InvestingCrypto Review: A Blunt Ponzi Scheme

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InvestingCrypto Review
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We tried checking for withdrawal information, but we found none. How much can you invest at InvestingCrypto? How much can you cash out, and how long does it take? Leaving out such critical data does not leave a good taste. is the kind of scheme that will disappear with your cash. 

InvestingCrypto is a broker we wouldn’t recommend to any investors. The company might seem like a lucrative venture. Unfortunately, there are many red flags if you look keenly. The first one is that this is an unregulated scheme. If this is not enough reason to keep you off, stick with us to learn more. 

InvestingCrypto Review, Scam

The first thing you should do before depositing any funds into a scheme is run a thorough background check. Determine who is behind the platform and whether they are qualified and trustworthy. This would save you from dealing with unprofessional. 

Unfortunately, InvestingCrypto is an anonymous entity. The broker covers its tracks and leaves no trace behind. It is only rogue offshore schemes that operate in this manner. They do this to avoid being put behind bars. When the time is right, they exit the market unceremoniously. 

Investing in the financial market is a thing. You can make a kill, provided you have adequate skills. Jumping right into trading as a newbie will lead to unfavorable outcomes. We recommend sticking to genuine crypto companies. Many transparent platforms are operating per the books. Their trading activities are also verified. Why not give them a chance and earn real-time results? Review

InvestingCrypto claims to be one of the best brokers in the market. Sadly, this is a weak marketing strategy. The platform is outside the world rank as being a legitimate scheme. Furthermore, the traffic visiting the website is questionable. Only some individuals are interested in their services. 

Additionally, the trading activities of are unverified. They speak highly of their performance, yet there is no evidence of trading. We cannot guarantee there are existing investing products and services. 

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They claim to be using the latest automated trading software. Clients can’t familiarize themselves with the tool if there is no demo account. We even doubt there is a trading tool. Scammers tend to hide behind technology to avoid being questioned. 

If you decide to pursue InvestingCrypto, know you are not protected. Their sole intention is to steal from naive novice traders. Sadly, it is hard to recover cash from offshore schemes. You are better off without the broker. 

InvestingCrypto Trading Accounts and Platform 

InvestingCrypto is allegedly dealing with many products. They list cryptocurrency, forex, metals, commodities, and stocks. These assets require a superior trading tool. However, the scheme only shares claims of having a sound platform. They do not mention which one it is they are using. 

The superior software reputable in the industry is MetaTrader. It allows investors to place orders automatically and enjoy various features. You can even customize your scripts and EAs. 

Offshore companies prefer the web-trader interface. It is easy to use but lacks advanced features. Moreover, most fraudsters manipulate the market price using the tool. You might think you are trading successfully. Sadly, it is the simulations made by the swindlers. You must be careful when investing online. 

InvestingCrypto fails to feature the trading conditions. The swap, commission, leverage, and spread information is unavailable. These are the backbone of trading. Without the report, we cannot take the entity seriously. 

Another concern is the lack of different trading accounts. It is essential to choose what best works for you. Unfortunately, we do not know the other perks to expect in this case. Whoever built this website was in a hurry and did not care about the traders’ experience. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

We tried checking for withdrawal information, but we found none. How much can you invest at InvestingCrypto? How much can you cash out, and how long does it take? Leaving out such critical data does not leave a good taste. is the kind of scheme that will disappear with your cash. 

Expect hidden charges and unethical treatment from the website. They also fail to disclose the expected payment methods. Fraudsters often prefer options that limit investors from issuing a chargeback. 

Also, InvestingCrypto lacks a trading and conditions policy. How will you know what you are signing up for without the document? The financial watchdog requires all brokers to have legal documentation. The form is a guiding policy that creates a conducive trading environment. 

If there is any query, the matter can be resolved ethically. It is also hard for legitimate ventures to treat traders unethically. Doing so would make them lose their license and even face jail terms. The only reason scammers operate as they please without facing the consequences is that nobody can track them. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

We were expecting to view the office address and contact information. However, InvestingCrypto is determined to remain anonymous. The only contact information is an email address. It does not mean the scheme will not use VoIP phone numbers to cold call potential clients. 

They use tactical sales reps who are pretty convincing. The Fraudsters will lure you into their operation by playing psychological mind games. They promise excellent outcomes only to end up ghosting their victims. 

InvestingCrypto requires traders to share personal data. To verify your account and qualify for withdrawal, you must submit a Government Identity, proof of address, email, and full name. Why would you risk sharing such information with a broker that leaves no traces? What will they do with the data left behind? 

Remember that you are dealing with hardcore criminals. They can sell your information on the dark web, exposing you to more danger with the authorities. The only sure way of being safe is by dealing with legitimate brokers. 

Regulation Status of InvestingCrypto

Companies collecting funds from the public must first seek licenses from financial watchdogs. The rules must be met for a business to receive the regulatory form. For instance, there is a capital set by multiple financial watchdogs. 

The amount varies from one body to the other. For example, in the European Union, the capital requirement is £730K, while in the USA, the capital is $20,000,000. Of course, most scammers cannot afford the amount. They end up setting their rogue entities in offshore areas. 

InvestingCrypto lacks a license. The scheme also fails to disclose its ownership information, violating the rules. Legitimate ventures operate in full transparency. Sadly, the scam does not report daily transactional reports to the watchdog. 

The scheme also is not working with top tier 1 banks. Without account segregation, traders’ funds will be misused. Deposit made goes directly to the con artists’ pockets. The good thing about dealing with legitimate companies is you can receive compensation if the broker faces bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, offshore schemes like InvestingCrypto do not grant negative account balance protection. You end up losing more money than your initial deposit. They guarantee returns but never fulfill their promises. Avoid such schemes and stick to regulated companies.

Final Verdict

Based on the praise of InvestingCrypto showers, we hoped to see multiple customer reviews. Sadly, nobody seems interested in the broker’s activities. The domain name was recently registered, and there is a high possibility of the scheme being shut down prematurely. Do not waste your time and resources on a doomed project. 

Here are some of the best crypto ventures in the market. These are genuine and transparent companies. They have been in the industry for years. Investors have been able to cash out their money on time. There are also positive reviews from customers. 

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