Leotradez Review: Leotradez.com Too Many red Flags

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Leotradez Review
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You won’t get fund safety from Leotradez. The company is not working with a top-tier bank. Investment schemes must segregate the accounts of investors with reputable banks. It ensures funds are secure and the withdrawal process is swift.

Leotradez is a broker dealing with cryptocurrency investment. They are targeting all levels of traders. The entity does not wish anyone to miss out on the opportunity of making cash. The scheme list features that it believes makes them stand out. 

Leotradez Review, Leotradez Company

They brag about having thousands of existing customers. The platform accepts clients worldwide. The big question is, does Leotradez.com has a license? Each country has its own set of rules which all investment schemes must follow.

 Always check on the website of your local financial watchdog to ascertain if a broker’s operation is legitimate. Avoid venturing with offshore entities. Most of them end up frustrating their customers. 

Leotradez claims it works with a group of experts. This is a common trick used by scammers to win traders’ trust. There is no evidence the company is working with professional account managers, financial analysts, and a reputable corporate. 

Unfortunately,  the entity is operating anonymously. It has not credited the team. We have many unanswered questions. The reason why brokers choose to remain discreet is to avoid being traced by the authority. Stick with us as we uncover more troublesome facts regarding the entity. 

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Leotradez.com Review

Leotradez states it has over 1000 trading assets. They also offer first-class training to all traders. Sadly, the scheme fails to feature a course outline. We do not know what to expect from their resources. Additionally, we cannot verify if the entity is indeed educating customers. 

You can determine if a company is reliable by checking its trading history. A genuine broker will have audited trading results. They also operate in full transparency. On the other hand, fraudsters hide a  lot of information from investors. They also don’t protect funds and data. 

Leotradez domain name is newly registered. It is risky to venture with such an entity, especially since there is no proof of trading activities. The company also lacks endorsement from traders. Joining them makes you their guinea pig. If things go south, others shall learn using your experience. 

Ensure you trade with the best cryptocurrency trading companies. These are leading platforms with a good reputation. The entities’ trading performance is verified. You shall also trade in a conducive environment. 

Trading Accounts and the Available Platform

Leotradez has three trading accounts; standard, mini, and managed package. Despite the entity claiming to have multiple tradable products, they only provide information on forex trading. We do not know the forex pairs available.

Leotradez.com Review, Leotradez.com Trading Accounts

The account types have no information on the leverage, commission, and spread. It is critical to highlight the trading conditions. Investors will be able to choose what appeal to them the most. 

Legitimate companies offer leverage of 1:30 or 1:50 for currency pairs. On the other hand, offshore companies advertise high leverage. The cap may appear lucrative to some. However, remember that a high cap can either attract losses or profits. The market is volatile; therefore, it is important to trade carefully. 

The market standard for spread is 1.5 pips. The tighter the spread, the higher the returns. You will also need less amount to open trade. Leotradez is not worth your cash since there is no available trading platform. Even vague schemes in the market will attempt to appear authentic by providing a web-based interface. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

Leotradez lists payment methods such as; credit cards, visa cards, and bank transfers. Through the company terms and conditions policy, we learned they offer bonuses. These are lucrative rewards that regulatory bodies are against. This is because the money legally belongs to the company. 

Scammers inflict unfavorable conditions to limit traders from cashing out funds. Leotradez.com does not approve a withdrawal request unless you meet a trading volume 40 times the amount of capital deposited plus the bonus. You must meet a total turnover of $50,000. 

Leotradez takes 5 business days to handle the withdrawal process. However, high withdrawal takes longer. You cannot cash out unless you provide proof of identity. You will need to provide an ID. Sharing such data with a shady entity is unwise. The venture can sell the data to third parties or criminals. 

Leotradez Contact Details and Customer Support

To contact Leotradez, you need to fill up a contact form. Alternatively, you can either call or email the entity. There are multiple phone numbers with different country codes. Unfortunately, we do not know the entity’s country of origin.

Legitimate companies provide an office address. They will also have active social media accounts whereby they interact with traders. However, scammers hide behind the shadows. They deactivate their phone numbers when exposed. 

They also cannot afford professional support. Leotradez seems like a Ponzi scheme. The broker should not be entrusted with investors’ data as they may use it to manipulate investors. 

It will be difficult to track down the scheme once it shuts down its business. Nobody knows who the founders are or their area of operation. It is safe to avoid dealing with virtual companies. 

Does Leotradez have a License?

The entity claims it has a license from SEC. The information is false and misleading. Leotradez operates independently. It does not have a license or a registration form. They are looking for naive investors who don’t understand how investment works. 

Considering the venture accepts traders worldwide, it should have several licenses. Dealing with an offshore unlicensed broker is dangerous. You won’t enjoy fund safety. These kinds of entities inflict hidden charges. They can also change their legal documentation without giving notice. 

The main problem with offshore entities is that nobody watches their business. Legitimate brokers report their daily trading activities to the financial watchdogs. Therefore, they cannot change the market price. This is not the case with offshore schemes, as some lack trading tools.

Fund Safety at Leotradez 

You won’t get fund safety from Leotradez. The company is not working with a top-tier bank. Investment schemes must segregate the accounts of investors with reputable banks. It ensures funds are secure and the withdrawal process is swift.

By checking the ownership information, you will also know if a scheme offers funds safety. Unfortunately, this discreet scheme falsely claims to be working with professionals. You have the right to know the people handling your cash.

Leotradez has no customer reviews. They claim to be profitable, yet nobody attests they have earned from the system. Look for customer reviews to get first-hand information about their experience. Through this, you will learn whether an entity handles the withdrawal request. Additionally, you will know what type of customer service to expect. 

Only a handful of offshore schemes offer fund safety. Leotradez.com does not even have a trading tool. The entity targets rookie traders. Avoid such entities if you want to enjoy trading online. 

Final Verdict

Leotradez is a proven scam and is only a matter of time before it exits the market. The entity has no tangible proof of investment activities. The offshore entity has no license. It also fails to disclose its location. Why would you open an account with a broker without trading products and services? Which trading conditions will you be expecting? 

Trade with legitimate crypto companies in the market. You will earn passive income without subjecting your safety. Additionally, you can learn valuable skills while enjoying top-notch customer support services. 

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