Good Robot Review: Untested Robot

Good Robot ( is not even close, as the name suggests. There have been testing going on, and the results are far from impressive. What is a well-designed website is another front for online scam developers. They have created software with no actual trading services. With the software barely a few months old, the results show no progress. The truth is that this software is anonymous and has no proven results. And this is what makes it a horrible program.

Good Robot Review

About Good Robot

This review is meant to inform our appreciated readers of the dangers of using the software. Tests conducted reveal several anomalies regarding the program. And this is the reason why investors should stay away from the software. The homepage is well-designed by a lack of proper information. From the initial look of things, this website was hurriedly created. They claim to offer the best MT4 trading solutions. After landing on their homepage, we noticed other website related issues.

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This is on the verge of going under as the most exciting software with no proof of concept. They created a website that lacks any meaningful information on what the program is about. And this is why we must expose the rot within the platform. These robots are tarnishing the right online trading name. They steal from investors and don’t bother with offering money-back guarantees. And this is the reason behind this eye-opening review to expose rogue online trading scams.

Aid from the software

The platform is an EA automated software that specifically works on the MT4 trading platform. They claim that free programs are risky, and they decided to come up with a secure paid version. Although this is true, it doesn’t add to the fact that they are selling false products. These vendors remain unknown to us and make it a risky software to have. With no actual trading background and history, a new robot is never a good option. And the results show as more victims are coming out after losing funds with the bot.

Business Owner

It is an anonymous website whose owner is yet to be revealed. And the developers who created the robot also happen to fail to mention their names. Such a platform is, without a doubt, a scam. They should at least give us the names of the people working behind the curtain. It means the staff members are also anonymous people. Now, who could trust an unknown website with funds? The unknown nature of the site makes it impossible to recover any deposited investments.

Contact and Customer Support

When you click on their contact page, you are directed to a Gmail address. The program does not offer live chat or any other form of communication. Users don’t get a phone number where they can directly contact the support staff. It means these developers don’t want to be contacted by their victims. No fraudster will want to communicate with victims for fear of backlash. They fear the repercussions from authorities and victims. It is why they control the mode of communication by making it one-way.

Domain Tools Information

A closer look at their domain and traffic details shows that the bot has a Russian IP address. It would mean that the developers hail from this region. The IP address would also indicate the owners have hired a Russian server. Whichever the case information shows, the website went live a few months ago. Records show that the domain went live on 7th April 2020. What is astonishing is that the IP address changes have been going on for over 17 years. This is an indicator the website is shared among other scam products.

Installation of the robot

When it comes to installing the software, the website claims users have to download the software. They claim that the program runs with all NFA regulated brokers. Users will not be charged any extra fee after buying the product. And this could be another trick to ensure investors sign up. They claim installation is easy, and the software is 100 percent automated. How the program claims to work is still a mystery. They fail massively to show investors how their software manages to automate trades.

License of Good Robot

Good Robot is NOT LICENSED by the NFA or any other regulatory body. The CFTC does not recognize this program and warns investors and traders from using this software. And the results of using an unregulated program are dire. Investors who put their investment under the software are in for a surprise. These investments don’t get any insurance cover, which is contrary to trading regulations. The lack of a license from authorities means the risks involved are more significant than the reward.

A closer look at the entire website does not give users details of any compliance. Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage would suggest that this is just a simulation. It is not an actual trading program that makes them immune from prosecution. And this is why investors need to read and understand the terms and conditions. They claim ‘simulated results do not represent actual trading’, which in essence shows this is a demo. The software does not work and is just a representation of what a real automated trading program works.

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Limitations of Good Robot

Account Packages

Good Robot Available Packages

Good Robot is furnishing users with three account packages to use. These packages listed include Basic, Standard, and Pro. The prices are $99, $129, and $149, respectively. From what we can see, the features include having real and demo accounts. Other features on the list include a lifetime license and a user’s guide. The leverage for the MT4 account starts at 1:50 and 1:1000. They also state that the minimum lot is 0.01 at 100 USD. Other than that, there are no features that would seem to be a game-changer.

Contact and Support

As we said earlier, the support team is unavailable, and email response time is slow. They have listed as their address. Why they fail to give a phone number is beyond our comprehension. In today’s world, there are better ways of communicating than emails. Members have been complaining that the software rarely responds to emails. What do you expect from a program with no credibility? And this is another reason to stay away as the robot’s support team is unavailable.

Strategy used by the software

Another scary feature with Good Robot  is that it fails to inform users of the strategy used. Sincere software will give and notify users of the strategy used. It is unable to execute this feature, which means investors are going in blind. And this is where we draw the line as no one should ever have to use a program without a strategy. They don’t know what they are doing when creating the website.

Security of funds

The safety of funds with software that is anonymous is shaky at best. There are complaints lodged against the program, which means the security of investments is a concern. The number of claims continues to rise after users noticed that the software fails to offer a money-back guarantee. Once you buy the product, there is no chance of recovering funds. If a member downloads the program and it fails to work, they should not expect any compensation.

Scam or Legit Good Robot

Good Robot Features

After reviewing all the facts, it is clear to see that Good Robot is another online scam. From a website that was quickly put up together to a rising complaint level, the evidence is clear. Stay away from the software and don’t download software from unknown developers. They could have hidden back doors that scout your computer for bank account details. It is a worthless platform as there is no proof of producing results.

Final Thought

The safety of our readers is our foremost concern; this is why we have to add it to our blacklist.

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