INB Network Review: An AI-Driven MLM Scam

INB Network Website
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INB Network Review
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Review Summary

INB Network is not a reliable platform, as it makes a variety of contradictory claims. You cannot expect to make any significant profits from this company. Therefore, you should avoid investing in INB in the first place. Instead, you can rely on genuine Forex bots and investment companies to make money.

With a variety of AI tools and technologies becoming popular all over the world, it is expected that AI-related scams will also keep increasing. INB Network is one such company that presents itself as a highly modern AI-driven network capable of providing you with massive profits.

However, a thorough analysis of the business structure of shows that it is not capable of fulfilling its various claims and promises. Let’s explore the various aspects of INB Network, also known as AI.Marketing, to determine whether you can trust this platform.

Overview of INB Network

The official website of INB Network does not provide any concrete information about the owner of the website or the team that is managing it. Instead, the website provides very contradictory information.

INB Network Website

It refers to itself as both INB Network and AI.Marketing at different places is not clear whether the company is one entity or part of a larger organization. The information it gives makes it clear that the company is targeting a particular audience that is interested in AI marketing and making money via AI technologies.

Domain Insights

Analysis of INB Network’s website – – shows that the domain was registered in October 2022. There is a high chance that the company was operating with a different domain previously, but now it has shifted to a new domain to try to build its authority in the AI industry.

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The overall look and user interface of the website does not have a look to be carefully or professionally designed. It gives a bad impression, considering the fact that the company is claiming to be a modern AI-driven platform.

Owner of INB Network

INB has a contact us page on its website. However, it does not provide any information about the people behind this platform. Further research shows that the company has three different addresses in the UK, Hong Kong, and Russia. The UK address belongs to a traditional UK incorporation. It is a common trend among MLM companies and scam platforms to give such addresses to seem more credible.

Similarly, the other two addresses in Russia and Hong Kong also seem to be belonging to shell companies. As a result, there is no authentic information available about who is running the INB Network and its location of origin.

Registration Fee

The registration process for INB Network is quite complex. The team behind the company seems to be running two schemes – INB Network and AI Marketing – at the same time without providing any solid information about the differences between them.

According to, you will have to invest at least $10 in AI Marketing to get access to INB Network. The company is getting investments and registration fees in both USD and Bitcoin.

Business Model of INB Network

The business model of INB Network mainly involves two components: AI Marketing and INB Network. The company encourages you to invest in AI Marketing to earn in USD. However, further details about the company show that it also has its own tokens called NBO.

INB wants the users to first buy NBO and transfer them to AI Marketing to make any kind of returns. The INB Network section of also suggests that the users will be getting paid in NBO.

It shows that the company is trying to cast a wide net to capture the attention of users in one way or another. However, none of the business aspects are impressive enough to start investing in it. Therefore, you should not be investing in INB Network. Instead, you can choose a reliable forex trading or investment platform.

Features of INB Network

The following are the key features that INB Network claims to have:

Different Investment Strategies states that AI Marketing is a part of the whole INB Network that offers a wide range of investment opportunities to businesses. Moreover, the website states that the platform can generate sales through advertising campaigns.

However, none of such opportunities are actually incorporated into the business model of the platform. Instead, the company is working like any other MLM company with the goal of gaining as much investment as possible before its eventual collapse.

Products Promotion

Another tall claim of INB Network is that you can rely on it to use AI marketing tools and strategies to introduce your products to a large number of consumers. However, the company does not provide any specific details about the tools or strategies it will provide to registered users to promote their products.

Earn without Investment

The website of INB Network states that you can make money without making an investment. Yet, the company asks for at least $10 for registration purposes. Moreover, the company is encouraging users to refer INB to their friends and family to make more money. This is the most common attribute of any MLM scam.


INB claims to have a unique MarketBot that is capable of analyzing social media and search engines to help you make smart marketing decisions. However, this seems like another false claim of the platform because it does not provide any specific details of how this bot exactly works. Instead, the website provides generalized information and steps of how the bot will automatically grow your business.

INB Network Logo

Income Structure of INB Network

Just like any other MLM company, the INB Network also relies on affiliate ranks to compensate the users. Following are the 15 affiliates ranked in the income structure of INB:

  1. Partner Rank: You have to invest at least $10 to join as a Partner INB affiliate.
  2. Agent Rank: Make at least $10 in downline sales volume.
  3. Leading Agent Rank: Make at least $4096 in downline sales volume.
  4. VIP Agent Rank: Make at least $8192 in downline sales volume.
  5. Manager Rank: Make at least $32768 in downline sales volume.
  6. Leading Manager Rank: Make at least $65536 in downline sales volume.
  7. VIP Manager Rank: Make at least $131072 in downline sales volume.
  8. Director Rank: Make at least $262144 in downline sales volume.
  9. Leading Director Rank: Make at least $524288 in downline sales volume.
  10. VIP Director Rank: Make at least $1048576 in downline sales volume.
  11. Ruby Director Rank: Make at least $4194304 in downline sales volume.
  12. Sapphire Director Rank: Make at least $16777216 in downline sales volume.
  13. Diamond Director Rank: Make at least $67108864 in downline sales volume.
  14. Gold Director Rank: Make at least $134217728 in downline sales volume.
  15. Platinum Director Rank: Make at least $268435456 in downline sales volume.

Overall, these ranks show that INB Network has put extremely high requirements to achieve any high income or rank within the company.


Considering all of the features, business models, and compensation structures of INB Network, it can be concluded that it is not a suitable platform for investment and making money. The company is acting as a traditional MLM company that aims to receive as much investment as possible before its collapse.

If you choose to invest in INB Network, there is a high chance that you will lose your money and not get any return from the company. Therefore, you should avoid investing in it. Instead, you can choose to use reliable Forex brokers and investment platforms to make money in an efficient and safe manner.

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