Foxx Legacy Review: A Pets Products MLM Company

Foxx Legacy

Foxx Legacy is a company that is providing a variety of supplements, mainly for pets. is claiming to have world-renowned products that are capable of providing a significant boost to your pets’ health.

This platform is quite similar to many other such MLM companies that ask users to become affiliates of the company before they can start buying the products or take part in any kind of income opportunities of In this article, you will get all of the required information about this company so that you can make up your mind whether you should invest in FoxxLegacy. Let’s get started:

What is FoxxLegacy? describes the platform as a nutraceutical company that is running from the state of Wisconsin in the USA. The company has a large catalog of nutraceutical products. The website also states that Derrick Bushman is running the company. Bushman is a successful businessman and the site claims that the Bushman family has a legacy of more than 100 years in different kinds of businesses.

History of Foxx Legacy is only providing an address in Wisconsin, USA. There is no further information available about the team behind the company on the website itself. However, a business presentation of Foxx Legacy claims the businessmen behind this platform has a history of more than 111 years in the industry.

The presentation gives comprehensive information about the history of the company. The purpose of giving such information is to attract as many users as they can. However, there are many loopholes in this long history. First of all, it should be made clear that despite the high claims made by Foxx Legacy, there is no proof that the company has been operating in the pets supplements industry for a long time.

Furthermore, there is a lot of confusion about the owners of the company. states that the Bushman family is running the company while the social media profiles show that there are some strong ties between this company and the Fromm Family business. The LinkedIn profile of Stan Pophai shows that he is the CEO of the Fromm Brothers and also the owner of Foxx Legacy.

This kind of contradictory marketing techniques by shows that the company is not providing complete information about its origin. It is hard to trust a company that is lying about its owner and origins. Before making any conclusions, you should learn about the following important aspects of the company.

Products of Foxx Legacy

Foxx Legacy is providing a wide range of supplements and products for both animals and humans. Some of the popular supplements for pets are:

  • UlreaMito Mobility is marketed as a 100% natural supplement to enhance the mobility of pets.
  • UltraMito Life to maintain the best health conditions and reduce the effects of aging.

The price of most of these products is $59.95 for a 60ml bottle. There are many other products listed on as well.

However, the primary focus of the company is on the MLM side of the business. It shows that the company wants to recruit a great number of affiliates. Even though it is promoting its products, but the main goal of Foxx Legacy is to make people invest in the company and recruit others to earn expand their customer base.

Even though Foxx Legacy is trying to show itself as a leading pets supplements company, the business model of the company is making it quite clear that it is a traditional MLM company that can collapse anytime soon. Therefore, you should not invest your money on this platform. Instead, you can use Forex robots for different types of trading and earning profits. 

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Foxx Legacy Products

How to Join Foxx Legacy?

Unfortunately, Foxx Legacy does not provide any specific details about the registration process. There is no breakdown of the affiliate costs given on the website. The company only gives information in terms of referrals and ‘Friend of Foxx’. At one point, the website states that the registration of the company is free, but it is highly possible that you will have to buy a couple of products before you can start participating in any of the income opportunities.

Income Structure of Foxx Legacy

Like most of the other MLM companies, the income structure of Foxx Legacy is composed of various types of bonuses and commissions. The company is trying to attract investment by providing several income opportunities. is claiming to provide these profits on the basis of the following affiliate ranks:

  • Ambassador Rank for which you have to hire at least 1 member.
  • Senior Ambassador Rank for which you have to hire at least 4 members.
  • Silver Manager Rank for which you have to hire at least 6 members.
  • 2 Silver Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 30 members.
  • 3 Silver Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 45 members.
  • Gold Manager Rank for which you have to hire at least 75 members.
  • 2 Gold Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 500 members.
  • 3 Gold Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 1000 members.
  • Platinum Manager Rank for which you have to hire at least 2500 members.
  • 2 Platinum Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 5000 members.
  • 3 Platinum Manager Stars Rank for which you have to hire at least 7500 members.

Retail and Residual Commissions

Foxx Legacy is heavily promoting its promise of offering retail and residual commissions that also proves the fact that the primary focus of the company is on the MLM part of the business, and not selling products states that the members of the Silver Manager Rank can generate $1 per order of one generation. On the other hand, members of Silver Manager 2 Star can earn $1 on products of two generations. A similar pattern is followed in the rest of the affiliate ranks. Many other types of bonuses like Generation Bonus, First Purchase Bonus, and others are promised to attract more affiliates.

Foxx Legacy


At its core, Foxx Legacy is a basic MLM company. However, the marketing team behind the company is trying to present the company as a modern, reliable, and sophisticated company that aims to promote healthy pets supplements. Yet, the marketing of the company is extremely poor, to say the least. The claims that Foxx Legacy is only a nutraceutical company are not true because clearly, it is also functioning as an MLM company.

The reason behind this conclusion is that various platforms are providing contradicting information about Foxx Legacy and the ownership of the company. Even basic information like registration as an affiliate is also missing. This kind of lack of data points to the fact that is not being upfront about the nature of its business.

Thoroughly analyzing the compensation structure of Foxx Legacy makes it evident that the company is mainly relying on investment from affiliates and not on selling the products. This kind of business model is sustainable because the recruitment is bound to collapse due to which the entire company will fail.

Therefore, you should avoid buying the affiliate membership of Instead, you should learn about the efficient and trustable Forex robots. Such bots have a variety of trading options that you can utilize to earn a good amount of profits on your own terms and conditions. 

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