Investi Grams Review: Bogus Invest Scam

Investi Grams is a dirty scam that has been in the market for some time. The website is available in English and Russian language. The entity brags of having won multiple awards for the time that they have been in the industry.

The company is allegedly a multi-national investment entity. They are offering various assets like metals, Forex, CFD, and shares. The entity was established in 2020. The venture also brags about accepting clients from all over the world.

Investi Grams is an entity that advertises enticing business deals to their clients. The company advertises the availability of over 1200 trading instruments. The main red flag is that this entity is not regulated.

 Investi Grams Review,  Investi Grams Company

There are multiple currency pairs, cryptocurrencies like; ETH, BTC, and Dash that you can trade. They also have metals, indices, stocks, and indices. MT5 platform has various charting tools, indicators, and you can also customize your own trading EAs.

Investi Grams has been in the industry for a substantial timeframe. However, the venture lacks transparency. We do not know the people that are managing the funds of investors. There are better things to do rather than wasting time in this entity. Review

Investi Grams is an anonymous investment that remains unknown. Moreover, the corporate that manages the operation of this venture is also operating behind closed doors. Considering that the entity has been running for several years it ignorant for them not to have a license.

The company also requires investors to grant them permission to manage to run them. It is a serious mistake to give them trust while you do not know their real agenda. Their telephone number won’t go through when you deposit funds.

Invest with transparent forex trading brokers that are regulated. These companies are legit and have the best interest of their customers. Moreover, fund safety is guaranteed as there is nothing to worry about.

Save yourself the trouble and avoid this losing old scam. Sadly, there are complaints of people losing their funds. Investi Grams will eventually collapse and a lot of investors will lose funds. Trade wisely and get the appropriate knowledge to avoid losing money.

The platform does not have trading results. They only brag about having multiple assets. The lack of evidence raises more questions. The main goal of this venture is to steal money from as many traders as they can.

Investi Grams Contact Details

Investi Grams features their physical address on their website. The company is located in Suite 305 Griffith Corporate Center Kingstown, St. Vincent, and Grenadines. Their offices are open from Monday to Friday. They are targeting investors from the United Kingdom without having the necessary requirements.

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There is also a phone number that clients can use to reach the entity. You can also fill in their contact details case you have any queries. There are complaints that this venture is a losing scam. Traders accuse them of having unprofessional customer support.

Regulation Status     

Investi Grams is allegedly registered in the UK. Unfortunately, this venture is not in the database of the FCA. The risk that arises for the investors who venture with them is high.

Therefore, this financial investment is operating illegally. All the evidence that we have gathered shows that the company is a scam. You should not put your funds at risk. One day investors will wake up only to find that the broker has gone out of the market.

Investi Grams does not have a compensation scheme for their clients. Therefore, in case of insolvency, your money will be lost. Regulated brokers are way better since they offer fund security. Additionally, the FCA watchdog does not limit the leverage.

Investi Grams Trading Conditions

Investi Grams provides various trading platforms which include the MT5, and MT4. Here investors can look at other expert traders’ information without any charges. The venture offers a spread of 1.5 pips.

The cap is too high and unprofitable for investors. The transaction fees will be very high. The leverage cap is 1:400. You will be exposed to high risk if choose to engage with this dirty scheme. You can trade with the best brokers in the industry.

 Investi Grams Review,  Investi Grams Features

However, it does not change the fact that this is a shady entity that you should avoid. The platform is also providing their customers with an MT5 as we have constantly stated this is among the best software in the market.

Investi Grams claims that it is offering a training program for its customers. They guarantee quality education for their clients on all basic information regarding trading. The entity also has a demo account.

Investi Grams Withdrawal and Deposits

Investi Grams allegedly accepts funds via Tether, and credit card. There are limited methods that might be challenging for investors’. The company has three investment accounts that its clients can select from.

Deposits are done instantly. Nonetheless, there is a lot of information that is missing from this broker. We do not know the minimum amount that you can cash in. Leaving behind such essential information is a great mistake.

Investi Grams charges a fee on every withdrawal. For credit cards, you have to pay 3% on the credit card. Additionally, a flat fee of $7 also applies. Investors who cash out using Tether have to pay a fee of 1%.

Despite crypto payment being instant, this broker subjects their clients to wait for a period of 7 business days. Sadly, paying a fee in percentage form instead of having a fixed amount will hurt your pocket. This broker is after exploiting their clients.

Clients Feedback

We find it very suspicious that Investi Grams has been in the market for a few years. However, the firm does not have clients’ feedback. There are only complaints raising even more eyebrows.

There are better things that you can do rather than wasting your money and time in this losing company. Furthermore, this is a broker that should be blacklisted by regulatory bodies. It is illegal to offer financial services without having the right documents.

There are people who accuse Investi Grams of not processing the withdrawal. The main purpose of investing in an online venture is to acquire extra income. Therefore, once this entity takes away the right of clients to cash out it makes them an illegal scheme.

In the case future you encounter an investment entity like this one please avoid them. Scammers are able to manipulate data and information that they present. Therefore, seeing positive remarks from various platforms should not be taken seriously. The fraudulent venture will even pay marketers to promote their services.

Final Verdict

Investi Grams is a company that has been in the industry for a short duration. However, there is no evidence of investment activities taking place. There are multiple accusations of this firm being a scam. We do not recommend investors venture into this dirty scheme.

Invest with legit forex trading brokers that are reputable and trustworthy. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in safe hands. There are greater forces that come in place in making money. You cannot become rich overnight. If you come across an entity advertising too good to return it is best to walk away.


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