Instant Funnel Machine Review: Is it a mere Garbage?

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Instant Funnel Machine

Instant Funnel Machine

You are possibly here because you have heard of Instant Funnel Machine and what they promise. In this Instant Funnel Machine review, I am going to look at what this program promises us. I am also going to look at their product benefits and costs with respect to tools that we need as affiliate marketers. In summary, the Instant Funnel Machine promises to turn your landing page into a money making page by harvesting emails from the visitors.

They have come up with several eBooks that you can use at your give away. Of course, the eBooks and other add-ons are Upsells. They will quickly add up on the initial $7 that gets your attention to thousands of dollars. At best, it is better than scam because they will give you the products they promise. However, you will find that they are mostly junk products and cannot get you a return on your $3,721 investment.

What I Liked About Instant Funnel Machine

Instant Funnel Machine

Unlike most scams online that sell you stuff that is of no use, the Instant Funnel Machine offers some value to your site. The eBooks can be used to trick some visitors to give you free emails. You will also be able to impress some visitors with the customized designs of the funnel themes. However, you need to realize that you will be giving out the same products as their other customers.

There are only ten eBooks. I therefore realized that it would be just a matter of time before my clients realize that am not adding value to their quest for a better life. That is the kind of perception of my site that I would never want users to have. Anyway, I liked that they offer us eBooks as bait to get emails, but at $1000, that is too much for stuff that will soon be popping up everywhere.

What I Didn’t Like About Instant Funnel Machine

No Affiliate Program

Instant Funnel Machine scam

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The Instant Funnel Machine is not an affiliate program as it might appear. All they have is an option for you to include affiliate links in their template design. That is all you will get for the $3721, after you pay for all their upsells. What is more is that the template design means that after a while, your site will look like a generic template. I wouldn’t want my affiliate site to look like that. That’s because it will simply tell my visitors that I didn’t put any effort in creating my site. There is something that I have come to learn makes us humans lose interest fast in a products. It’s knowing that someone rushed to create a product without adding much value, just so that they can make a quick buck from us. Which is why I wouldn’t recommend that you part away with $3,721 in exchange for the Instant Funnel Machine templates.

Limited Use of Affiliate Links

Instant Funnel Machine review

I would have imagined that if I pay $3,721 to get a product, then I would be able to do whatever it says it should do without limitations. However, that is not how it is with Instant Funnel Machine. You can only include up to four unique affiliate links to the Instant Funnel Machine. Why would I pay $3,721 just to be limited on how I can use a product? Affiliate marketing is a dynamic business. I need to be sure that once I have chosen to focus on particular products, I will not be restricted on whom I will work with or how many clients or entities I should work with. What is more is that Instant Funnel Machine only offers special integration features for JVZoo. One can almost say it was made to restrict us to JVZoo products!

Huge Upsells

Instant Funnel Machine

When it comes to upsells, the Instant Funnel Machine is the king. I say that because, on its homepage, you will see several bonus products plus a rock bottom registration fee of just $7.96 for a single site and $9.95 for multiple sites. However, for you to get the others tools that you need to make the products work, you need to pay a total of $3,721. As you can see, the initial $7.96 is just but a tiny fraction of what the Instant Funnel Machine will finally cost you. It is actually 0.21% to be exact. That is why it’s not worthy to try and register for this product.

No Affiliate Community

Instant Funnel MachineThere is also no way to get fellow affiliates’ opinion about the Instant Funnel Machine product. That means that if the Instant Funnel Machine happens to go down, you will not get even the free updates that community developers give on such forums. That is why I strongly advise you to stay away from Instant Funnel Machine.


Overall Rating: 1/10

Instant Funnel Machine reviewed

I believe that every dollar I spend buying any affiliate product should count. I should also be able to transfer some of the knowledge I get from such products to other areas of internet marketing. Unfortunately, the Instant Funnel Machine may not be a scam but it restricts us from doing that because it offers minimal training on internet marketing. At best, it’s just a template that I can only exploit fully with JVZoo products. It does not include an affiliate community, hosting, or site builder. I would honestly request that you put that $3721 into better use. Spending just an 1/8th of that money on affiliate sites such as Wealthy Affiliate will enable even a beginner to become a seasoned affiliate marketer. Let us look at some of the tools and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

  • You join a vibrant affiliate Community that offers you near instant responses to queries.
  • They charge a reasonable monthly fee of $47.
  • You get a free site Builder.
  • Free hosting.
  • Get Top Level Domain at just $11.
  • Live chat support 24/7.
  • Free affiliate marketing tips from forum members.
  • You get the fun of being a member of such a large and focused community, making your affiliate journey much easier.

The trick to being a successful affiliate marketer or anything for that matter is not buying expensive tools or training materials. It is working on what you want to learn in an environment where you mingle with the industry gurus. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is among the best places to be as you establish your affiliate business.

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