NetProfit Review: Bold Scam

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NetProfit Review
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NetProfit claims to be an international investment venture. The least the company would have done is to present licenses. It would help to know you are dealing with an approved broker.

NetProfit assures investors it makes the trading experience simpler than ever before. The platform is all about trading smarter by using easy-to-use tools. They trade CFDs on BTC, metals, EFTs, commodities, and stocks. The firm accepts traders worldwide. They are using modern techniques to benefit all.

NetProfit Review, NetProfit Company

It might seem like a noble act. However, there is more than what meets the eye with The broker has some shady features making them a bad choice. Instead of discussing the technique, the broker features generic information to explain stock trading.

 In their attempt to win your trust, the scheme claims to have over 2 million traders. We wonder where all these clients are coming from. The website traffic is very minimal. Additionally, the domain name shows the company is barely a year old. It takes time to build a reputation. Furthermore, we cannot find anything unique.

Ensure you only venture with the best cryptocurrency companies. You will find some genuine entities despite the market being plagued by fraudsters. These are entities dedicated to serving customers. Their services are top-notch and professional. You get a chance to grow your portfolio without worrying about your safety. Review

NetProfit is allegedly offering learning materials to traders. They want you to sharpen your skills and grow your wealth. Most brokers in the industry provide learning materials through webinars, e-books, and videos. 

We did not see any of the above available on the website. Furthermore, there is also no course outline. Therefore, we cannot ascertain whether the broker is educating its members. We also have a concern about the ownership information. 

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NetProfit operates discreetly. The venture is hiding essential information. Genuine investment firms will win clients’ trust by showcasing the team. Knowing the qualification and identity of the people handling your cash gives you confidence. You also get to enjoy peace of mind.

 If anything goes wrong, you know whom to hold accountable. It is only offshore entities that thrive in discreetness. Their aim is not to get caught by the authority. Their operations exit the market prematurely, leaving investors high and dry. Refrain from entrusting your cash to such shady schemes. 

NetProfit Trading Accounts and Conditions 

NetProfit features four trading accounts. The minimum amount you can deposit is between $250 to $5,000. Typical brokers charge $250, but this does not mean you won’t find genuine cheaper companies. Some licensed platforms are accepting as low as $10. 

The company outlines the expected leverage, fees, swap, and commission. There are also other higher perks for traders willing to deposit more cash. One thing that put us off is the percentage form fees. These are usually unfavorable to traders. It is better to have fixed fees. Review, Accounts

NetProfit offers a web-trader platform. The tools are easy to use but lack advanced features like EAs. Therefore, investors cannot place orders automatically. The main problem is that scammers provide basic trading tools to manipulate the market price. You might think you are winning, yet the company is misleading. 

Another concern is the lack of trading performance. The firm doesn’t have verified audited results. When you venture with the best brokers, you won’t have to worry about such things. Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods include; Visa, MasterCard, BTC, Skrill, and e-wallets. To start trading, open an account, deposit minimal capital, and choose from more than 250 products. Unfortunately, we cannot verify whether the scheme accepts all the listed options. 

We wouldn’t risk sharing our information with them. During registration, brokers require your ID, proof of address, email address, and phone number. Avoid sharing such data with anonymous people. They can do the unthinkable with the info. 

NetProfit terms and conditions document fails to provide detailed withdrawal information. The form has generic data. The scheme is hiding something. We are in the dark concerning the minimum withdrawable amount. Invest with a company only when you are certain about the withdrawal information. 

Scammers tend to withhold traders’ cash. They give all sorts of excuses. Some will even start claiming the money is being used for taxation. Another thing is fraudsters change their legal documentation overnight without giving notice. It ends up being customers’ words against theirs. 

Customer Support and Contact Details 

NetProfit has an England address, a phone number, and an email address. The information is unverified. The entity is also unauthorized to operate in the area. Scammers use generic addresses to appear transparent. The reality is these companies wouldn’t risk blowing up their cover. 

It is hard for the authority and victims to pinpoint the fraudsters’ country of origin. These platforms cannot afford to hire professional customer support. They end up frustrating their victims. The cut-off communication once you run out of funds or when they are exposed as illegitimate ventures.

Investing with the best companies allows you to enjoy top-notch customer service. Trustworthy entities care about traders’ well-being. You can easily reach the team whenever you have a query. 

Is NetProfit Regulated?

NetProfit claims to be an international investment venture. The least the company would have done is to present licenses. It would help to know you are dealing with an approved broker. Unfortunately, this is a rogue scheme that no agency would permit to operate in its jurisdiction. 

They are targeting European Union citizens. Sadly, the firm is not in European Security and Markets Authority (ESMA) database. Brokers in this region must present the name of their parent company, account managers, and financial analysts to the agency. The information helps authenticate the qualification and entity’s transparency. The legal documentation is the company’s guiding policy. 

However, NetProfit presents a shady form. It proves nobody approves of their activities. Only regulated companies can offer investors the safety of funds and data security. 

Avoid dealing with bogus schemes that lack trading products and services. Legit companies in the EU participate in compensation schemes. Investors stand a chance of receiving £85,000 compensation in the event of bankruptcy. These entities report their daily transactional history to the financial watchdogs. Price manipulation has never been a concern. 

Is NetProfit Legit or a Scam? 

More evidence points out that NetProfit is a shady venture. The entity claim to have won multiple awards, such as being the best European broker, CFD provider, customer services, trading conditions, and consultancy.

Newbies may be easily gullible to believe them. However, the time these awards were won contradicts the year the domain was registered. How would they have been awarded before their business was running?

 Mind you; the scheme does not mention existing using a different name. This is a shady venture that will say anything to win over unsuspecting traders. Another red flag is the lack of superior trading tools for forex traders. The basic web interface won’t do the work. Furthermore, the spread information is left out.

NetProfit brags about working with Tier-1 banks to keep investors’ cash safe. Unfortunately, the entity fails to mention the name of these financial institutions. We doubt such a dubious venture is involved in the segregation of accounts. They are only trying to win customers’ trust. Deposited funds go to the con artists’ pockets. 

The offshore entity mentions working with expert analysis. The individuals work together with a professional team of traders. The broker expects us to believe its statements, yet it operates behind the shadows. Refrain from engaging with them. 

Final Verdict

NetProfit is untrustworthy. The scheme has too many red flags that we have discussed in detail. Investors seeking better trading opportunities should stick to genuine and licensed crypto companies

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