Investzo Review: Dirty Scam

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Investzo Review
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The same broker also claims its primary firm is run directly from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Operating in such jurisdiction is a disclaimer in itself, as SVG has no oversight agency for the forex market. Therefore if you still somehow decide to invest with Investzo, be prepared to lose your money.

Investzo is a fraudulent forex broker masquerading as a legitimate Canadian-based broker. The broker purports to offer the best trading services, which every broker claims. The broker allegedly gives access to trading instruments, including commodities, forex, metals, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencies. Beware not to fall for its cliché to “wake up” your trading performance, as committing to this broker will be investment suicide. Review, Company

 Arguably, not all brokers are rogue, as you can find legal forex brokers. However, their numbers pale compared to scammers, who are undoubtedly cunning in an attempt to trap naive traders with alluring promises. These brokers will say everything you’d possibly want to hear. They will also offer freebies to entice you to give them business.

But once you do that, things go awry, and you will come to a harsh reality check; there is a stark contrast between what the shady brokers promised and what they deliver. Additionally, you realize that enticing incentives, such as bonuses, will be used against you.  

We always insist on fact-checking and proper background evaluation to avoid such predicaments. During the evaluation, you will notice hard-to-miss red flags that a broker is illicit. These include unverifiable regulations, omissions, substandard trading platforms, and outrageous trading conditions. Review

The broker targets Thai nationals from the outset since we had to switch to English. Moreover, traders have to choose between Thai residents or foreigners when registering. That said, it is unclear who owns this broker. This is because, on its footer, Investzo claims to be owned by Investzo LTD. At the same time, the FAQs say Primary Market Limited owns it. Such discrepancies are what you would expect from dubious brokers.

Traders on this platform allegedly have much to benefit from, including real-time market executions, negative balance protection, no requotes, free funds transfers, continuous promo bonuses, and fast withdrawals. While the broker does not allow changing account type, it allegedly accepts a trader to hold more than one account. Besides the demo account, the broker has standard and ECN accounts.

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According to the whois database, this broker registered in 2016; shockingly, Investzo has been scamming investors for that long. As we always say, market experience is not synonymous with credibility. Even if a broker has been in the market for long, you still have to ascertain its regulation status.  

Deposit & Withdrawal Policy

The broker claims to accept bank transfers, e-based payment methods, and “other” payment methods. We are unsure what “other” payment options the broker refers to. The minimum deposit amount is $20, which is incredibly low. However, do not fall for the affordability ploy. The low funding threshold is meant to get more people into fraud. Anyway, being a scam, it doesn’t care how much you deposit, provided it will be able to steal.

 Regarding withdrawals, Investzo states that it does not approve requests that can bring the margin level below 150 percent  

during weekdays. Likewise, the broker does not approve requests that can lower the margin level below 400 percent during weekends. Bonuses are also not eligible for withdrawal. Besides that, there was no mention of any applicable fees, including the withdrawal fee.

Investzo Trading Conditions

The unavailability of legal documentation, such as risk disclosure policy, KYC, and AML policy documents, is another tell-tale sign of a dishonest broker. These documents are crucial in this engagement as they highlight relevant areas, guidelines, and rules. It would be unwise to enter into an arrangement with this broker when it has omitted such details as you will be in the dark. Review, Features

Leverage is another crucial parameter that determines your profit prospects. Leverage cuts both ways; it increases the returns from a profitable trade but can also decimate your investment capital in a single wrong stroke of the market. Subsequently, regulatory bodies restrict leverage to 1:30 (UK, Australia, Cyprus) and 1:50 in the US and Canada. The restriction aims to cushion investors from incurring substantial losses that hurt their investments. Investzo advertises leverage ranging from 1:500 to 1:1000. This ridiculously high leverage makes traders susceptible to devastating losses. The broker 

is greedy for your money and knows it has no intention of allowing trade, The minute you deposit, it will steal your money. The broker’s spread is 2.1 pips. This is a broad spread and is not lucrative for traders. Much of your money will end up in the hands of the broker as a commission. We recommend you go for regulated brokers offering spreads below 1.

Investzo promises a 40 percent bonus. This is an unwelcome incentive that most forex regulators outlaw. Bonuses are forbidden owing to the extortionate conditions that are tied to them. Although the broker has not clarified withdrawing funds attached to bonuses, you can bet they are predatory. There is a high likelihood that you will be required to attain unrealistic trading volumes to access your funds. This is an alert of an unregulated broker.

Trading Platform

Legitimate brokers support reliable and industry-centered trading platforms, such as MT4 and MT5. Thanks to their algorithmic trading options, you can undertake automated trading sessions utilizing robots on these platforms. The trading bots evaluate the market and conduct trading operations per a predetermined trading strategy. All functions, including real-time quotations and all types of trade orders, including pending orders, are supported by this feature. 

The broker claims to offer an MT5 trading platform. Since creating the account required submitting sensitive details (passport number), we could not risk that, and we were thus unable to open the account. Subsequently, accessing the trading platform was impossible. Again, we noticed that the link to download the trading app looked fishy and compromised with the possibility of malware attacks. With all due consideration, this shady broker is not worth even trying.

Investzo Licensure & Regulation

For your information, Investzo is not licensed by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Canada’s official regulator. The broker is supposedly registered in Canada and subject to FINTRAC regulation there. Although not the official regulator, this organization serves as Canada’s financial intelligence division.

The same broker also claims its primary firm is run directly from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Operating in such jurisdiction is a disclaimer in itself, as SVG has no oversight agency for the forex market. Therefore if you still somehow decide to invest with Investzo, be prepared to lose your money.

Moreover, if a dispute occurs, you will not access legal redress due to jurisdictional constraints presented by SVG. Worse still, when the broker swindles you or becomes insolvent, you will not get any compensation, as an unregulated broker is not obligated to reimburse you. The broker bears no good news, and it’s best to avoid it.


Despite the attractiveness of forex trading, investors must exercise caution when choosing their investment brokers. This is crucial given the rise of fraud cases, which puts inexperienced investors at tremendous risk. Investzo is a hazerdous venture. Fortunately, there is a handbook that you can use to discern legal forex brokers and shun unscrupulous ones like Investzo.

You need to work with reputable forex brokers if you want your forex investment dreams to come true. These brokers follow regulatory laws and provide fair trading conditions. You can invest confidently to accomplish your goals because reputable brokers won’t risk the security of your money.

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