Global NFT Group Review: Too Many Red Flags

Global NFT Group Review
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It is important to note that the Global NFT Group is not a registered or licensed investment company. It is not authorized to conduct any form of investment activities and has no regulatory oversight. As such, it operates in the gray area of laws, putting investors at significant risk.

Global NFT Group is a cryptocurrency MLM Ponzi scheme. They say that all you have to do is invest in one of their unique NFTs to establish your brand. Then they will provide you with access to their professionally taught master classes.

Global NFT Group Review, Global NFT Group Company

These will supposedly meet your personal and professional growth and development needs. Since this is a scam, you shouldn’t trust their words. Instead, invest only with reliable, trustworthy cryptocurrency companies if you want to make money legitimately.        

Cryptocurrency MLM companies have become increasingly popular in recent years. They promise high returns on investment and a chance to get in on the ground floor of the cryptocurrency market. However, many companies are fraudulent schemes that prey on unsuspecting investors.

MLM companies typically recruit members who are encouraged to recruit others. These new members are required to invest money in the company and are promised returns on their investment based on the number of people they recruit. In the case of cryptocurrency MLM companies, the promised returns are in the form of digital currency, such as Bitcoin.

One of the major red flags of a cryptocurrency MLM company is the promise of guaranteed returns. In the world of cryptocurrency, there are no guarantees, and the value of digital currencies can be highly volatile. Additionally, many companies require members to invest large sums of money, which can be difficult for many individuals.


The company makes a few claims about itself on its website. The fact that they have a token and a solid community behind it sets them apart. In the NFT market and beyond, the Global NFT Group is unlike any other community or token. This is because the vast majority of token sales are reinvested into the network and token. The company is also known as GNG.

Investments in the firm will apparently be unlike any others because of the community’s dedication and strength. The legitimacy and longevity of their company model will purportedly improve thanks to the investments and possibilities their idea brings to the local community.

Their NFT fund is embedded into the GNG Token, and their entire GNG Community works toward a shared goal of being the largest NFT Community in the world. They have therefore considered all aspects of making a solid investment.

The company claims to be involved in the NFT (non-fungible token) market. However, it is a Ponzi scheme. It is a fraudulent investment company where returns are paid to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors rather than from profit earned. You must therefore ignore whatever they say on their website.

Founders and Team

A company’s founders and current leaders play a critical role in its operations, decision-making, and overall direction. Disclosure of this information allows investors, customers, and other stakeholders to evaluate the credibility, trustworthiness, and qualifications of the company’s leadership team. Review, Features

Transparency is a key element of good corporate governance. Companies that are transparent about their leadership team, operations, and financial performance are more likely to be trustworthy and responsible. This is especially important for those seeking investment, as investors need to have confidence in the management team’s ability to deliver on their promises.

Disclosing the identity of a company’s executive also allows for accountability. If a company is not performing well, its leadership team can be held responsible. Additionally, if a company engages in unethical or illegal behavior, its leadership team can be held accountable for these actions.

In addition, it can also provide insight into the company’s culture, values, and mission. This can help investors and other stakeholders understand the company’s purpose, goals, and how it operates. Furthermore, it can help to build trust and credibility with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Although many Ponzi schemes hide their leaders’ identities, this one has revealed them. Their leaders are Tony Berntsen, Tony Sandberg and Saima Chaudhury. However, their negative reputation precedes them. They are scammers who have been previously associated with shady business dealings.

Global NFT Group Company Products

The company has no products that one can purchase in a retail shop. People can only market and sell their affiliate memberships. They have a compensation plan for their affiliates who invest in their tokens.

For any person who invests $50, they receive 500 GNG tokens. If a person invests double the amount, i.e., $100, they receive 1,000 GNG tokens. Investors can also pay $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,000. In return, they would get 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 GNG tokens. One GNG token, therefore, costs 10 cents.             

As per the design, the early investors get more tokens at the expense of those who invest later. This is one of the tricks the company uses to rip off investors.


All affiliates get a referral commission of 10% on the money they have invested. The company also offers residual commissions based on a 2×12 matrix. In this arrangement, an affiliate is at the top, having two positions directly under them.

The two positions make up the first level of the matrix. Splitting the first two positions to make four forms the second level. The levels go up to twelve and are generated using a similar approach. The affiliates can directly or indirectly recruit members to fill the positions within the matrix.        

The affiliates you bring in will make an initial investment, and you will receive a percentage of their earnings as a residual commission. As an affiliate of Global NFT Group, you can only profit on certain matrix levels determined by your initial investment.

Regulation Status of Global NFT Group

It is important to note that the Global NFT Group is not a registered or licensed investment company. It is not authorized to conduct any form of investment activities and has no regulatory oversight. As such, it operates in the gray area of laws, putting investors at significant risk.

When a company is not regulated, it is not subject to the oversight of any government agency or regulatory body. This means it is not required to comply with any laws, regulations, or industry standards.

Additionally, when a company is not regulated, it can be difficult for investors to obtain information about the company, its operations, and its financials. This lack of information makes it difficult for investors to evaluate the legitimacy of the company and the risk associated with investing in it.

As an unregulated company, it lacks legitimate customer reviews. It has no reputation to speak of. This can make it difficult to gauge customer satisfaction and the overall quality of their products or services. This can make it challenging to identify improvement areas or understand what customers value most about them.

Without customer reviews, it’s hard to know how the company has performed in the past. This information can be crucial in making an informed decision about whether to do business with a company.

Final Verdict

Global NFT Group is a Ponzi scheme. As such, you should avoid them completely. There are many honest and trustworthy cryptocurrency companies you can work with instead. Our review shows that profits from invested cash are the sole reason affiliates purchase GNG tokens. Because of this, the firm is a Ponzi scheme. There is no retail component to MLM operations, so it is also a pyramid scheme.

Do your due diligence before investing in any company, especially a cryptocurrency MLM company. This includes researching the company’s management team, reading reviews and testimonials, and looking into the technology used. If a company is unwilling to provide this information or if the information provided seems suspicious, it may be best to avoid investing.




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