Green Compass Review: MLM Scheme of Essential Oils

Green Compass

Green Compass is an MLM company that provides a variety of CBD and essential oils. According to its domain,, the company has offices in North Carolina, USA, and London, UK. The company has managed to emerge as a popular name in the industry in a short period of time.

Therefore, it is important to review this company in detail to determine the authenticity of its products. More importantly, you should be familiar with the registration policy and compensation structure of this MLM company before investing any kind of money in it. Keep reading this review to determine whether you should invest in Green Compass.

What is Green Compass?

Green Compass claims that the purpose of the company is to make healthy CBD oils available to anyone who wants to buy them. The company started with the production of CBD oils for the personal use of the owners. However, it has evolved into a full-fledged MLM business that is now providing a variety of CBD oils to the customers.

The primary marketing point of is that the company grows hemp with the help of eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The company is asking people to buy its products by investing in the MLM scheme because it is offering quality products. It even claims that the CBD oils offered by Green Compass are of the highest standards, pure, and 100% effective. However, there is no proof or scientific data to back such claims.

Owners of Green Compass

Green Compass is run by R. Sterling Cook, Jr. and Meredith Cook. The corporate profile of Cook, Jr. shows that he worked in different industries, including agriculture and finance. On the other hand, his wife, Meredith, is experienced in the field of anesthesiology. Further research indicates that Green Compass is the first MLM company of both Cooks.

The couple is heavily promoting their CBD oils by claiming that they have personally benefited from them. states that Meredith Cook started taking CBD oil after her first pregnancy. She became immensely comfortable with it and started giving it to her kids to enhance their health. As a result, Meredith and her husband, Sterling Cook, decided to establish this company.

How to Join Green Compass?

The initial affiliate membership of costs $49.95. However, the company is mainly promoting its Core Start Success Pack, which has a price of $299. According to the site, the Core Pack contains products of more than $600. However, it is quite disappointing that the company does not provide any list of specific products included in this pack.

Compared to many other MLM companies, Green Compass is asking for a significantly higher price of affiliate membership. Such kind of business model makes it quite clear that the main focus of the company is on attracting investment via MLM schemes and not selling the products. In fact, users cannot buy most of the products without first becoming an affiliate of the company.

Products of Green Compass provides an extensive range of products that mainly revolved around CBD. The company claims that all of its products have the highest quality because they are produced through organic farming practices. Similarly, sustainable processes are used for the overall extraction, formulation, and bottling of the products.

The primary product of the company is Green Compass’ CBD Oil. It is available in 500 mg ($85), 750 ($109) mg, 1000 mg ($140), and 2500 mg ($330) bottles. Similarly, the company is selling a variety of CBD infused blends such as Crown Blend, Ice Blend, and Shine Uplift Blend. In short, Green Compass has an extensive product catalog. Yet, the main focus of the company is on attracting people towards the MLM side of the company.

Overall the price of the products is extremely high. Similarly, the following income structure is quite disappointing as well. You should avoid investing in this company. Instead, use the modern crypto trading bots to generate greater profits by safe, efficient, and reliable crypto trading. 

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Income Structure

The income structure of the Green Compass is divided into different types of bonuses and commissions. Like any other MLM company, promises residual and retail commissions to the affiliates. Similarly, the company is also claiming to provide bonuses depending on the performance of the members. The purpose of offering multiple income opportunities is to entice the users and make them invest in the company.

However, it is important to note that the company has set some strict criteria to qualify for the MLM commissions. The members must make 150 personal volume per month in sales volume to earn MLM commissions. Another option that the affiliates have is that they can maintain a 100 personal volume per month in auto-ship orders to generate revenue.

Affiliate Ranks has the following eight affiliate ranks:

  1. Independent Advocate, which the members get when they fulfill the MLM commission criteria.
  2. Team Leader for which the members must maintain the required sales and recruit at least three affiliates.
  3. Senior Team Leader for which the affiliates must recruit at least four affiliates and make $5000 group volume per month.
  4. Director for which the affiliates must recruit at least five affiliates and make $15000 group volume per month.
  5. Master Director for which the affiliates must recruit at least one affiliate on the Director level and make $40000 group volume per month.
  6. 1 Star Master Director for which the affiliates must recruit at least one affiliate on the Master Director level and make $100000 group volume per month.
  7. 2 Star Master Director for which the affiliates must recruit at least two affiliates and make $250000 group volume per month.
  8. 3 Star Master Director for which the affiliates must recruit at least three affiliates and make $500000 group volume per month.

Retail Commissions

Another strategy of attracting investors used by Green Compass is that the affiliates can generate a 20% commission on product sales in the form of retail commissions. Some members can even earn up to 30% if they are able to meet certain monthly income criteria. The entire purpose of offering such retail commissions is to market and promote the company via members.

Recruitment and Residual Commissions

The affiliates of Green Compass can generate a recruitment commission of $90 by hiring a member of the Core Start Success Pack. On the other hand, a traditional uni-level compensation structure is used to distribute the residual commissions. 

Many other bonuses like the Enroller Bonus, Check Match Bonus, and Generation Bonus are also promised by

Green Compass

Final Verdict About Green Compass

The above discussion clearly indicates the fact that Green Compass is trying to attract a large number of people towards its MLM scheme by offering a variety of bonuses and income opportunities. However, once you look at the entire compensation structure carefully, you will realize the fact that all of it is interlinked, and there are very limited earning opportunities.

Moreover, the company has imposed some strict conditions in terms of monthly sales due to which generating any considerable profits can be very challenging for most people. The products of the company are also highly overpriced, which shows that this is not an ideal investment opportunity.

In short, you should invest your money in Green Company because it is asking for a very large amount of registration fee and providing very few earning opportunities. If you want to generate significant profits on your own terms and conditions, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. These reliable bots have flexible account plans and trading preferences. Hence, anyone can use these bots for crypto trading and earn a good amount of money.  

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