IuniTrade Review: Iunitrade.com A Minacious Broker

IuniTrade Review
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Iuni Trade tries to hide its murkiness by using fake certificates made by quacks for low figures. Legit regulation data help in earning more trust with the investment firm. Unregulated platforms do not last long in the market, and they hardly follow any guidelines.

IuniTrade is a shady forex broker that we do not think will generate any profits for you. The company exposes a lot of red flags that surely prove the company may have a hidden agenda. In addition, they offer you an opportunity to start trading on your terms. They provide a variety of assets with claims of more than 200 instruments.

You probably might be in doubt that the company is somehow legit. We did thorough research from various sources since the company is poorly detailed. Also, much relevant data has been left out of the band as you read this unbiased review. You may have a change of thoughts on whether or not you should invest with IuniTrade.

Consequently, there are legit forex brokers that you may consider to invest and gain considerable profits through various tried and tested strategies. IuniTrade software is easily accessible and available for download and supports Meta Trader5.

Iunitrade.com Review, Iunitrade.com Company

Besides this information, nothing really shows that they are into any trading. The page appears to have been made by quacks as it lacks any professionalism. Additionally, they promise traders the best trading environment. Hence without transparency, it would be hard not to trust an investment firm with your funds.

The people behind the platform are unknown, and so is any information regarding their team of employees.  Not only are your funds at risk, but also personal information may fall into the wrong hands. During the registration period, scammers like Iuni Trade may even require you to share personal data.

Iuni Trade allows its traders to view contest statistics and modify leverage. Traders can also access demo account; thus, it’s only wise to stick to the demo account till they reveal more reliable data. 

Iunitrade.com Review

Iunitrade.com showcases a lot of scam traits that are straight warnings not to waste a single coin here. However, they promise huge bonuses and high return profit margins that are hardly attainable yet attractive.

Hence once you fall for their catch and deposit funds, that’s the end of any interaction between you and them. Ponzi Schemes will continuously contact you, luring you to deposit funds with promises of high returns within a concise period.

The same trait is visible in Iuni Trade customers get active bonuses. Moreover, the bonus is not withdrawable, and you definitely have to deposit a certain amount for you to access the funds. IuniTrade aims to provide forex trading for everyone, including newbie investors.

Thus you would expect such a platform to feature educational content. This type of data has been left out. They only seem to be oriented with customers’ deposits. They brag about providing professional service, yet not a single data on their qualification is available. 

When it comes to security, they promise investors 100% security. Iunatrade.com grants traders secure MAMM account. Besides this information, there is no guarantee you are dealing with a legit platform. Furthermore, the anonymous founders could be keeping the funds in their personal accounts.

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Iuni Trade protects traders from negative balance when the market suddenly shifts. The market faces high volatility, and a negative balance is not suitable to protect you from losses. Also, a thorough analysis will help yielding profiting returns. Market shifts may greatly affect the price of assets, and you should invest with legit brokers that manage your risks. 

The investment firm claims to be the best in forex trading and offers all traders an opportunity to earn. There is no data to show any trade activities taking place, such as past trade history, which is highly recommendable. Also, if Iuni Trade were generating profits for traders, they would have positive feedback and testimonials to rely on.

Funds Safety

Iuni Trade offers investors low commissions on deposits and withdrawals. The minimum trade amount is $200 with split-second execution with spreads from 0.7. Moreover, there is no guarantee your funds safe, there is no information regarding qualifications, and you risk dealing with criminals.

Iuni Trade fails to provide any trade history that you can count on. Besides, there is no evidence of any successful withdrawals made by traders. Also, the trading world faces very high competition, and entering trades blindly will result in massive losses.

Iuni Trade features a made-up section showing they have won various awards to appear legit. However, it would help if you watched such traits as they do so only to lure you into depositing funds.

There is no banking information or rather a refund policy. Hence in any case you are dissatisfied with Iunitrade.com services getting your funds is impossible. Scammers will hold your funds for long and ignore your calls or even block you from accessing any of their services.

Meanwhile, the longer they maintain anonymity helps they to swindle more from innocent investors. Transparency is what most expert traders look for before venturing into any investment firm. There is no guarantee Iuni Trade is safe or the style of trade is suitable.

IuniTrade Contact Details 

Iuni Trade features email support and telephone contact; support@iunitrade.com and +447448235441, respectively. However, the main concern is if the contact information is working. You should always receive instant responses to your queries. 

IuniTrade Review, IuniTrade Contact Details

Working contact support proves you can put more trust in the investment firm. Also, the location address available points to Hyde Park House Business Centre Manfred Road, Putney, London SW105 2RSK. This location does not have anything to do with Iunitrade.com.The FCA is the main regulator in the UK and does not seem to recognize Iuna Trade.

IuniTrade Regulation Status

Regulated forex brokers will always showcase a high level of transparency. The methods of operation are reliable to generate reasonable returns in such investment firms. Regulatory data is critical in earning you more trust with the platform.

Iuni Trade tries to hide its murkiness by using fake certificates made by quacks for low figures. Legit regulation data help in earning more trust with the investment firm. Unregulated platforms do not last long in the market, and they hardly follow any guidelines.

In addition, the founders risk facing criminal prosecutions that’s probably the main reason for hiding the same data. Scammers can barely afford to pay regulation fees. Hence they can hardly pay customers profits. 

Therefore due to the rampant increase of Pyramid schemes such as Iunitrade.com. Different countries, if not all, have made it mandatory to avail such data to the public. Therefore, they are illegally generating funds from the public. 

Final Verdict

Iuni Trade is not safe to earn your trust because you will end up losing all your funds. The company has a shady method of operation, and no data regarding the software is known. Furthermore, they do not provide any regulatory data, and neither does any regulatory data recognize them.

Thus without transparency, there is no way to tell you are dealing with professionals. Also, they brag about having won multiple awards that are nonexistent in the trading world. Hence, you should avoid Iuni Trade at all costs, invest with tried and tested forex brokers, and earn considerable profits.

They showcase multiple scam traits that serve as red flags. The founders of the company are anonymous, raising more doubts about the services they promise traders. You have every right to know the people that are trading with your funds. 


5 Replies to “IuniTrade Review: Iunitrade.com A Minacious Broker”

  1. Rajesh Kumar

    I have invested $8000 in iuni trade through zebpay but when I requested for withdrawal iuni employees demanded to pay tax $1757 and promised to Credit $11000 including benefit with in 2 hours I pay tax amount $1757 and after that amount not Credited withdrawal in my account till now. So please help me to saving my funds. My husband is in depression from last 2 days. If anyone help me please call me at 7889082004 or 7053333633 India

  2. Susanta Kumar Swain

    I have invested $2000 in iuni trade through coinswitch but when I requested for withdrawal iuni employees demanded to pay tax $5000 and promising me to Credit $28000 including benefit with in 2 hours I pay tax amount $5000 what should I do now is there any way I can scam them and get my 2000 back please help

  3. K. Jaganathan

    I have invested Rs.37,500 (Without Charges), dt. 18.02.2021 in iuni trade through Globe Pay & coinswitch Rs.83,000, dt. 31.03.2021 (Purchased BTC) this amount transferred to trade account through BTC but when I requested for withdrawal iuni employees not responding. many times i am sending mail (compliance@iunitrade.com,
    support@iunitrade.com) request also but not reply. Please help me. i don’t want profit please send my invested amount only

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