Funnel University Honest Review: Is It A Scam?

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Funnel University is an online training that promises to teach us internet marketing. Funnel University is a creation of Russel Brunson. It mainly targets affiliate marketers as well as marketers who are interested in selling stuff online. It promises that if we go through its training, we can increase our sales by as much as 50%.

It is composed of videos that describe strategies we can use to lure in clients or qualify them before we attempt to sell them anything. It also encourages us to use several upsell strategies to earn more from our clients.

It puts a great emphasis on the use of email lists as marketing and income generating tools for online businesses. In this Funnel University review, I will look at their features and what they promise us to determine whether Funnel University is scam or not.

What I Liked About Funnel University

funnel university

Russell in his Funnel University sales video drinks the water he is preaching. He does a good job of prequalifying us to buy his products. He gives us several reasons why we should buy his product and not other affiliate products. He keeps repeating the same points all over again in his video and texts.

However, he does it so well that you will not notice he is doing it because of the way he presents it. I actually had to read presentation to realize that I was being told how to create landing pages in different words.

In that regard, he has been able to use his technique to sell us his product. However, that is all there is to it, he does not share the truth about internet marketing. Which is: You must do some actual networking and build backlinks or have huge social presence to get targeted organic traffic. This is really the backbone of any successful business.

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What I Didn’t Like About Funnel University

funnel university

Community Forum

funnel university scam

I did not like the fact that the Funnel University does not have a community forum where its current members are sharing their experience. To me that is a sign that a product is scam. If users cannot get a forum to discuss how a product works, and what needs to be improved then it’s probably a scam. It is either the owners of the product are trying to hide the fact that the users are not satisfied with Funnel University, or it is simply a scam.

Most scam products rely and either upselling to first time buyers to generate more sales or scamming hundreds of new users. They then promise that if you struggle for several months in order to get tangible results. By then, your free trial will be expired and you will not get any refunds.

Most products with community forums make it easy to solve product issues without seeking support from the product’s owners. That means instead of waiting for hours to get a response, you will get it in minutes. Unfortunately, Funnel University does not have a public community forum, therefore even if it were genuine, you would still have lots of trouble getting help.


Funnel University does not offer you a hosting platform and a domain name for your affiliate business. That may seem like trivial matter but is not. You need to spend your time practicing whatever you learn on a real business that you own. That way, if it works, then you will immediately start enjoying the benefits and enjoy them as long as they last.

That will not happen if you have not rights on the products you are selling or platform that is selling them. In fact, there are several cases where affiliates have lost revenue because they were selling products directly on a merchant’s platform.

What happens is that when merchant decides the buyers already where to buy the products you are promoting and they may ask you to start selling a new product. If you own your site and that happens, you simply join a different affiliate program. On that account, I would therefore urge you to stay away from products such as Funnel University. Instead, join affiliate programs that allow users to build their own brands by providing only hosting and domain name services.

Funnel University Support


I like it when I go to a product site and quickly get access their product support services. That is important to me because I need to know that if I wanted to get some clarification about the product, it wouldn’t take me a whole day or even week. Funnel University offers no live chat or phone support. To me, that’s a deal breaker, considering that they charge lots of money for their product, I expected that I would get ready and free access to their support team. Not just some random page that isn’t even on their official sales site.


funnel university

The Funnel University has several upsells that you need to buy to get the full benefits of their products. I was not surprised to see that because they actually promise to teach us to do the same. They promise that we will not be selling digital products alone using that technique. However, I am yet to come across upsells that involve tangible products.


funnel university

Just Like most Scam products, Funnel University has a timer for you to make you buy their products in haste. That is a sure sign that Funnel University is a scam product. Leading merchants do not rely on such tactics; instead, they offer actual sales that allow their users to buy actual products at lower prices than they normally do.

funnel university


Funnel University is a program that promises to help us boost sales by qualifying our clients before selling them anything. Even though in its presentation it does not give a hint on how to do that, we are expected to take Russell by his word and buy the product. Funnel University doesn’t have community forum that is free to join so that we can verify that claim. In other words, we have to take the bait and get scammed if we call his bluff. That is why I recommend you join an affiliate network that gives proof of what you are about to buy, such as Wealthy Affiliate. It has an active affiliate community that is free to join and members share their experiences and strategies freely. Here are some of the benefits Wealthy Affiliate Members get:

  • Members get Website Hosting that is included in the membership plan.
  • Free 24/7 Live chat support.
  • Join a Vibrant community of affiliates who support each other.
  • Step-by-step affiliate training.

Summary of the Funnel University Training Program Vs Wealthy Affiliate

I hope that this Funnel University review has been informative and you will not let them scam you. Getting started in affiliate marketing is both easy and hard. It all depends on how you get started. That is why I recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate; they give affiliates the best tools they need to establish their affiliate businesses.

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