Finex Limited Review: CNMV Blacklisted Broker

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Finex Limited Review
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Investors can also leverage crypto trading by purchasing coins while the price is low and selling later at a profit. Finex Limited also claims to be mining cryptos. How can they be mining, yet there is no mining equipment? Additionally, the scheme fails to disclose the machine being used.

Finex Limited has three simple steps for investors that wish to join them. You need to complete the registration process to start earning. Receive a welcome bonus, fund your account and make predictions of the next market direction.  However, before deciding to trade, ensure you have trading experience. 

Finex Limited Review, Finex Limited Company

Acquiring some basic trading skills comes in handy. Understand the terminology and techniques used. claims to have dedicated account managers. Sadly, the entity fails to credit the team. 

Investment brokers need to operate in full transparency. You have the right to know the qualification and identity of people handling your cash. They claim to be trading cryptocurrencies. 

These assets are volatile. Back in the day, investors would earn mind-blowing returns. Currently, this is not the case. There are more products and exchanges. Additionally, more people have started investing. 

To make a killer income, you must be an expert trader. There are many scammers in the market ready to exploit newbies. You must be careful as they are enticing. They make ridiculous promises only to end up exiting the market. Be vigilant and look for reputable and genuine crypto companies. Review

The domain was registered in February 2023. The company is neither reputable nor trying to prove otherwise. The firm should have provided trading results when they were in the market. It’s important to know how a broker has been performing. 

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There are numerous methods that you can use to earn. For instance, you can lend out various digital currencies without having trading experience. Do not try doing what the broker suggests. It’s dangerous to jump into the market blindly.

The other listed option is investing in Initial Coin Offering. We do not know which digital coin Finex Limited promotes. The firm has shady features. For all we know, they can mislead investors by making them invest in scam coins.

Investors can also leverage crypto trading by purchasing coins while the price is low and selling later at a profit. Finex Limited also claims to be mining cryptos. How can they be mining, yet there is no mining equipment? Additionally, the scheme fails to disclose the machine being used.

Mining processes are expensive. Brokers need to disclose how they will distribute charges to traders. You are better off without the firm. Search for transparent and reliable entities instead of wasting your funds and time in a losing scheme. 

Trading Accounts and Conditions 

Finex Limited features five trading accounts. Deposit a minimum capital of 500 EUR to start trading. Expect 1:200 leverage, daily news, 25% margin loan, weekly market review, live stream, trading webinars, and access to an account manager. 

The other preceding account offers similar perks. The second account has a loan margin of 35%. Daily market reviews, signals, in-depth market research, analyst session, and portfolio construction. Review, Accounts

The fourth and fifth leverage range from 1:300 to 1:400. The cap might seem profitable, but this is too much for crypto companies. Legit companies offer crypto leverage of 1:2. Financial watchdogs limit the cap to secure the trading environment. Investors are protected against severe losses. 

However, scammers can push traders to unfavorable trading conditions. They will deliberately make you lose for them to gain. The spread information is not missing. Finex Limited leaves out information on the available trading platform. How then will you place an order when there are no available tools? 

Finex Limited Withdrawal and Deposits

Finex Limited lists payment methods such as Skrill, QiWi, MasterCard, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, and Payoneer. We don’t know whether these payment methods are indeed what the company uses. 

The platform guarantees that withdrawal requests take 1 hour to be approved. Scammers will keep clients’ funds by refusing to approve withdrawal requests. Moreover, there is no proof of withdrawal. 

Legitimate companies present their terms and conditions. These are clearly outlined rules. Information regarding the withdrawal fee is accessible to all. Finex Limited is offering traders bonuses. However, the scheme fails to indicate the conditions investors must meet to qualify for withdrawal. 

We are also unaware of the minimum withdrawal customers should cash out. We cannot find customers’ reviews. It is strange, considering the firm claims to be making high ROI. Nothing is verifiable with this company.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Finex Limited’s office address indicates the company operates from Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is mainly targeting investors from Spain and the United Kingdom. We cannot verify whether the location is legit. One thing that we are certain of is shady entities will never expose their country of origin. 

Sharing the information would go against their policy. The authorities would be on their neck. Their angry customers would also come after them. There is only one channel that clients can use to reach the company. There is an email address available but no phone number available. 

Finex Limited handles traders’ cash but cannot provide professional support. Invest with the best brokers in the market that provide the best services. You should be able to reach an investment platform immediately after you experience a challenge. The team should also be responsive and friendly. 

Regulation Status of Finex Limited

Finex Limited operates illegitimately. No single financial body in the market approves their activities. The scheme is bogus and has a warning from Spain regulator CNMV. Why would you still invest with them? Nothing good can come from an exposed scam. 

Legitimate companies operate per the books. They also record daily transactional results. Their ownership information is present. If there is any challenge, the authority knows whom to hold liable. These schemes operate in full transparency, and they are credible. 

Finex Limited has not met the capital requirement set by various financial bodies. The amount proves the scheme can successfully run its financial services without defrauding customers. The deposit to offshore schemes goes directly into the con artists’ pockets. It is impossible to receive the cash. 

The best thing about investing with legit companies is peace of mind. You are certain the platform is going to be present. Scammers leave their customers high and dry. Additionally, regulated companies participate in compensation schemes. If they face bankruptcy, investors stand a chance to receive compensation. 

Is Finex Limited Legit or a Scam?

There is a high possibility of Finex Limited being a scam. The scheme states it offers 100% secured trading experience. However, the scheme is not working with a top-tier bank. How then will they be able to protect your money? 

Working with a reputable bank ensures traders’ accounts are segregated from the company’s. The process also streamlines the withdrawal process. The offshore scheme claims to work with expert traders who guide the newbies. If true, the platform would not have a problem crediting the team. 

Ironically, Finex Limited also claims to offer 24/7 customer support service. There is no phone number available, only an email address. The other concern is how the broker can trade over 10,000 orders without having a trading software or platform. 

Final Verdict

Finex Limited’s trading conditions are a big red flag. The company is operating anonymously without audited performance. Nobody has endorsed the platform nor claimed to have experienced professional services. The domain name proves the website is new. You likely won’t be able to cash out from the system. 

In the meantime, check out some of these reputable and genuine crypto companies. You can read clients’ testimonials on third-parties websites. Additionally, you can review the terms and conditions to view what you are signing up for. 


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