Hengxin FX Review: hexinfx.com a subtle scam

Hengxin FX Review, Hengxin FX Company
Hengxin FX Review
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Hengxin FX is a forex broker that brags about being an award-winning investment company. The website promises its clients high leverage of 1:1500 and smooth trading with the MT4 interface. However, the company raises some red flags like operating anonymously and not showing any proof of trading activities. Avoid trading with shady forex brokers to prevent losing your money.

Hengxin FX is an entity that claims to help investors exploit the market. The platform allegedly sends trading signals to investors across the globe. You can as well trade in 5 days within the week. They are dealing with indices, commodities, forex, and CFDs.

Trading signals are sent to investors via email. They provide multiple trading benefits to the clients. The venture states that it has low trading fees, and protects its customers against negative balance. Additionally, they also have a 50% welcome bonus.

Hengxin FX Review, Hengxin FX Company

Hengxin FX is sadly another scam in the market that you should avoid. Whenever you came across a company with enticing bonuses, the chances of being a fraudulent venture are very high. It would be best not to waste your time on a platform that will eventually steal your funds.

We have seen multiple traders frustrated after a platform exits the market. There is a better firm that cares about generating funds for their customers. The entity claims that the trading speed is also fast. Therefore, you will never miss a great opportunity.

Nonetheless, this is nothing but another sales pitch to lure in more victims. Platforms like Hengxin FX should be approached with a lot of caution. Invest smartly by researching the market before venturing blindly. Additionally, if a deal looks too good to be true, look for a better alternative.

hexinfx.com Review

Hengxin FX states that it is an award-winning entity. Unfortunately, we do not know which organization awarded them this title. The platform promises free trading signals. Sadly, you cannot rely on the information which this firm provides. Scammers will say anything to win sales.

The suspicious firm also claims it provides the latest trending news on the market. Some of the currency pairs which this platform offers are; EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and GBP/USD. The company targets both novice and expert traders in the market.

However, you will never find expert traders wasting their time in a losing venture. This is because they are able to tell between a legit and a scam platform. Invest wisely and a reliable forex trading brokers that have a trading history.

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The signing up process in this shady firm is fast. After signing up, the next thing that you need to do is to select a trading account. Additionally, the venture claims you will enjoy over 180 assets. You can contact the entity via email.

You can trade using any gadget. Hengxin FX allegedly has over 300 trading assets at the disposal of their clients. The company also brags about having an MT4. However, this should not be viewed as an advantage since multiple legit platforms offer the same interface.

Trading Conditions

Hengxin FX appears like a professional investment company. It might not be obvious for investors to tell the difference. The entity is also trading metals, and energy. They are offering the MT4 trading platform to their investors.

Hengxin FX Scam Review, Hengxin FX Features

The interface is popular among investors. There are multiple charts, and it offers the opportunity to enter the market in time, EAs, and secure. The advantages of MT4 are many. Nonetheless, the interface can only be helpful when you are dealing with a legit entity.

Hengxin FX is offering leverage of 1:500. The cap might be fascinating and tempting for the newbies. The majority of traders think that this is a great advantage. Regulatory bodies limit the leverage from 1:30 up to 1:50. However, it is important to note that the trading process could go both ways.

This means that the losses can be equivalent to the profits. Sometimes you will lose while other times, you gain. There is a reason as to why the regulatory bodies set the low limits. They are trying to protect investors against making huge losses.

Hengxin FX Withdrawal and Deposits

Hengxin FX claims that it has multiple trading accounts for investors. However, after examining their platform thoroughly, we realized that they do not provide data on these accounts. The company accepts a minimum amount of $100.

Another red flag is that the firm does not indicate the method of payment available for traders. They earlier bragged of having several payment methods. The company is leaving out essential information. They do not charge cash in charges.

Additionally, Hengxin FX fails to provide data regarding dormant accounts. It is hard to tell if the firm has hidden charges. Withdrawal info is also insufficient. You will not find a reliable investment platform being careless and leaving out important features.

All these loopholes show that this is a dangerous investment scheme. They are only interested in making profits. There is nothing positive that will come out of this broker. Invest wisely, and do not be tempted by luring offers.

Regulation Status

Hengxin FX is a company that Hengin International Corp Trading Ltd is allegedly monitoring. The platform is allegedly based in Australia. Australia is one of the countries that have strict measures and rules for investment ventures.

The country’s financial regulatory body is known as the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC). It has played a crucial role in protecting investors against scammers. We decided to do our homework and searched this platform on the database of the watchdog.

Surprisingly we found out that there is a company registered with a similar name. Unfortunately, the address and the name of the entity do not match. Therefore, this is nothing but another scam to be cautious about.

Hengxin FX is a clone of a legit company that is located in Australia. Our biggest worry is that the entity might change its terms of conditions. Additionally, they might inflict charges to their clients that are baseless. You will not get fund safety from this entity.

Hengxin FX Contact Details

Hengxin FX claims that it is based in Barangaroo, Sydney. Unfortunately, considering that the platform has availed false information to their clients, it is highly likely that this is not their actual location. The company is a dirty scheme that is only after the funds of their clients.

They also assure investors of having a reliable customer support team. Sadly, the platform is being run by a smart fraudster who does not leave traces of their ware about. There is no telephone number. The only way that you can reach this venture is via email.

It is an unreliable method since you will wait till the entity before getting feedback. A reliable trading company will have multiple methods that clients can use to reach support. Hengxin FX is clearly a scam that does not have enough funds to hire a professional team.

Final Verdict

Hengxin FX is an obvious scam that uses enticing information to lure in innocent traders. They do not openly disclose their payment methods. You will find that once you deposit funds with them, there is no way of recovering.

Scammers do not permit traders to issue a chargeback. They call potential clients, making them deposit funds only to cut communication when you least expect. Avoid this losing scam at all costs. Their trading conditions and lack of Terms and Condition policy show that this is a direct scam.

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These entities have been used by multiple investors in the market. Your money and personal information is secure with them. Moreover, the support is also professional and ready to help.





26 Replies to “Hengxin FX Review: hexinfx.com a subtle scam”

  1. Naz

    I fell victim to this bullsh*t scam via a girl from Tinder. I’ve lost $42000 and I cannot get my money back at all. Hengxin FX is a total scam and fraud. They make you buy USDT from Bianance and send to their platform address. I’m so angry. My life savings gone in a flash.

      • Nirmal

        Hello.hi i fell victim to a a taiwanese girl whom i met on tinder,she lured me into trading with this broker and now all my funds are frozen.Could you contact me personally so we could decide what are the necessary steps we can take further to recover the funds

      • Naz

        It’s a long story but basically she talks about Fx trading and tries to “teach you” ….. crazy thing was that the Tinder profile was verified!!

    • kerstin

      same here, I invested $86000 and made few thousands of dollars, My trading account has about $235000, but, I can’t withdraw to my account.

      I read online about possibiltity of recovering money from Hengxin. have you any luck concerning this? Can you mail me
      kerstinbrack940@gmail com

  2. Rami

    Is this girl a Chinese woman who communicates only on WhatsApp? you meet her on Tinder first? The confusing part is the signals she sends are highly accurate. I received 8 signals and all of them are winning trades. How is this possible? My initial account of about 300 USD grew fast in a short time. But I can not withdraw it. What is going on, what can we do

      • Vivek

        Nirmal plzz send ur contact no or where i can contact you…i have got scammed by a chinese girl…..can u plzz share her picture so i can confirm is she the same or her whtspp no…..my whtspp no is 918218704312…

  3. Rami

    Is this girl a Chinese woman who communicates only on WhatsApp? you meet her on Tinder first? The confusing part is the signals she sends are highly accurate. I received 8 signals and all of them are winning trades. How is this possible? My initial account of about 300 USD grew fast in a short time. But I can not withdraw it. What is going on, what can we do?

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