The Infinity Code Review: Is It Just Another Scam?

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Infinity Code is a training program that promises to help you reap huge profits by selling stuff at Amazon. According to their site:, the program was started by Daniel Audunsson and Ryan Coisson after they made millions selling stuff on Amazon. Their motivation to make the Infinity Code according to the site is not clear, but they say they want their users to start making money. Is infinity code scam? Well, they are not scam in the sense that there is some truth in their system. In this infinity code review, I look at some of the features of infinity code and explain what I learned about them.

infinity code

Why I Liked the Infinity Code

There are many scam products online that will simply scam you of your money without adding any value. They simply come up with fake products and sell them you. That is not The Infinity Code does, their strategy simply involves teaching you to sell products on Amazon. However, I had to be keen to realise that they were simply trying to teach me the usual process of selling stuff on Amazon. How, I did I know that?

Well, the process they were using was the same one that everyone uses to select their preferred products. The difference is they were using different words to describe the same process. That is how they run their product, which is just a little better than scam. I liked them for that because even though they scam you, at least you will have learned an internet marketing technique in the process.

What I Didn’t Like About the Infinity Code

They Featured on Leading News Sites

infinity code

I did not like the open lie that Ryan tells to lure us into buying The Infinity Code. He claims that he and Daniel were featured in CNN, BBC, and other leading news sites because of the millions they have been making sourcing and selling items on Amazon. A quick check on those news sites did not reveal any such news associated with their names.

Which is not really surprising because they did not think that we were going to do that. That is one of the main strategies that all scams use. They state it as a fact knowing that you will not care to check out their story. They rely on the power of the News site brand they are associating themselves with to sell you their Infinity Code scam product. I do not appreciate the use of such lies.

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Blue Ocean on Amazon

infinity code scam

They claim that The Infinity Code will show you how to take advantage of a loophole that no one else knows. No one knows it because Amazon changed the rules of selling items on their platform and no one knows that they did it. That is an interesting thing to say because Amazon is in business for profit. They rely on affiliates to get over half of their sales.

That means they will not simply change rules without notifying their affiliates just for the sake of lower their affiliate’s sales. It is true that Amazon puts the customer first but they also do not do anything that will unjustifiably lower sales! Making up that lie to sell the Infinity Code is making fools out of us. That lie did not endear them to me at all.

They Are Making Profits Monthly

infinity code review

According to their The Infinity Code sales page, they are able to make huge profits monthly by using their strategy, Amazon does not punish them because what they are doing is above board. It sounds to me like they have a legitimate business established using a method that no else knows. Why would they not want to hire people, pay regular wages, and can scale it up?

After all, is that not what every smart person does? Well, it seems that Ryan and Daniel are different.

They have no such plans, instead, they simply plan to sell their strategy, make a few thousands and let you and me become their competitors. Why would they do that? The answer is simple, The Infinity Code does not work, it is just a tale they came with to sell you the well-known FBA program.

Use FBA to Make Thousands

infinity code

The Infinity Code promotes the use of Fulfilment By Amazon to sell your own branded items without having to go through the difficult hassles of shipping the products yourself. They say you can make lots of money with great ease, almost as if you were not working. That sounds great even to me, except that I am a member of forums where people are using FBA, and it is not all roses. In fact, people are only using the FBA as a “side hassle.”

The retruns are not enough to pay all your bills, there are many challenges because the program mixes products that bear the same brand. The Infinity Code says, you brand your products, but people from China will simply take your brand and use it to sell the same product but at a lower price. Amazon allows that as long as they create their own product listing! T

hat is why the FBA is not as a big a hit, unless you can compete with the rock bottom products from Chinese Counterfeits. I therefore did not like that approach either. No wonder they are selling the idea instead of using it.

The Infinity Code for a Select Few

infinity code

This is their last selling point that they hope to use to lure us into buying The Infinity Code. It is one of the oldest tricks used to get people to buy something in a rush. By making us think we have a deadline to beat, they steer us to make a decisions based on feelings rather than logic. To me, that is just a red flag, and I must request you to stay away from them.


infinity code review

If you visit their website and scroll to the bottom, you will find their disclaimer. It clearly states that any profit figures mentioned there are for illustration purposes only. That they may have worked for the owners but there is absolutely no guarantee they will work for you. You will pay thousands of dollars to get The Infinity Code and still not get a guarantee of success. I would honestly say it is a scam. There is no big difference between it and other scams.

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I hope that I have helped you avoid being scammed because a program like the Infinity code was never meant to help you rather they seek for what they will get from you in return after selling you just “sweet words”!  Please be careful about it and other similar programs like it. If you have any questions, please ask them below or just leave a comment.

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