Coin Royal Review: FCA has Blacklisted

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Coin Royal Review
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There are misleading reviews indicating Coin Royal is a genuine company. The Ponzi scheme is on the FCA blacklist. The best thing is to avoid trading with the broker. 

Coin Royal encourages more people to join their platform. The broker promises low spreads and attractive trading conditions. They also present a wide variety of trading products. These include; cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, bonds, and forex. 

Coin Royal Review, Coin Royal Company

These products are profitable and require excellent skills to thrive in the industry. The volatility of the assets can either make you huge returns or losses. Therefore, understanding the basic trading terminology and what to expect is essential. claims to be offering educational materials. Investors can access multiple materials to make them professional traders. It takes practice and opening a live account to familiarize yourself with the trading process. You can start with demo accounts, which don’t require real cash. 

Some scammers offer educational materials that can be accessed online for free. With such schemes, we do not encourage investors to waste their cash. Furthermore, the company is operating illegally, and it can mislead customers. This review will focus on major red flags on why you should stay away. Stick with us to learn more. Review

The company accepts novice traders, intermediate and expert ones. Unfortunately, no professional investors will waste their money and time on a suspicious company. We tried checking the ownership information without success. Anonymity is one of the unacceptable traits, especially for investment schemes. 

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Knowing the qualification and identity of people handling your cash is essential. Do not mindlessly believe what Coin Royal publishes on the website. Typical fraudsters lie about everything to win your trust. Some even use stock images and alluring messages to entice more victims. 

We recommend trading with reputable forex brokers and genuine crypto trading companies. These are verified and regulated companies with years of experience. You stand a chance of earning real-time returns without being defrauded. You can also utilize the free educational resources available on the website. 

Coin Royal has a new domain. The company lacks a trading history. Therefore, venturing with them exposes you to severe risks. You will be testing the water while risking the safety of your data and cash. Moreover, this is an offshore company that can collapse at any time. There are major warnings from the government against trading with them. 

Coin Royal Trading Accounts

The broker presents five trading accounts. The standard package accepts a minimum deposit of $500. This is double what major brokers require. Additionally, you can get better deals with genuine companies accepting as low as $10. The plan grants users one week of signals and a dedicated account manager. Review, Accounts

What we find surprising is their choice to expose novice traders to high leverage. The minimum cap is 1:100, which is suspicious. When starting, you need to start with lower leverage. Financial bodies regulate the market by making the trading environment conducive. 

The approved leverage cap is between 1:30 to 1:50, depending on the area of operation. Professional traders can enjoy high leverage by proving their experts and having enough capital. 

Trading Conditions 

The second investment plan leverage is 1:200. It comes with the same perks as the standard one. The extra advantage is access to a secret group, webinars, and an educational library. You need to deposit $5,000, which is also high. 

The third account has a swap of 25% discount, 1:400 leverage, access to the senior account manager, and one-on-one educational meetings. Investors also get trading ideas every day. To enjoy the advertised perks, you must deposit $25,000.  

Coin Royal offers leverage of 1:400 on the fourth account. It comes with a 50% discount, a weekly session with the account manager, unspecified spreads marked as expert level, and live webinars. The capital requirement is $100,000. You should not cash in such an amount with an unregulated firm. 

The fifty account does not specify the amount of capital required. Investors are required to call Coin Royal to inquire. It has an absurd leverage of 1:600. When accepting such limits. You should know you can either make big wins or losses. There is no in-between. Even for experienced traders, the cap is dangerous.

Coin Royal Withdrawal and Deposits

Coin Royal fails to provide withdrawal and deposit information. We are unaware of the available payment methods. Usually, brokers accept PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers, Visa, and Mastercard. The latter option is secure since you can issue a chargeback for up to 540 days. 

Unfortunately, we do not know the minimum withdrawable amount. It is also hard to know if is charging fees. Offshore brokers attach hidden terms. However, this venture lacks a terms and conditions policy. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Coin Royal claims to have multiple offices worldwide. Sadly, the scheme fails to provide even a single office address. The platform is dedicated to remaining anonymous. It is only the fraudulent schemes that operate behind the shadows. 

Ironically, the company requires investors to avail ID and other personal data when opening accounts. Avoid entrusting such information to shady firms. The offshore platform claims customers can reach them 24/7 to raise their problems or queries. 

However, the only mode of communication is via email. We all know how easy it is to ignore emails. Scammers use VoIP phone numbers to cold call their victims. There is no hope in this company. You will only get bad experiences from the unethical team. 

The only time swindlers are friendly and engaging is when they cash. Once you run out of money, they block you from accessing their services. Your calls are forwarded or blacklisted. To enjoy better customer service, look for licensed brokers.

Coin Royal Customer Reviews  

There are some client testimonials allegedly left by the company’s team. The statements are coming from happy customers. However, we suspect these are rogue marketers working with the scammers. 

The anonymity of the reviewers leads to our suspicion. These commenters leave no social media links. Additionally, they do not have pictures on their profiles, just their names. Ensure you always look for proof of payment. 

Fraudsters have become smart and do their best to win investors’ funds. Reputable companies have audited trading results. You can also get their genuine customer feedback on reputable third-party websites. 

Regulation Status of Coin Royal

Coin Royal fails to mention anything about its legitimacy. They are offering financial services to investors across the globe. Therefore, their website should be decorated with multiple licenses. Sadly, this is not the case. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the financial body of the UK, has slapped the scheme with a warning. The company is an unauthorized broker. This is the last nail to the coffin and another proof to avoid

Coin-Royal Review, How to withdraw from  Brokers must meet a capital requirement of 730K EUR to acquire a license in the UK. Additionally, these schemes should present the names of their team and parent company. It is also important that they work with a reputable financial institution to segregate the account of traders from their own.

One of the benefits of trading with a licensed company in the European Union is you stand a chance of receiving compensation in the event of bankruptcy. You will also trade with confidence since the broker won’t abandon you.

Final verdict

There are misleading reviews indicating Coin Royal is a genuine company. Unfortunately, you will only be counting the losses of your decision to entrust the scheme with your hard-earned money.

Trade with reputable and authentic crypto companies. These regulated brokers have years of experience. They have survived the volatility, and you can access their legit customer reviews. 

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