Ilgamos Review: a Ponzi MLM Scheme

Ilgamos review, review, ilgamos

Ilgamos is a company that operates on domain The domain was registered on 28th November 2012.

Moreover, they claim themself as a group of young, dynamic and innovative marketing companies established in three different countries United Arab Emirates, Germany and Hong Kong.

If you are thinking to join Ilgamos MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end because it might change your decision.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of Ilgamos and tell you about the company compensation plan, products, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About Ilgamos – Ilgamos Review

Ilgamos review, review, ilgamos

The company runs on the domain, and the owner of the domain is Geza Kapitany. Moreover, Geza is also the CEO of the company.

According to the information present on the official website, Geza has more than 35 years of experience in top management positions with several international corporations.

Till now he has successfully developed companies in various multi-billion dollar industries like telecommunications, renewable energies, precious metals, oil and gas.

However, there is no information on whether he has an MLM experience or not. Moreover, it seems that it is his first MLM venture as an executive.

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Ilgamos Product Line

The company doesn’t have any retailable product. So affiliates can only market the Ilgamos affiliate membership. On the company official website, they show the membership as different gold accumulation programs that carry a money-back guarantee.

However, it is only a side-component of the income opportunity the company main drawcard is the Ilcoin cryptocurrency. They market their Ilcoin cryptocurrency as a competitor of BitCoin.

Ilgamos Compensation Plan

The company compensation revolves around a scheme in which an affiliate pays €45 to €5000 for signing up on Ilgamos and then recruit other affiliates to do the same thing.

However, to qualify for a commission, an affiliate need to pay €15 fee in every 28 days. When anyone recruits a medium or higher level member, then the affiliate earns a commission of 10%. Below I have discussed the recruitment commissions in detail.

Recruitment Commission – Cash Gifting

This commission is given when a new affiliate is recruited. When any entry to the basic level member is recruited, then the affiliate or the upline who recruit them gets the 100% of their membership fee.

Moreover, the company uses the 1Up compensation model for giving these commissions. Apart from this the affiliate also earns a 50% matching bonus. This bonus is given on pass-up commissions earned by all personally recruited affiliates.

Recruitment Commission – Binary

Every affiliate who signup for the company gets a position in the binary compensation structure. In a binary compensation structure, one affiliate is present at the top, and two affiliates are below it.

In the same way, two-two more affiliates are present below the above two affiliates, and this process goes so on.

However, only the affiliates who buy the medium or higher membership can earn the binary commission.

When the position of the binary structure gets full, the affiliate will start earning a commission. The commission an affiliate earn depends on the sales volume generates by the weaker and stronger side on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, the weekly commission that any affiliate earns depended on how much an affiliate spend on the Ilgamos membership.

  • 5% – Medium affiliate (€595)
  • 10% – Business affiliate (€1150)

However, the affiliate commission for smart affiliates (€5000) is not disclosed by the company. An affiliate can also earn a matching bonus commission on the binary earning of the members that the affiliate recruit.

Again how much matching bonus commission an affiliate can earn depends on how much the new affiliate spend while joining the company.

  • 5% matching bonus commission – Medium affiliates
  • 10% matching bonus commission – Business affiliates

Again no information about matching bonus commission for a smart affiliate is present on the company website.

Ilcoin Mining

The main goal of the Ilgamos affiliate membership is to represent Ilgamos corporate marketing presentations, is to acquire Ilcoins.

When an affiliate signs up for a basic or higher-level package, then they get the OPR (Optional Purchase Right) points.

  • 200 OPR Points – Basic (€210)
  • 600 OPR Points – Medium (€595)
  • 1500 OPR Points – Business (€1150)
  • 7500 OPR Points – Smart (€5000)

Moreover, an affiliate can have additional OPR points by doing trading with other Ilgamos affiliates. The company control the price of OPR points, and they claim that they will never reduce the selling price.

The 30% of the commission of every affiliate is pay in the form of OPR points. The OPR points that any affiliate gets depends on the current rate set by the Ilgamos.

Gold Commitments

In the company compensation plan, the company often mention about affiliate Golg commitment. So what does these gold commitment means?

According to the company, it is the right to purchase physical gold for a total through (Ilgamos) at any time with our exclusive discount prices and get their gold home-delivered immediately or stored at no cost.

However, no other information is present on the company website.

Final Verdict about Ilgamos

By putting everything together, it seems that the company initially works as a straight-up recruitment scheme. But they try to hide their MLM scheme behind the ruse of affiliates purchasing gold.

Moreover, on the company compensation plan, they offer a hybrid gifting scheme some information about the company cryptocurrency Ilcoin.

Overall I would not recommend you to join the company MLM opportunity. Although it seems a good company, but there are some transparency issues, and even in the company compensation plan, there is no information about various essential things.

If you still want to join the company MLM opportunity, then I will suggest you do some more research before investing in the company.

If you want to invest your money to get a good return on your investment, then I will suggest you invest in Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. Crypto Cloud companies are 100% safe. So it’s worth checking them out as they are not doing any type of scam.

I hope my this review of Ilgamos is helpful for you, and it gives you detailed information about the company and its MLM opportunity.

Thank you!!!

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