FXCOINBOT Review: Fxcoinbot.com a Stupid Scam

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FXCOINBOT is an alleged bot specializing in taking technical, fundamental sentiment analysis. The company claims to apply historical trading strategies to generate profit for investors.

The platform claims the investors and any fees that the software is free till they reach 500 members. Platform brags of having easy to use technology and that they do not own  AI or any existing algorithm.

The company claims to focus on proven long-term indicators and the most powerful strategies. The Investment firm boasts being 100%  endorsed by vast trading communities, and they do not promise dreams; instead, they deliver results.

Every scam company brags having a team of top-notch investors, and the same is featured in FXCOINBOT, yet they provide no evidence or information of the team they claim to have. Invest with trustworthy trading software that will yield you reasonable profits,

The platform claims to have huge profit potential with all-time proven strategies. Investors are promised the highest possible market accuracy and user-friendly and fully endorsed for beginners.

FXCOINBOT claim they know how to trade the markets and have achieved tremendous success in doing so. The company uses 3 strategies which they claim achieve high performance for the investors. The use of Exponential Moving Averages high-frequency trading while relying on Bollinger bands EMA stochastics and price action movements.

The Investment firm claimed that even beginners could venture into trading. Unfortunately, how they plan to assist them in achieving successful Profits is not well known. No history of the recent bot trade has been shown to you. Investors need at least a year of the past activities to trust the platform.

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The platform is entirely endorsed by scammers who are notoriously known to promote Ponzi schemes. The main focus of the platform is to make the owners rich and to achieve this goal.

Company promise investors user-friendly platform high performance and also state-of-the-art security. The Investment firm is allegedly fully endorsed, and investors are promised one-click trading and secure deposit and withdrawal.


The platform also boasts that all the strategies they use can be backtested for over thirty years in the historical information. The platform claims to apply various trading methods for any trading style you choose. Profits are guaranteed.

However, do not believe a word this platform promises you as you will end up losing your money despite all their claims. No evidence of backup has been provided to assert their false allegations.

The platform claims to have the best possible trading ideas and tools for trading needs. The Investment firm favors high-volume and low-volume investors rookie investors and daily traders.

The company claims the first 500 members get lifetime access to a friendly one-click trading platform. Investors are also guaranteed access to over 200 assets they can venture in. They use regulated brokers despite no evidence of the regulation being provided to you.

Fxcoinbot.com Scam Review, FXCOINBOT platform

The platform also brags of providing every member with a hundred percent free consultation via telephone methods. FXCOINBOT allows investors to go against the markets where they acclaimed use of the reverse trading feature.

The company allegedly supports different trading strategies from short to long term trading. The company also brags having sessions that achieve up to 100% accuracy for you. This solely depends on the market condition.

The company claims that all the activities are free, yet you have to deposit $250 with a broker of their choice to activate the robot. The platform makes money from your deposit and from individual brokers who pay the platform for the referring new members.

FXCOINBOT Regulation 

For any platform to be allowed to generate money from the public regulatory procedure is a must. The platforms that have adhered to the regulatory laws and measures showcase this information to investors on their platforms and quickly gain investor trust.

The owners of the platform risk facing criminal prosecution once they are caught by the law. The company claims to make trading decisions for the investors. Hence it’s an investment service with no regulatory measures.

We checked with financial watchdogs in the market in various continents. The company is not in the list of Pacific, Europe, and Asia regulatory body. We have mentioned the danger of venturing with companies like FXCOINBOT.

Licensing is essential for any company that claims to offer software that operates automatically for the investor. The company is anonymous; unfortunately it’s illegal in most countries that have set trade guidelines to protect the citizens from scammers.

Customer support

FXCOINBOT has no contact information you can use to reach them if you have a query or you require assistance from the company. Contact information is essential for any company but has legitimacy in the trade.

No email has been provided, or company location details have been availed to the investor. Once this Ponzi scheme swindles your money, reaching the company will be an impossible task for the investor.

The co-founders are also not mentioned, and once you trust them with your money. You risk losing not only found but also personal information to criminals. Funds are not safe in the hands of these scammers. They may steal your money and blame it on hackers as they lack best security measures to safeguard your cash.

We fail to understand why any investor would choose to invest with such a shady entity that does not offer support. Legit companies would not risk their PR by hiding such details. FXCOINBOT only cares about its selfish desires; it is the least of their concern, making any person rich.

Funds Safety

Fund safety is not guaranteed, and you should not trust this company with the money because the banking information has been provided. The method of operation is also Murky.

How the platform operates is also not known to you. Therefore you should not risk your money with risky scam companies.It is the law that requires the investment company to disclose the financial institutions that they segregate investors funds.

Moreover, the platform is at high risk of being attacked by hackers. The company does not have DDoS and SSL certificates. The company can one day choose to steal your money, and blame hackers.

No evidence of any successful withdrawal has been provided to clients at the company truly pays what they were entirely promises. Legit platforms always provide banking details to the investor to assert the genuineness.

Domain Insights

The domain name for the company  is Fxcoinbot.com. The registrar for the platform, is NameCheap, Inc, which is a registrar used by most scammers.

It has the ability to hide their identity while registering the companies.The platform was registered in 2019 July, and the registration runs till 2021 July.

FXCOINBOT Final Verdict

FXCOINBOT company is not regulated, and the co-founders are also not known, and this is a red flag. The contact details are also not provided despite the company claiming to offer in your 24/7 support system.

How the bot operate and the estimated figure they plan to generate to you is also not known, and this is an ultimate keep of sign. Invest with trustworthy trading bot in the industry.

You risk losing personal information and hard-earned income to Ponzi schemes. You cannot track or get your money. Nothing this company offers you makes sense and should only trust legit companies but prove their claim of profit to you.


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