entire homepage does not have any details regarding license and registration. Proof of license would be ideal in boosting confidence to investors. Without any license detail, the robot is left to do whatever it wants. Investors will deposit funds hoping to make a profit, but they get the opposite. These robots are a thorn in the Forex trading world. It is our hope that authorities will completely shut down whoever is running the show. These scam artists are ruining the lives of investors.

Restrictions of Forex Steam

Account Details

It remains unclear if they offer any plans on their platform. It seems they have a onetime offer of the product for $117.99. These robots have been a major thorn in the past for a majority of investors. The account features listed include proven performance which is a lie. What we do know is that users are complaining of slow response time. And this means the developers were not keen on creating a quality trading robot.

Contact and Support

Whenever a problem arises, the support team will insist that the problem is on the user’s side. They claim that the settings are probably the main problem of why no winning is taking place. And this gives them the chance to offer control of the desktop service. Once you give these scam artists control of your PC, they sieve around documents. They are mostly after your bank account and credit card details. It turns from a help situation to a live hacking from these developers. Don’t give them access to your PC.

Is Forex Steam Profitable?

Forex Stream Price

They are not profitable to most investors who sign up with the platform. There is no evidence of anyone profiting from the platform on myfxbook. And this is concrete proof that investors should stay away from the platform. These scam artists have a robot that makes no trading. The automated robot is a roost to ensure that everyone signs up with the platform. With no actual trading results to prove their robot, it is all a lie. Stay away from such robots with no concrete proof of making profit.

Safety of funds with Forex Steam

With over a hundred complaints from different investors all over the world, safety is an issue. These scam artists will not let anyone withdraw funds even if the robot happens to make a successful trade. Upon withdrawal, the robot will give users a timeline as to when the funds will be available. None of the so-called winners have posted proof of withdrawing funds from the robot. And this is why we mark the robot as a fraud.

Scam or Legit Forex Steam

Forex Steam is another scam robot that must be exposed by all. The robot does not comply with trading rules and has no valid license. A majority of complaints suggest that the robot is not capable of making any profit. Stay away from the robot as it is not credible. Stay away from this robot or else face the risk of becoming their next victim.

Closing Remarks

To protect our esteemed readers, we will be adding this robot to our scam blacklist. Stay away from the robot or have your bank account swept clean.

Ensure you use dependable and proven bots when it comes to trading. It is the only safe way to make a profit with Forex trading.

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