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Futuria Review
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Futuria is not regulated.  An unregulated MLM company typically lacks oversight and regulation from government agencies. They are not transparent about their business operations or financials to the public.

Futuria is a smart-contract pyramid scheme. They purport to believe in the transformative potential of science and technology. By finding creative approaches, they increase capacities and aid others in solving their issues. They have allegedly developed a smart contracts system that incentivizes participants. They claim to be undisputed leaders in blockchain through strength, speed, stamina, and originality.

Futuria Review, Futuria Company

Although this one is a scam there are numerous trustworthy crypto companies that you can work with if you wish to invest in this field. Relevant authorities license them, and you can rely on them.

A pyramid scheme uses the funds or fees of new participants to pay off the initial investors. However, there is a finite pool of potential new investors; thus, they can’t last forever. There have been pyramid schemes for many years. Unfortunately, the current operators have rapidly caught on to blockchain’s useful features.

Bitcoin has its benefits. Regulators can pressure a pyramid scheme’s payment processors or banks to shut it down, but the Bitcoin blockchain can’t be disabled.

With the introduction of Ethereum, a new type of pyramid scam emerged: the smart contract pyramid. This Ponzi scheme used blockchains for financial transactions and constructed a pyramid scheme on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts.

About Futuria.app

This is what we gathered from their website. Remember to take everything they say with a pinch of salt. In order to advertise goods and services, Futuria makes use of high-tech smart contracts. They claim new services can help you feel better, improve your mental capabilities, and lead a healthier lifestyle. The contemporary worldwide smart contract-sharing economy rewards those willing to share their resources with others.

They claim their mission is to provide innovative services and solutions that benefit not only customers, but other stakeholders too. The goal is to have something of practical use for future expansion. They also aim to have all users become contributing members who help the early adopters in many ways.

From their website, we observed that their videos had AI-generated characters as hosts. This speaks a lot about this company. For one, it shows they are from non-native English-speaking countries. Second, they do not want to reveal their identities to the public.    

Founders and Team

The company is mum about its executive. These schemes typically hide information about their leaders for several reasons. The leaders often have a history of involvement in illegal or unethical activities. By keeping their identities hidden, they can avoid being held accountable for their actions.

These leaders often use fake names or aliases to avoid detection by law enforcement.  They often use multiple companies or entities to operate their schemes. Thus, if they exposed themselves, they’d get caught.

The anonymity of the blockchain technology that smart contracts are built on allows the creators of these schemes to remain anonymous. It’s important to be cautious and do proper research before investing in any opportunity to avoid falling victim to these schemes.

Contact Details

We checked the company website but couldn’t find a way to reach Futuria. We expected that such a firm that promises to use technology would have these vital details, but we were wrong. The lack of this information revealed a lot about the shady company.  

Unscrupulous businesses often do not provide contact details to the public for various reasons. One is to evade accountability for their actions. They make it difficult for customers to file complaints or seek refunds for faulty products or services. Additionally, it makes it difficult for regulatory bodies to investigate and shut down their fraudulent operations.

Customers cannot verify the company’s legitimacy or research their products or services without contact information. This lack of transparency can be a red flag for customers, indicating that the company may not be trustworthy.

Shady companies may not provide contact details because they do not trust their products or services. They may be aware that they are of poor quality or not delivering what they promised. They may not want customers to contact them because they fear receiving negative feedback or criticism.

Futuria’s Products

The firm does not have anything that one can sell in a retail shop. As a member of the shady company, you can only sell the affiliate membership. That’s why they have mentioned inviting friends and family to the firm.     

Futuria.app Review, Futuria.app Features

The company has not revealed the amount of money a person pays to join their program. They have a compensation plan. The firm provides five affiliate ranks within its compensation plan.   

In rank one, the affiliates can earn up to 20% commission. In the second rank, one can earn 22%. The rates are higher in the third rank, where affiliates can get 25%. They can get 27% and 30% in ranks four and five, respectively.      

Residual Commissions

One can also earn through residual commissions. They have a binary compensation structure where an affiliate is at the top and split into two.      

There are two spots on the first tier of the binary team. These first two places are then subdivided into a further pair to form the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

A new level of the binary team is formed as needed, having twice as many spots as the preceding level.

Affiliates are recruited directly and indirectly to fill open positions on the binary team. Keep in mind that there is no upper bound on the size of a binary team. Weekly, the company adds up the total amount of new fees paid by either side of the binary team.

Earnings for affiliates range from 10% to 20% of all fees received from the binary team they do poorly for. There is no rule for how much each rank contributes, although it is typically between 10% and 20%. There is a potential 10% incentive on top of the usual residual commissions. However, specifics are lacking again, leading us to infer this is proportional to one’s status.


Futuria is not regulated.  An unregulated MLM company typically lacks oversight and regulation from government agencies. They are not transparent about their business operations or financials to the public. They may use aggressive or manipulative sales techniques to recruit new members and encourage them to purchase products or invest in the business.

As an unregulated MLM, Futuria makes unrealistic claims about the potential earnings of members. It also emphasizes recruiting new members more than selling products to customers outside the network.

Using a smart contract can improve the efficiency of this pyramid scheme. The entire administrative framework can be computerized using code, simplifying fraud management. Because it is implemented by code rather than by hand, the pyramid can be promoted as “honest,” meaning that it will function correctly all the time. This is, however, false.

Since the scammer may maintain some anonymity in a smart contract pyramid, it is safer for the fraudster to run than a conventional pyramid scheme. It is significantly more difficult for authorities to stop a pyramid scheme built using blockchain technology, unlike a typical pyramid scheme, whose headquarters can be shut down with a simple visit.


Futuria is a pyramid scam using blockchain technology and a smart contract. The firm employs a wealth of crypto jargon to sell you a sham. As with many MLM pyramid scams, payments to affiliates will stop when recruiting slows or stops. If this continues, commission payments will freeze, leading to a financial crisis.

To be safe, invest only with licensed crypto companies. Avoid these Ponzi schemes, which promise you quick returns. There is no such thing in the business world.   




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