Fusion Xperience Review: Fusionprotocol.io Brutal Scam

Fusion Xperience Review
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Fusion Xperience does not have any products one can sell in a retail store. The members can only market the affiliate membership itself. This is a common feature among many pyramid schemes. When you recruit a person, you get paid.

The company claim to be a leading trading bot. Most importantly, they say it’s free. This is a red flag. Fusion Xperience is a Ponzi scheme masquerading as an artificial intelligence trading bot.It is common for companies to hype their products. However, this one goes too far in promoting a free trading bot. There are however various trustworthy companies that deal with trading bots.     

Fusion Xperience Review, Fusion Xperience Company          

Trading bots are computer programs that trade digital assets automatically on the financial markets. Traders may use them for trading a wide variety of assets, from equities and bonds to FX and cryptocurrencies. They are programmed to execute trades faster and more precisely than humans.

To make profitable trades, trading bots employ a wide range of methods, including technical analysis, machine learning, and even natural language processing. They can be set to act in accordance with predetermined instructions or to modify their behavior based on the current market climate.

Nonetheless, they are not without their drawbacks. They may not always choose wisely because the quality of the underlying algorithms limits their decisions. They may also lack the flexibility to respond quickly to shifting market conditions or unforeseen setbacks. You should weigh the possible benefits of using a trading bot against the potential drawbacks, just like you would with any other trading method.

About Fusionprotocol.io

From their website, we gathered a few claims about the company. It is supposedly a world-class arbitrage crypto trading bot. It is designed using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help traders maximize profit.

One of the bold claims the firm makes about their bot is that it increases profit margins in every trade. Although trading bots are good, they are not perfect. No system of trading can guarantee profits all the time. For the company to claim this bot can do so, it shows it’s hell-bent on deceiving its customers.

One thing to note about the purported free bots is that they’re not entirely free. The company notes that traders only need to part with 10 dollars, and they can enjoy the benefits. On the FAQ, we also noted that after signing up, customers need to pay a $1 verification fee. These charges are ridiculous for a company that claims to offer free services. 

Fusion Xperience Company Founders

We combed the company website but could not find the names of the company founders. This was not surprising since they are scammers. It is expected that they will conceal their identity. Often, once a pyramid scheme collapses, the creators come up with another one under a different name. There are several possible reasons why this firm has hidden the names of the founders:

One is to elude capture and prosecution by the law. Those responsible for pyramid schemes sometimes go to great lengths to conceal their identity, making it more difficult for law enforcement to track them down and bring fraud charges against them.

The scammers also fear legal action from disgruntled investors seeking restitution for their financial losses should the scheme fail. Investors may be less inclined to take legal action against the founders if they are unable to identify them.

They may also do it to maintain the illusion of secrecy and exclusivity. Some Ponzi schemes use the appearance of exclusivity and secrecy to lure in investors. By hiding the founders’ names, the scheme can create the impression that it is a highly exclusive opportunity that only a select few are privy to.

Contact Details

There is very little information about the company’s physical address. There are some links to their social media pages. When we looked at their Facebook page, it has 477 followers and 239 likes. There was very little engagement, however. Fusion Xperience created the page recently.

Fusionprotocol.io Review, Fusionprotocol.io Features

When it comes to investment, transparency is critical. One way that companies exhibit this trait is by giving reliable contact details. Failure to do so means they are hiding something and should not be trusted.

A physical address is critical so that in case customers have issues; they can access the offices and raise their concerns. In this digital age, however, it is possible to operate a business remotely. Thus, many of these Ponzi schemes do not have a physical office.

Company Products

Fusion Xperience does not have any products one can sell in a retail store. The members can only market the affiliate membership itself. This is a common feature among many pyramid schemes. When you recruit a person, you get paid.

Fusion Xperience Compensation Plan 

To start earning as an affiliate, you need to deposit at least $10 in USDT. Once you deposit this money, Fusion Xperience promises that you will get a daily ROI. This is a lie. No business can guarantee any returns regardless of the products it deals with.

The company has set a $10,000 daily withdrawal limit. This restriction means people have to withdraw as quickly as possible before the threshold is reached. This tactic is unprofessional since they have not set limits for depositing, it is only when withdrawing.

When a person recruits an affiliate, they get a 20% commission on the daily returns. At level two, the person receives 10%, and 5% at the third level.    

The firm also gives rewards to affiliates if they generate investment volume. For example, an affiliate can get $5000 a month if they generate $500,000 USDT investment volume. Similarly, one can get $30,000 monthly for generating $3,000,000 USDT.

Fusion Xperience Regulation and Registration

Fusion Xperience is unregulated. MLM is not an illegal business. However, a pyramid scheme is illegal. The two can look similar and are sometimes hard to distinguish. Many law enforcers have a hard time addressing the problem. A company like Fusion is a good example of a pyramid scheme that does not have a license to operate.

If the company had been regulated, it would have stated so and even provided a license on its website. Also, there is no evidence that there are people who actually made money through the company. Investing in such a company carries inherent risks. When the scheme collapses, you will lose your investment.

Since it is unregulated, it promises unrealistic gains with minimal risk. In the real world, every investment one undertakes carries with it some degree of risk.

So, if someone proposes an investment with high returns and low risks, it is likely to be a too-good-to-be-true deal. There is a high probability that the investment will not pay off. No financial regulator would allow a company to operate such a business.


Fusion Xperience is a pyramid scheme. Trading is a risky and challenging undertaking. Just like any other entrepreneurial skill, it takes time to master. There are, however, trading bots that can assist you in trading. The drawback is that they can be wrong. Moreover, any company claiming to offer free trading bots is a scam. If you want to trade with a bot, always work with honest and trustworthy trading bot companies.            

You can easily avoid becoming a victim of a pyramid scheme by asking yourself a key question: Does this investment seem too good to be true? If that’s the case, you should exercise caution and keep an eye out for red flags.

Keep in mind that there are always going to be new risks on the internet. Every day, new schemes appear, and old ones sometimes reappear with minor adjustments. Staying informed, maintaining skepticism, and trusting one’s instincts are some of the best ways to keep safe in today’s world.



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