Get7Up Review: A Huge Advertising MLM Scam

If you are thinking about using Get7Up services for advertising, you must read this review to determine whether you should trust this company or not. entices users to their platform for advertising different products and services to earn maximum profits. If you closely start looking at the company structure, you will realize that it is only using its advertising services to hide its true MLM nature. No MLM company is trustable without thorough research and review. This article will tell you about everything you need to know about this company.

What is Get7Up?

Get7Up is an MLM company that entered the advertising industry in 2017. It has been operating for 3 years now. claims that users can initiate unlimited pay lines with the company and advertise on all major platforms. It even goes to claim that with the company’s strategies and scheme you can make unlimited and easy money.

James Manning is the owner of this MLM company. He lives in Alabama, USA. There is not much information available about Manning. However, one source indicates that he has more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing. Furthermore, he claims to be an expert in advertising, promotions, downline building, and traffic exchanging.

Manning was associated with Emerald City Ads and Highways in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Both of these MLM companies collapsed soon after their launch. Moreover, Manning is an affiliate of a cash gifting scheme, Leads Ad Space. The work history of the owner of is extremely suspicious. His previous two companies have already collapsed and this company might suffer the same fate in the future.

Multi-Level Affiliate Income

Get7Up heavily markets its multi-level affiliate income scheme. It claims that this type of income is similar to the money you make while being a salesperson in a company. You will make money as much as you sell things. The company is claiming to be a one-of-a-kind platform that is allowing you to make real affiliate income. To further entice the users, the website states that the aim of the company is to make you financially independent so you will not have to rely on anyone ever again.

However, none of these features is for free. The company will only benefit you as long as you are a part of its affiliate membership and keep recruiting others. As soon as recruitment stops, you will lose your money.

Products Offered By Get7Up does not have any products or services, which is not a surprise in an MLM company like this one. The entire business structure revolves around recruiting others and buying affiliate membership. Even the company’s primary services of advertising are only accessible after the users buy the company’s affiliate membership. The fee for the membership is $10.

According to the website, the $10 fee is nothing compared to the services offered by this advertising platform. The company promises you to earn $7 again and again by developing a pay line. However, a pay line is not created when you recruit another member. It means you will have to keep hiring more and more people to keep earning profits.

In exchange for the $10 affiliate membership fee, the users also get the option of submitting 2 banner ads that are displayed at the top and bottom of pages of a site. Furthermore, complete access to the downline builder is also promised to the affiliate. Yet, there is no proof that the company provides such features to the users.

Compensation Plan of Get7Up uses a 1-up compensation plan to pay the affiliates. An initial investment of $10 is necessary to participate in the income structure of the company. The company claims that you will earn $7 as soon as you recruit another member of the company. Similarly, when a directly recruited member recruits other affiliates, you are given more profits. The same process keeps going on and the site does not specify any final level of the compensation structure.

It is important to note that this compensation plan clearly establishes the Get7Up as an MLM pyramid company that is relying on the affiliate membership fee of new members to pay the referral commissions to old members. The home page of the describes the company as a modern advertising service. Yet, the compensation plan and overall business model does not reflect any type of advertising nature of the company.


Other than the basic package of $10 investment, is promising the following packages of affiliate membership as well:

  • Invest $55 in Starter Package and get $142 ROI over the next five months.
  • Spend $155 in Standard Package and get $422 ROI over the next five months.
  • Invest $355 in Extreme Package and get $1035 ROI over the next six months.
  • Spend $755 in Ultimate Package and get $2345 ROI over the next ten months.
  • Invest $1255 in Bronze Package and get $4145 ROI over the next ten months.
  • Spend $3255 in Silver Package and get $11400 ROI over the next ten months.
  • Invest $6075 in Gold Package and get $22455 ROI over the next ten months.
  • Invest $12750 in Platinum Package and get $49725 ROI over the next twelve months.

Get7Up is demanding a lot of investment from the users and there is no guarantee that they will actually pay any kind of compensation to its members. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this advertising MLM company. Instead, you should invest your energy, time, and money in crypto cloud mining companies that offers reliable and transparent services, These trusted companies will enhance your chances of earning profits and not losing money in scam companies like Get7Up.

Direct Commissions of Get7Up

Get7Up promises to pay a 10% direct referral commission for directly recruiting the affiliates. These commissions are distributed according to a typical binary compensation structure. It means that an affiliate is placed at the top of a team and it is divided into two sides. The first level has two positions. On the second level, splitting of these positions takes place, producing four positions.

The company supports both direct and indirect affiliates recruitment. The company does not place any limit on the members of a binary team. However, it is important to note that the company is only highlighting the recruitment and affiliate schemes. It is not an actual advertising service as it is claiming to be.

Final Verdict About Get7Up

Building downlines is the main part of Get7Up to earn maximum profits. However, recruiting people to a company like this one is very challenging. Moreover, the cost of the affiliate membership is $10, which makes it difficult for the affiliates to join the company. The company is promising only $7 for recruiting a member. Hence, you have to recruit at least two people to recover your investment.

Remember that is another MLM company that can collapse anytime soon. When its recruitment stop, the entire company is will stop operating and you will end up losing your money. You do not get real products in exchange for your investment. Advertising services also depend on affiliate membership, which has a vert unfair compensation plan.

Therefore, there is no use of investing in Get7Up because it is like any other MLM company that takes your investment to pay the old members. It is lying about being a successful advertising company. Instead of wasting your money in this scam, you should invest in crypto cloud mining companies. These companies offer reliable services and flexible account plans to help you earn maximum profits.

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