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VerifiedTraders Review
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  • Customer Support
  • Fund Safety
  • Trading Conditions
  • Proof of Payment
  • Withdrawal of Funds


Verified Traders keeps showing pop-ups of investors that have withdrawn some cash. This is nothing but a false alarm. Such ploys are common with Ponzi schemes. Novice investors looking for get-rich-quick opportunities end up joining due to a fake marketing strategy.

VerifiedTraders is an alleged investment company that has caught our attention. The broker may seem genuine, but there is more than what meets the eye. In this unbiased review, we shall uncover the ambiguity of the platform. Do not take into account any positive reviews regarding 

VerifiedTraders Review, Is VerifiedTraders Legit?

The people behind the scheme have done a tremendous job marketing their services. The entity is offering investment services in Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Bonds. They brag about working with professional traders that provide customers with expert fundamental analysis and expert technical.

Is VerifiedTraders an authentic broker? Does the entity have a license? Is there any proof of payment made by the company? Is Verified Traders legit? These are some of the big questions you should ask yourself before entrusting your hard-earned money to any firm. Review

The scheme claims it stakes customers in digital currencies and invests its funds in bonds, oil, and forex. Unfortunately, the entity lacks a trading history. Ironically, the shady broker’s marketers claim the firm has operated since 2016. A quick domain background check will show you the registration in May 2023.

VerifiedTraders lacks concrete proof of investment activities. Still, there is no reason why the platform failed to avail audited trading results. Being new in the market does not excuse them from accountability. 

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Reputable cryptocurrency companies operate in full transparency. Before you deposit your money, you will have an insight into what to expect. These platforms have survived the market volatility. You can count on them to generate real-time returns. 

Who Owns Verified Traders? 

VerifiedTraders offers customers educational resources, trading expertise, and signals. The team members come from every corner of the world. The 38 individuals are economists, researchers, marketers, economists, and engineers. This seems like a powerful team. 

 The big question is why does not credit them by publishing their name, photos, qualifications, and educational background. We cannot simply take their word for it, nor should you. The ownership information needs to be added to the website.

Legitimate brokers have nothing to hide. There is adequate information regarding the founder and the team. This helps in building trust. It is also a mandatory requirement from the financial watchdogs for all companies to present the names of individuals handling traders’ cash. The process helps the government to keep track of the firm and know whom to hold accountable if things go south. 

How will you trace down VerifiedTraders when they exit the market? Who will you hold accountable or report to the authority when the scheme collapses? You must be careful with your fund’s safety.

Luckily, thanks to our expertise, we were able to unearth the con artist behind the entity. The scammer behind is based in Kenya. His name is Warren Ouma, and he lacks financial skills. 

Warren is infamous for being unethical and has a history of being inconsiderate of other people’s investments. Honestly, this is someone you should avoid entrusting with your cash. 

Available Investment Packages and Accounts

VerifiedTraders has three trading accounts: BTC 1, BTC 2, and BTC 3. The minimum amount you can deposit in the basic plan is BTC 0.69, equivalent to $2030.26. Within an hour, you will have doubled your investment with an additional gift bonus. 

The second account matures in three months. You must cash in BTC 0.17 or $5000.1 per the current market rate. The capital will double up within the indicated timeframe. There is also an additional gift bonus of BTC 500. 

Verified Traders Review, Is Verified Traders a Scam?

VerifiedTraders encourages investors to deposit BTC 0.34, equivalent to $10004.19, to receive huge rewards. The investment matures in 2 weeks. Afterward, you will have earned $73,230 plus a 1000 BTC gift bonus. 

It might seem like the entity is asking for low capital compared to other brokers. However, we believe this is to attract more audience. The more people invest, the richer the scammers will get. 

It is impossible to generate such huge returns within an unrealistic period. Gone are the days investors used to generate lucrative returns from cryptocurrency trading. The market is super volatile. 

Invalid VerifiedTraders Lucrative Offers

Instead of specifying the trading conditions available VerifiedTraders is making ridiculous offers. Their basic package is advertised as idyllic to beginners. It comes with access to network events, athletic events, gold events, business workshops, and investment seminars. 

The best cryptocurrency company never makes such promises. If you come across a broker with such promises, walk away and report them to the authority. The company’s second investment plan is best for investors looking for savings accounts. They get a chance to grow their investment through compounding. 

We would love to know the technique VerifiedTraders uses to be able to double funds within three months. The premium package is laughable: premium whisky tasting, lifestyle events, movies, VIP access to major airports, and platinum Debit Cards. 

You do not need financial literacy to see through the lies of the Ponzi scheme. There is no legitimate company that will entice you with such absurd offers. You should also note that trading is no child’s play. If making money was this easy, then everyone would be doing it.

Verified Traders Trading Conditions and Trading Platform

Despite the scheme mentioning premium forex services, we are unaware of the available forex pairs. Knowing what leverage limit and spread to expect from a broker is essential. Moreover, we don’t have any information on the swap and commission. 

The reason why VerifiedTraders fails to provide trading conditions is because of a need for products and services. The company is after defrauding naive investors. They falsely claim to use arbitrage trading techniques and automated trading software. 

If their statement is true, then they would not have a problem providing the performance rate of their EA. If you are a forex trader, we recommend trading with reputable brokers availing the MetaTrader interface. 

The superior interface allows investors to trade automatically and customize scripts and EAs. It is an easy-to-use software, and the VPS helps keep your orders active. You also have access to multiple markets. The average market standard for spread is 1.5 pips and leverage of 1:30 to 1:50. 

Regulatory bodies oversee the market by ensuring the trading environment is safe. Legitimate companies offer the best trading conditions. They will not subject you to harsh terms and conditions. 

Also, it is important to note that financial watchdogs are against bonuses and rewards. The main reason is offshore companies and scammers attach unattainable conditions. Investors will never achieve their terms, and they end up losing cash. 

VerifiedTraders Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum deposit is $2,000, which is way above what average brokers require. Furthermore, VerifiedTraders contradicts itself. On the account type, they feature the minimum deposit to be $5000. You won’t find such reckless mistakes with a leading investment company. 

The company does not feature acceptable payment methods. However, we suspect cryptocurrency is one of the available options. There is nothing wrong with digital currency payments. The option is instantaneous and eliminates the waiting period with traditional payment options.

Unfortunately, Verified Traders being a scam, misuses the good features of cryptos. It is impossible to issue chargebacks with digital currency. Additionally, the method allows the sender and receiver to remain anonymous. You cannot identify the wallet owner. The moment you hit the send button, you lose access to the cash. 

Another major red flag with is the lack of legal documents. Legitimate companies have terms and conditions policy. Here you will find all the relevant information regarding the fees. 

In the FAQs section, the platform mentions charging a 1% annual management fee. They also take 10% of the profit, a tenth of your earnings. 

Contact Details and Customer Support Services

VerifiedTraders claims to have offices in Singapore, Kenya, and Paris. On their website footer, there is an office address. It indicates the scheme originates from Kenya. There is also a phone number and email address. Unfortunately, the address is generic. The swindler is operating from Kenya, but he has no office. Review, Review

Scammers are only responsive when they need more cash. Once you run out of money, they blacklist your number. Do not share essential personal data with anonymous companies. The Ponzi scheme is persuading all levels of traders to join them, even with zero trading knowledge. 

Investing with legitimate companies grants you peace of mind. You can also contact customer support 24/7. Genuine firms also set up social media pages to interact with traders. Visiting their pages will give you insightful information about trending and upcoming events. 

Is VerifiedTraders Legal?

A company need to have a license to be considered legal VerifiedTraders operates in over 26 countries. Yet has no license from any region. Some of these areas have strict rules for brokers. The company chooses to operate in Kenya, yet it is not licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). The agency is not as strict as other financial bodies in the industry. 

Some of the reputable worldwide financial watchdogs include; The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Future Association of the USA, The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Australian Security Investment Commission (ASIC) and Cyprus Security Exchange Commission (CySEC). 

These bodies have set hefty capital requirements for brokers seeking licenses. The amount differs from one region to the other. For instance, in the US, companies must deposit $20 Million, while in the UK, 730K EUR. The money proves a firm can manage its investment activities successfully without misusing customers’ funds. 

Unfortunately, VerifiedTraders is not regulated. The company cannot afford to compensate investors in the insolvency event. Additionally, there is no negative account balance protection. Traders could lose more money than their initial deposit. 

Some overlooked perks of dealing with a legit crypto company include being confident the broker will be active. Scammers shut down their businesses without giving notice. You wake up one day, and the website is down. You become frustrated, but sadly, you can do nothing to resolve the matter. The only way out is to stick to regulated platforms.

VerifiedTraders Clients Feedback

The fraudulent company features one positive feedback on the website. The reviewer claims he made a big chunk of profit in an hour. He has invited family and friends to join him in making money. The alleged investors recommend to everyone. Do not be too quick to jump to conclusions.

It is easy to feature reviews on your website. Scammers use stock images and write the statements themselves. There are also misleading reviews from VerifiedTraders marketers. These individuals will receive commissions for every reader they convert into paying customers. 

The website has low traffic, and the domain name is recently registered. It takes time to build a reputation. You will rarely find expert traders wasting their time in such a scheme. It all depends on how red you like your red flags. Do not test the waters with this obvious Ponzi scheme.

Is Verified Traders Legit or a Scam?

VerifiedTraders lacks an active trading interface. Even the worst scammers in the market provide a web-trader platform to appear legitimate. The lack of actual trading products and services makes them a big joke. 

Without legal documentation, the company can withhold your cash. Additionally, they can inflict hidden fees. You are likely to be treated unethically on such a platform. Reporting these fraudsters to the authority would not do much since the authority would also have difficulty identifying the culprits. 

VerifiedTraders Review, Verified Traders withdrawal

The company has an SSL certificate, but the document is enough to protect your data. Not when you willingly share your ID, phone number, email address, and proof of address with fraudsters. 

These are infamous scammers who will bring you down. We have seen Ponzi schemes selling information about their victims to criminals. You end up finding your data on the dark web. Only entrust critical information to genuine companies. At least with such companies, you are treated with decency. 

Verified Trader keeps showing pop-ups of investors that have withdrawn some cash. This is nothing but a false alarm. Such ploys are common with Ponzi schemes. Novice investors looking for get-rich-quick opportunities end up joining due to a fake marketing strategy. VerifiedTraders is playing with your psychology. 

How many people are called James, Robert, Jason, etc in the world? How would you authenticate the information displayed on Which country do the alleged investors come from? Sometimes it is crucial to lay down the facts. Doing so saves you the trouble of engaging in bogus schemes. 

Fund Safety at VerifiedTraders

You won’t get fund safety from The company does not work with reputable financial institutions. It is a mandatory requirement for brokers to segregate investors’ accounts from the company’s accounts. They must work with top-tier banks. The process also ensures a smooth and fast withdrawal process. 

Another thing is you never get fund safety from unregulated companies run by anonymous individuals. The fraudsters only care about themselves. Investing in VerifiedTraders opens a portal of failure. 

Final Verdict

There is nothing like financial freedom with VerifiedTraders. It is point blank that Warren Ouma is a scammer, and his website is a Ponzi scheme. The fraudulent company is hiding behind technology. Unfortunately, they do not even have trading tools. 

Trade only with reputable crypto companies. These are entities endorsed by many traders. Their performance is also verified. The brokers work with professional and friendly customer support. If you have any queries, you can reach them easily. 

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