iCharity Club Review: Icharity.club a Cash Gifiting Scam?

iCharity Club Review, iCharity.club revie, iCharity Club MLM review

iCharity Club is a money-making scheme that uses the popular revenue-sharing money matrix system. Their scheme works like a pyramid system.

They do not offer any product to sell so the affiliate can earn commission on that. Instead of this affiliate can get involved in others matrix. So they can move up in the matrix and earn money.

If you are thinking to join the iCharity Club money-making opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion and save you from being scammed.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of the iCharity Club and tell you about their compensation plan, pros, cons, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About iCharity Club – iCharity Club Review

iCharity Club Review, iCharity.club revie, iCharity Club MLM review

The company was present in the market since 2015, and it operates on the domain icharity.club. Their website domain was registered on 30th October 2015.

However, the registration was set to private. Moreover, there has no information on the website who owns and runs the company.

The majority of their website traffic comes from India and its neighbouring countries, including Pakistan. So by this, we can say that the company owner is based in India.

Furthermore, they claim that they will help people to become financially stable. But at the same time, they are using the Ponzi scheme. It is challenging to attain financial stability by using a Ponzi scheme, especially when there is no real product.

The company uses words like Charity or Gifting so they can make their system sound legal. But they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

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Typically the company is misleading the people by using words like donation or gift. In my opinion, you should think twice or thrice before joining the company.

If any company can not tell who runs and owns the company, then how you can hand over your hard-earned money to an unknown person.

In my opinion, if you really want to invest your money in a safe place then firstly invest in Crypto Trading Bots. These Bots will help you to invest your money safely. Moreover, these bots are more trustable as compare to the people who run the MLM scams.

iCharity Club Products

The company does not have and retailable products or services that an affiliate can sell and earn commission on it. So affiliate can only market the iCharity Club opportunity itself.

Usually, the company who doesn’t have any product are not able to sustain them in the market for the long term, and even the affiliate find it difficult to make money with their scheme.

iCharity Club Compensation Plan

The iCharity Club compensation plan states that affiliate can gift $20 to $1670 to existing affiliates by using the 5×10 matrix.

In a 5×10 matrix, one affiliate is present at the top, and five affiliates are below it which forms the level 1. Similarly, five-five more affiliates are present below the above 5 affiliates, which form level 2. Now at level 2, there are total 25 affiliates.

In the same way, it goes so on by using the 5×10 matrix, and in the end, the matrix has total 12,207,030 positions.

Furthermore, each matrix of tier acts as an independent cash gifting tier. Every tier requires payment of a fee to qualify as well as to receive payments on that level.


The company compensation plan total consists of 10 tiers. Below we have explained them in detail.

  • Tier 1: To qualify on tier 1 an affiliate need to pay $20 and then the affiliate can receive $100.
  • Tier2: To qualify on tier 2 an affiliate need to pay $40 and then the affiliate can receive $1000.
  • Tier 3: To qualify on tier 3 an affiliate need to pay $80. Moreover, then the affiliate can receive $10,000.
  • Tier 4: To qualify on tier 4 an affiliate need to pay $120, and then the affiliate can receive $75,000.
  • Tier 5: To qualify on tier 5 an affiliate need to pay $200. Furthermore, then the affiliate can receive $625,000.
  • Tier 6: To qualify on tier 6 an affiliate need to pay $300, and then an affiliate can receive $4,687,500.
  • Tier 7: To qualify on tier 7 an affiliate need to pay $400. So later on the affiliate can receive $31,250,000.
  • Tier 8: To qualify on tier 8 an affiliate need to pay $800. Moreover, then the affiliate can receive $312,500,000.
  • Tier 9: To qualify on tier 9 an affiliate need to pay $1170 then the affiliate can receive $2,285,156,250.
  • Tier 10: To qualify on tier 10, an affiliate needs to pay $1670 and then the affiliate can receive $16,308,593,750.

Their compensation plan is designed in a way, so only a few people will able to make money. Moreover, it is impossible to become a billionaire by using the Ponzi Scheme. Also if you become a billionaire, then you can withdraw your money by using PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Neteller, OKPay, BTC

Pros and Cons of iCharity Club


  • iCharity money-making scheme sounds enticing as the entry-level investment is just $20.
  • The company money-making scheme looks nice in theory.
  • The company uses the popular revenue-sharing money matrix system.


  • One of the biggest con is that it is a Ponzi scheme.
  • iCharity club matrix system cannot sustain financially.
  • Only some people will make money, and most of the other will lose money.
  • There is a first-mover advantage. The person who starts it earns money like the other pyramid scheme.
  • Their website UI is average.

Final Verdict about iCharity Club

Now reading this article till now you might have a question whether Charity Club is a scam or not. So iCharity Club is not totally a scam.

It is just a Ponzi scheme, so if you consider Ponzi scheme as a scam, then it is a scam for you. Although it is not a scam, I will not think you can earn a lot of money through it.

It is challenging to make money with the pyramid scheme, especially when you have no products. There are chances that someone makes some money and even you might make some money, but the chances are meagre.

Moreover, there is more than one red flag for the company like they do not disclose that who owns the company. So I will suggest you do waste your money and time with the iCash Club.

Instead of this, you can go with more legit ways like Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. These Crypto Cloud Mining Companies are a safe way to invest money.

I hope you find my review of iCharity Club helpful and it gives you detailed knowledge about the company.

Thank you!!!

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