FXCoinMarketing Review: A Red Alert Warning

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Please find out more regarding FXCoinMarketing in our detailed fxcoinmarketing.com review.

Here’s another crypto investment scam to avoid, FXCoinMarketing. The platform has already caused ripples in the investment world. Several investors have already lost funds after FX Coin Marketing blocked withdrawals. Unfortunately, there’s no statement from fxcoinmarketing.com as to why this is happening. In most cases, newbies find it hard to withdraw funds. And this screams a crypto exit scam. Here’s more in our coherent FXCOINMARKETING REVIEW.

Take Note: There are credible ways of investing in the cryptocurrency space. These include joining reputable crypto investment tools that make it easy to invest. Also, use innovative crypto trading robots designed to help even the most novice traders.

About FXCoinMarketing

With no history and background to point to where it all started, FXCoinMarketing is a scam. There are several issues we immediately spot when we land on their homepage. And one of them has to be the clone feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages FXCoinMarketing

FX Coin Marketing is the same as FXBIT Core, another exposed platform. There are other crypto scams with the same design. These include CryptoRegularFX, Maxtradebitcore, and Subfxcore. All these platforms share the same web design.

And this points us in one direction the platforms belong to the same group of scam artists. It’s the reason there’s no background information on any of the platforms. When it comes to crypto investing, your reputation is everything.

To try and sell a successful platform, the designer uses several accolades to promote the platform. These include having over 2,500 completed projects and over $1,500 satisfied clients. The platform even claims to have a workforce of over $1,300.

That’s a big number considering that no one has heard of the platform. Even crypto investors in North America haven’t heard of the platform. And that’s why we have to expose the store’s risky assumptions.

You get a store that even uses pop-up alerts to try and convince investors to sign up. These alerts usually claim a person from another part of the world traded or won a certain amount. But, of course, it’s all a lie.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend researching it first. Then, try and find out what makes the platform tick. These are the methods any investor can use to ascertain the viability of any investment project.

Accounts FXCoinMarketing

FXCoinMarketing offers three investment plans. These include Beginner, Advanced, and Weekly investments. Each of these accounts offers a different set of outcomes. However, all of them seem to guarantee positive results.

Here’s a closer look at each of the three accounts;

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As the name suggests, the account is best suited for newbies. You have to deposit an initial investment of $350 and a maximum of $500. There’s a guarantee of making 75 percent ROI after a vesting period of seven days.


Suited for the more advanced investor, the account promises a considerable ROI. You have to deposit a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000 to start using the account. Eighty-five percent is the ROI expected with the account after vesting for six days.


It’s the most exclusive account based on the ROI it promises to generate for members. You have to invest a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $15,000. There’s a 100 percent ROI guarantee after vesting for five days.

Accounts FXCoinMarketing

Account Highlights

There are a few issues here and there that we have to highlight. These include the obvious fact that the platform is a roost. No expert or robot can manage to claim to guarantee profits. That’s not going to happen in the real world.

With market volatility, especially in the crypto world, making such guarantees is costly. Nevertheless, most investors sign up and deposit due to the allure of guarantees. Prices drop and rise without warning, even for the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Another glaring issue is the vesting period. There’s no way the ROI is that high and the vesting period is a matter of days. The minimum vesting period in a real crypto investment venture is three to four months.

As the platform claims to offer forex trading, herein is another problem. There’s no mention of any leverage and spreads of the available trading instruments. As a result, we don’t know whether the platform trades on your behalf or allows traders to do so.

You won’t get a demo account as the platform wants investors to take their word for it. A demo account helps ascertain that the set parameters are suitable for investing. The platform is delusional and wants investors to deposit funds blindly.

Business proprietor

Without information on staff members, members are in the dark about who to communicate with. The owner remains at large as the platform fails to divulge this information. In addition, we don’t know the CEO or founding members of the platform.

And this makes FXCoinMarketing an anonymous crypto investment. Unfortunately, these investments are the worst as you can’t recover funds from them. Even those who hire recovery agents end up losing more.

The problem with recovery agents is that none has the mandate to freeze bank accounts. Only regulators can freeze bank accounts belonging to these owners. So instead, the agent will partner with the platform and get your email or phone number.

These agents will claim to have won a lawsuit filed by several members who lost with the platform. To earn part of the settlement, the agents will claim to want legal fees covered. Once you send the payment, the agent quickly blocks all communication.

That’s the final nail in your coffin recovering funds from the platform. No recovery agent can also track down an anonymous platform. With the platform switching funds to crypto assets, it is impossible to recover them.

Client testimony section

There’s a client testimony section to try and sell the platform as genuine and successful. There are a few things to note; these are all false testimonials. Even the testimonial givers are part of the scam.

Are funds safe with FX Coin Marketing? NO

One of the synonymous client testimony reviews is Rinda Smith. The name is also found on other crypto scams. You won’t get to see any independent website heaping praise on the platform.

There’s also no social media footprint of the platform anywhere on earth. You would expect some social media presence. This is especially so from a platform offering investment services online.

Compliance, License, and registration FXCoinMarketing

FXCoinMarketing is not a licensed or regulated platform. There are no compliance documents to prove the platform follows any legal framework. And that’s why we don’t recommend anyone invest with them.

Check with regulators to confirm whether a platform is legit. These regulators include ASIC, BaFIN, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, and the NFA. Others include FINMA and the SEC if you’re located in the States.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the platform. The listed phone number rarely goes through. The platform wants to control the communication aspect of the platform. Avoid platforms that don’t offer direct ways of communication.

Deposit and fund safety FXCoinMarketing

Is fxcoinmarketing.com Licensed or Regulated? NO

Your funds are far from safe with a platform planning to defraud members. For example, the platform fails to segregate accounts or even offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. These are the risky attributes the platform hides from investors.

Final verdict

Please stay away from fxcoinmarketing.com.

PS: Use these crypto robots that provide the best tools for trading.

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