GrapheneFX Review: A Flimflam Forex Broker

GrapheneFX Review
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Depositing GrapheneFX will only devastate you. There are better ways of making money online. The inactivity policy data is also missing.

GrapheneFx is a company that claims it has the best insurance for its customers. They guarantee fund safety. However, this is a bold claim coming from an offshore venture. The firm does not even present information on the financial institution that the firm is working with.

GrapheneFx Review GrapheneFx Company

They also promise to be there for traders even in the future. Nonetheless, their domain name registration period suggests otherwise. It would help if you refrained from buying the narrative such shady brokers. You won’t change your financial status with them.

The company has stock, indices, forex, and commodities as their main products. They urge traders to diversify their portfolios. Their analyst keeps their clients to toe with the trending news in the industry.

Clients that join GrapheneFX will acquire trading insight. The platform has many red flags. The broker state that it has offices in various part of the world. They also boast about having several years of experience. Sadly, all these are false statements.

Invest with genuine forex trading companies that are transparent. You will generate real-time returns. Moreover, your safety is taken care of, and scammers cannot reach you. Customer support is also helpful. Review

The broker state it has over 1000 trading instruments. Sadly, it is impossible to make money with GrapheneFX. The entity lacks transparency, and there is no assurance that the firm is trading. Scammers are tactical. They know millions of people are struggling financially. Therefore, they promise to transform your life.

Investment in forex and crypto is a risky activity. You cannot just be making profits. The market is volatile, and you can take advantage of that feature. However, you will not be able to cash out funds from this scheme once you entrust it to them.

You need to learn the trading process. Do not expect to join the market and start making mind-blowing profits. Nonetheless, despite the scheme being fraudulent and a lying fraud, they guarantee customers of many trading tools and instruments. Of course, this should not be the reason you try them out.

Additionally, GrapheneFX state its main focus is their customers. It does not matter the amount of capital that you use to fund your account. Things shall turn down differently when the scheme blacklists you from contacting them.

You cannot be certain with an offshore entity. Most of them end up disappointing and leaving their clients high and dry. The time of their exit in the industry is usually unpredictable. There is nothing for you on this website.

GrapheneFX Trading Conditions

GrapheneFX is accepting investors from the EU. The region has strict measures for investment entities. They offer leverage of 1:200, which is a perfect indicator that the entity is not based here. The minimum limit is 1:30 for the legit platforms.

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The platform advertises an MT4. There is no dealing desk, and the minimum lot is 0.1. There are over 40 currency pairs which include; EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and EURGBP. The pip could also go down to 0.1, which is not bad since traders will pay less.

Moreover, GrapheneFX is also advertising high leverage of 1:500. They only have one trading account. They have an MT4. Regardless, it would help if you did not risk your safety with an exposed scam. If the company is genuine, they would get their house in place and get a license.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $100. The available payment methods include; e-wallets, credit cards, wire transfers, and debit cards. There is no information on the withdrawal. Therefore, we cannot confirm whether the entity is charging commission or not. Review Platform

The least amount to cash out is also unknown. Depositing GrapheneFX will only devastate you. There are better ways of making money online. The inactivity policy data is also missing. The company is in the market for years should be able to prove it is legit.

GrapheneFX Regulation and Registration

GrapheneFX makes the bold statement that it is licensed. However, this is a false statement. There is no regulatory body in the market that allows the scheme to collect funds from its citizens. Moreover, the broker does not mention having an office at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Nonetheless, the firm claims it has a license from the same government.

For starters, the government of SVG does not license forex trading activities or any other online investment service. Therefore, dealing with the scheme exposes investors to hazardous limits. You won’t be able to run to the authority as nobody knows the real people managing this fraud.

Moreover, there is also no fund safety from this scheme. GrapheneFX is dedicated to trapping more victims with their fake regulatory form. Furthermore, the Ponzi scheme also claims to have a license from the Belize watchdog International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

The bogus venture will say anything to get hold of your money. Only the naïve customers who don’t know how the investment scheme operates will suffer the consequence. Researching thoroughly will save you the trouble of engaging with fraudsters.

Customer Support and Contact Details

GrapheneFX claims it has offices in UK, South Africa, and Canada. The firm is allegedly more popular in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Currently, they have over 350K existing customers. The marketers of this venture are working effortlessly in promoting their nasty scheme.

You should not be surprised if you encounter people claiming to have earned using the venture. The geographical location of the company is unknown. The corporate that is allegedly responsible for the venture is also mysterious.

Trusting GrapheneFX is a big mistake. Their focus to remain anonymous is worrying. They also feature icons for various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find their social media pages as the link is broken.

Customer support is available via email, telegram, and Whatsapp. You cannot call them. Fraudulent ventures usually have the worst customer care. They do not respond to the query of their clients.

The Domain Insight

GrapheneFX has bragged it has 12 years of experience. The entity does not mention anything about existing previously using a separate name. The registration of the company took place in 2015. They have only been around for 6 years.

Nonetheless, the scheme does not have trading results that can shed light on its performance. Moreover, there are no customer feedbacks that prove people have an outstanding experience from the broker. The company has high traffic of 726 398. Their main clients are from Pakistan.

Final Verdict

GrapheneFX is targeting investors from areas with tight jurisdiction. However, the platform is ignorant about the law. They do not care about your safety. The only thing that the scheme cares about is enriching them with your money.

The company does not have evidence of trading activities. They have been in the market for 6 years, the company even provides MT4, but still, we cannot find their trading results. The scheme is a waste of time. It is best to avoid them at all costs.

Invest with legit forex trading companies in the market. These are ventures that have been in the market for years. They have verified performance, and their clients prove that the schemes are paying. The customer support also responds in time to the query of their clients.

18 Replies to “GrapheneFX Review: A Flimflam Forex Broker”

  1. Sami Rizvi

    GrapheneFx provides the best services among all brokers I have ever worked with. Their support team is always available to help and rectified my Bonus issue within 10 minutes.

  2. Hassan Zaman

    I have just started working with GrapheneFx, their consultancy is excellent! Plus, they offer free forex education that has helped me learn everything.

  3. Fatima Khan

    It is hard for me to agree with this review since I have been trading with GrapheneFx for years. I can vouch that their services are excellent and there are no issues with them.

  4. Yousef

    I’ve been using graphene since 2018. What i like most About them is their customer services. So promt and withdrawal is superb. So fast

  5. azhaan

    I started with graphene fx 3 months ago, and so far my experience has been perfect. i did lost some of my trades during the period, but they provide an excellent feature, Savior Card… through which I’ve been able to save some of my initial investment. I’m a happy customer of graphene fx and i would recommend it too. 8/10 from me.

  6. Hamid Usman

    I like GrapheneFx alot, they have really proven themselves by providing a properly guided session through their consultants and with instant deposit/withdrawal options and local deposit options they have gain my full trust on them. I was really worried because of my previous experiences with other brokers, but GrapheneFx really has proven itself.

  7. Muzzamil Zaidi

    GrapheneFx has provided by the utmost peace of mind that i have been unable to find anywhere else. with several local deposit options, authentic accounts, hourly withdrawals and deposits.. this broker is seamless and really fast! I love it

  8. Awais

    I have used 2 brokers prior to GrapheneFx and my experience with them is nominal. When I joined GrapheneFx, my expectations were not too high, but I had heard good things about it from acquaintances. After spending 8 months now, I am surprised by how good their offerings are, occasionally they bring up new benefits and chances to earn more and I have availed several offers, I have seen the growth in my equity unlike anywhere else. Excited for the future

  9. Faizan

    GrapheneFx is everything for me and more. I really like how they have their accounts in their name unlike other fake ones who hide behind other names and do shady stuff. Keep it up GrapheneFx

  10. Numan Malik

    I really love their service and the benefits they provide. I like how instant my withdrawals and deposits are which really provides me that satisfaction and the peace of mind I have always craved from a service.

  11. Zahid Ahmed

    Very happy in being their client! They are very professionals and supportive beyond limits. I am already recommending my friends to start trading in Forex and in choosing graphene fx as their broker.

  12. Waqas

    Very very good broker graphene fx. Service of the team is excellent. Order execution also very good. Good platform to copy trades from the fund manager. Very good fund managers from MAM to chose from as well.

  13. Shehzad Ahmed

    I am having very good experience with graphene fx. They are very good with the services and the trading. Spreads are very nice and I only want to trade with them.

  14. Mustafa

    I have done a lot of research while switching brokers and have chosen graphene fx. They have made a very positive impression due to their customer service. I use live chat and it is always fast and concise. They understand the value of customer service. Additionally, they provide very tight spreads, plenty of pairs, market news, and flexible terms. They earned my business.

  15. Adeed

    Hi. I joined graphene fx couple of months and they are excellent broker. I deposited with visa card, and it was processed very fast. Broker is very well regulated and trusted. I recommend them and their supportive team.

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