Global profit Technologies Review: Trading Scam

Global profit Technologies is an alleged Trading Company. The company claim they have sophisticated algorithm and fully automated trading solutions for the investor.

The company features including 4x-DAT and Crypto-Dat as part of their investment techniques. The alleged founder of this company is Mr. Joseph Nemeth. He claims to have a special team with 15 years of experience in the trading world.

The founder have developed trade automation software that address all the issues faced during trading and guaranteeing investor profits. The company claims the critical Focus of developing advantages for traders. Scam Review, Platform state they apply unmatchable software that is advanced but still easy to use for the investor. The Investment firm allegedly have a unique experience that has resulted in the creating of systems that give investors a decisive advantage.

The company claims the software can fully automate in crypto markets and over-the-counter FX. It is a scam platform that try to win investors Trust by the use of promotional video from the founder. Invest with transparent investment trading services that will not compromise your money.

The investment firm has allegedly created a standard token, Global Currency Unit (GCU). The company partners with scam Forex broker Automata FX, Ltd. The broker promises you liquidity and professional trade executions.

The company allows investors to have managed accounts or personal trading accounts. The accounts allegedly come with trading strategies that users can eventually download and use them.


Global Profit Technologies founder claims to have traded multiple instruments such as equities’, Forex, Futures, and options. No information about the company team members has been provided to the investor. It only proves a lack of transparency in their business.

The trading company provides no evidence to support their claims. Proving this company will be a hard task without visible data. The founder and his alleged team brag that via the use of their automated strategies. Investors will have minimal risks as they trade. claims the two leading trade software generate Forex trading solutions for all investors. Joseph claims to I’ll put more than 50, 000 Hours in programming 4x- dat software.

The founder claims to have worked on technical analysis speculative trading and live testing creating 80, 000 lines of programming codes.The company claims the software is customizable based on market trends. Traders can allegedly set profit limits and the risk level.

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Global Profit Technologies Review, Global Profit Technologies Founder


The trade systems can allegedly create multiple trade strategies and are not limited. Joseph Nemeth, the founder, claims the company is the ultimate solution for trade. Crypto-DAT system was designed to trade cryptocurrencies. The company claims the users will enjoy the benefit of automation.

How the systems operate is not transparent to the investor and only raises more doubts in the company’s claims. Global Profit Technologies claim their system is adapted to modern-day trade.

Once the investor holds the GCU tokens, the software for 4x-DAT will be offered for free. The alleged talking is shared between exchanges where the third party acquires them. The company also claims the GCU tokens can be used to spread the word to invite new members into the company.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company provides its address as global profit technologies Inc 9393N  90th Street suite 102 344 Scottsdale AZ 85258. The email investors can use to contact the company is However, this does not guarantee that you will receive feedback from this platform.

No telephone contact has been a very to the investor. In case you require customer assistance to fill out a form with your query. Legit trade companies always provide telephone contact to grant investors and prove genuineness.

No regulation certificate is available to assert this company is regulated. Hence we can conclude that it is not controlled and is operating against the set guidelines. For any trading company to generate funds from the public regulatory procedures and mandatory requirements by the law.

The company can smoothly go against the trade guidelines. Once they meet the target, they can smoothly go out of existence. The address provided during our research  we discovered that it was just made up to hide the murkiness.

Global profit Technologies Funds Safety

Global profit Technologies does not guarantee you fund safety as no banking information or location is known. Banking information is essential, and investors know who is controlling the funds, and this ensures trust.

If you share personal data they may use it against you unknowingly. The company will ask for your number and call you from discreet location asking you to deposit more money with them.

The minimum deposit also is not known to the investor. You risk sharing personal data and losing money to anonymous people. You need to be aware of the requirement of cashing out. The company will have hidden charges, that they will never disclose to you.

Domain Insights

According to who, the company was registered in 2000 in October. The registration expired in 2020 October. The domain name for the company is Heading to Alexa global ranking, the company is ranked at 8,682, 648. However, the target audience for this legend investment firm is unknown.

Is Global Profit Technologies Legit or Not?

The company is not legit; it is another pyramid scheme that you should watch out. The company has been in the company for over a decade, yet their company has no adequate information on what they offer.

Global Profit Technologies claims they partake in digital currency investment. Indeed the niche has help investors attain profits, but what the company offers is ridiculous. The platform, despite their long period in the market, they do not have financial reports that can be used to ascertain they are doing well in the industry.

We do not know the draw down or win rates that they encounter. They do not have a single accomplishment that has been published on their platform. The company is operating anonymously, as they have not disclosed their expert team to the public.

You can’t help but wonder why they are not crediting those behind their alleged success. The company accepts funds from various investors across the globe. Unfortunately, they are doing this against the law. The shady company has no licensing certificate from financial watchdogs like FCA, CySEC,  FTA, and ASIC.

If you choose to venture with them, this will be the greatest mistake of all times. It does not avail any banking information; you will only fatten the pockets of these scammers. The traffic of the coming to the website of Global Profit Technologies is wanting.

Global Profit Technologies Final Verdict

Global profit technologies are not regulated and should not trust them with your money. No information about their whereabouts and banking data have been provided to the investor; hence this is an ultimate red flag.

How the platform operates is also not well known to the investor, and the whole company only depends on the founder for every solution. No evidence has been provided regarding the employee’s experience in the trading world.

The trading world faces competition, hence guaranteeing investors’ no-risk investment is not entirely right. The trade will like any other business good, and bad days are to be and couch encountered while trading.

Trustworthy trading software companies always inform the client of how the software operates and how the maintenance of the software is conducted. The platform founders risk facing criminal prosecution as they did not through any regulatory certificates.




10 Replies to “Global profit Technologies Review: Trading Scam”

  1. Carl

    I have had an account with them since October 2015.
    This is devastating news for me as I will have lost my retirement savings.

  2. Bernard

    Nemeth and his companies, Automata FX, GLPT, ICU coin, Democracy App, are a fraud and have currently been charge with Fraud. Refer to Arizona Corporation Commission Securities Division (AZCC) notice of 28 May 2021, that Nemeth must Cease & Desist such activities, since it violates laws w.r.t. the; Offer & Sale of unregistered Securities, and a Unregistered Dealer or Salesmen, and Fraud in connection with Offer or Sale of Securities. Refer to link below

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