HyperBotVPS Review: Hyperbotvps.com Another Scam

HyperBotVPS (Hyperbotvps.com) is claiming to be a new automated expert trading advisor. This is one advisor that you should stay away from. The expert is making investors lose their funds right left and center. After receiving a number of complaints from investors, we decided to investigate the VPS service provider. Our shocking results will make heads turn as this is another online scam. With no names mentioned, it is an anonymous website. Learn more thanks to this transparent review.

HyperBotVPS Review

About HyperBotVPS

The platform claims that the bot works with minimal configuration and reliable performance. These are empty claims as there has been no one coming forward with evidence of winning. Scam robot developers will do or say anything to ensure unsuspecting investors sign up with the robot. And this has been a major problem in the Forex VPS industry. Such sites should be investigated by authorities and relevant action taken.

HyperBotVPS is a robot that claims to work 24/5 and helps users cash out funds automatically. Other notable features sold by the homepage includes VPS services and reliable customer support. They claim that Hyper Bot VPS is able to provide a stable VPS that replaces your computer. The VPS is able to support Forex trading and helps keep the robot running 24/5. Are these claims worth signing up with the robot? Again, scam developers have a way of using words to entice unsuspecting investors.

A safe way of making money is by using dedicated Forex trading robots. They guarantee every user is safe and also offer realistic profit margins. The support is available at all times making them effective and efficient.

Bot Services Offered

It seems the site is trying its best to sell why investors should take a crack with their bot. The trading bot in question has a number of features they claim to be unique. These include having a comprehensive Forex trading guide, automatic trading, and all types of currency pairs. They also claim to offer reliable track markets and have the best strategy. These are clearly sales tactics that will make the untrained eye want to sign up. Before doing so, there are a number of alarming factors hidden by the developers.

Business owner

HyperBotVPS is unclear on who the owners of the trading platform actually are. And this means whoever signs up will be dealing with anonymous bot developers. This is the worst kind as they disappear without a trace. After depositing funds, trading takes place but the bot places losing trades. And this is why we insist that the robot is a dangerous partner to have in the trading world. Due to their anonymous nature, no member is able to recover funds. Hiring recovery agents is of no help as the developers are using a virtual office.

Comments and Customer feedback

HyperBotVPS False Testimony

The VPS service provider is relatively new in the market. Most of the comments and reviews we saw are from investors who are ruing signing up. With a short amount of time, the bot has managed to destroy the financial status of most investors. What they have done in return is to hire webmasters to post positive reviews. There are a few positive reviews on the robot which are mostly from hired freelancers. Other reviews are from members who post their displeasure after using the platform.

Domain Details of HyperBotVPS

Records of any website can be retrieved by a domain tool record holder. And this gives us the chance to know when the site went live. According to the domain tools, hyperbotvps.com is a site that went live on 26th November 2019. And this is proof that the robot has been in existence for less than a year. Any claim posted on their homepage of having a number of trading experience is a lie. These are scam developers looking to take advantage of investors who don’t have a clue on trading.

Features the bot claims to offer

This is a platform that claims to offer a comprehensive forex trading system. They claim that all trades are automatic and work on both MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. The platform also claims to work on any currency pairs. Other features the robot insists to have include reliable track meters with easy to use set up. Hyper Bot VPS also claims to offer no minimum deposit. A final feature that is worth mentioning is that they claim the bot can work on any broker.

License and Registration of HyperBotVPS

One would think that with all the above features, the platform would be regulated. HyperBotVPS is NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED to offer any trading products or services. And this is a huge blow to anyone who signs up with the platform. An unregulated trading bot spells doom to anyone who signs up with it. The money-back-guarantee feature will not work with such a platform. Any funds deposited with the robot for any service will not be insured. It is a risk not worth taking for a serious investor.

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Without a valid trading license, one wonders how long the robot will be in operation. The entire platform has no evidence of being regulated by authorities. We tried to check whether there are any license documents on the platform. And we were shocked to learn that the platform has no valid regulatory compliance documents. The best option is to stay away from such platforms and use expert-recommended trading robots.

Limitations of HyperBotVPS

Account Plans

HyperBotVPS Account Plans

They are offering three account plans to anyone who signs up with the platform. The plans listed include Starter, Standard, and Advanced. For Starter account holders, they must deposit $299 to start using the services. The standard account holders will use $399 as the acceptable minimum deposit. Advanced account holders bare the biggest task of having to deposit $499 to start trading. These plans don’t come with an expiry date apart from the starter account.

Customer Support

Reaching out to the support team is by using email. It’s in an era where live chat support is the best form of communication. These scam artists will be carefully selecting which emails to respond to. And this is why they fail to offer the most basic types of communication. Without direct communication, it makes it hard for users to get adequate answers on time. And this is the main reason to stay away from the platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal

After checking out the prices, HyperBotVPS is using a number of depository channels. The depository channels listed include American Express, Bitcoin, MasterCard, PayPal, among others. What remains to be the biggest obstacle when dealing with Hyper Bot VPS is withdrawal. None of the members that we have contacted have been able to withdraw funds from the platform. And this is the main reason why we have to flag down the robot. Without any withdrawal, it makes the platform irrelevant.


Another issue we have with the robot is the testimonials used on their platform. They are cartoon images of people who claim to have won with the platform. Why don’t they post real pictures of real members? It is because there are no members who have made any profit with the robot. These are made-up characters and names meant to throw off investors. None of the so-called winners of the robot exist.

Security of funds with the robot

With the robot not having ample security features, we believe they are not ever going to safeguard funds. And this is a good enough reason to stay away from the platform. Whoever signs up with the platform should know that there is no way of ever making money with the robot. Stay away as your security is on the line. They will offer live desktop help and gain access to your PC and steal valuable data.

Scam or Legit HyperBotVPS

HyperBotVPS is a scam that must be exposed by all means necessary. There are no winners and most members are crying foul over the use of this platform.


Stay away from the platform or else become another victim. We will be adding the robot to our blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap.

Experience points to formidable Forex trading robots as the key to success. Using recommended bots backed by experts is the only way to trade safely. Why not use robots with a proven reputation and guarantee safety?

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