Jabrix Scalper Review: Another Unsubstantiated Robot

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Jabrix Scalper is another unproven Forex Scalping ‘expert advisor’ with no proven track record. The product is the brainchild of one Eko Rahmadi who is associated with numerous scams. Developed by an unknown developer and released on 21st April 2020, this is a dangerous robot. For those who don’t know his asking price, the unproven robot is going for $1,000. Who in their right mind would buy a robot that is unproven for such an amount? Get to know more in this detailed Review.

Jabrix Scalper Review

About Jabrix Scalper

Information regarding the robot or how it works is scanty at best. The developer gives users no details as to the strategies used by the robot. And this is one of the main reasons why investors need to be careful with the platform. The robot is without a doubt a scam as no one has come out with proof of winning. Jabrix Scalper is getting help from other scam artists to sell the product via affiliate programs. And this is to show how experienced Eko Rahmadi is when dealing with false products.

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Jabrix Scalper on the other hand is a robot that came out the other day. The developers have already started rolling out version 2.0. Why roll out a new version when the main one is barely a few weeks old? These are sales tactics that scam developers use to fool investors. The developer will claim that the spots for purchasing the older model are few. And this is why it is best to jump to the new version. The older version with a few spots is selling at a very high price of $1,000.

Assets Covered by the Robot

Apparently, information on the assets that the robot is good at is missing. Investors are led to believe that the robot works on Forex assets. The forex asset is wide and also includes Crypto. Does JabrixScalper also cover digital trading assets? What are the currency pairs signals available with the robot? These are the vital data missing from the robot which is a bit odd. The developers want users to sign up with a robot that offers no valid feedback. And this is why we have to raise the red flags with this robot.

Business owner

Eko Rahmadi claims to be a sole proprietor and is based in Indonesia. He claims to be a professional MQL programmer with years of trading experience. When it comes to job experience, he is quoted as saying to have over ’10 years’ of MQL5 freelancing. His profile has a five-star rating which he possibly earned from paying users. The number of jobs completed is 55 which means over 10 years, he had 6 jobs per year. He claims the product is his own and is just focuses on selling this one product.

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Customer Feedback

On his MQL5 platform, it is clear to see that some members are unhappy with the platform. He has paid other members to paint his product as a success. The few who are bold to state the truth include one Epic Painter. He claims that there have been no trades open for the last two weeks. Others like ULRMADE TEC are asked to join his telegram channel for more. And this is why we strongly believe that this is a scam. Eko wants to drive the attention of the scam away from the MQL5 platform.

Features of Jabrix Scalper

Jabrix Scalper Feedback

The robot comes with a parameter that consists of a magic number. Other features worth mentioning include auto lots, distance pending from currency price in pips, fix lots, trailing start, and volatile threshold. Users have to make over 10 different settings as the default settings don’t work; this is according to the developer. A real robot should work on the default settings which is an indication of the faults. He claims to add more parameters to the robot which means it is not as effective as stated.

License and Registration of Jabrix Scalper

Jabrix Scalper License is NOT REGULATED by any forex regulator to offer any trading products or services. And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform with no sense of professionalism. The problem with such products is that they don’t protect clients from unforeseen risks. Any investor who buys the platform should not expect any money-back guarantee. The robot is unable to protect users from other risks such as breakdown or slow response time.

To find out whether the product is licensed, we searched for any form of validation. There is no REGULATION from Indonesia or ISO certified number on the platform. And this is proof we are dealing with an unproven robot. Stay away from such products as they tend to be a thorn in the flesh. Hundreds have lost their funds with the platform with no way of recovering the funds. Recovery agents are unable to get a hold of Eko who is believed he is not really Indonesian. And this is a problem when the developer goes underground and is not available for comment.

Limitations of Jabrix Scalper

Analysis of the robot

Jabrix Scalper Purchasing the Robot

This is a Forex robot that is going for an insane price tag of $1,000. The main strategy is hedging and scalping as indicated by the developer. It only uses a one-time frame of M1 and the pairs listed include EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY. It mainly deals with major currency pairs in the market. The developer is using a pricing model where after each sale; the price of the bot goes up by $100. And this is an insane method as everyone is pushing the sale of the robot higher. The biggest problem is that the robot does not deliver on its promise.

Customer and Contact Information

The only way to reach the developer is by opening an account with MQL5. Another way of reaching out to him is by signing up and connecting via telegram. These communication channels limit members from reaching out to Eko. He should have used other communication channels such as emails and phone numbers. Since he knows the robot is a fraud, he doesn’t want to make any contact with his victims. Stay away from the platform as it is another daring scam from another unknown developer.

Results of Trading

After checking with FX Blue accounts and myfxbook for evidence of trading results, none popped up. And this is proof that the developer is selling a product that is not genuine. He should at least give proof of the robot’s capability. Over a hundred investors have bought this robot and none has posted winning with the bot. And this is a good enough reason to stay away from the robot. It should be swept away from the MQL5 platform to avoid other victims from falling into the trap.

The strategy used by the robot

The robot claims to use a ‘dynamic algorithm’ strategy to come up with signals. What the developer claims are that the algorithm captures volatility and price movements. The developer claims that his approach sets the bot apart from others in 2020. He claims that he shifted from scalping to a more advanced model of hedging and scalping hybrid. None of his strategies seems to work as there is no evidence of the claims.

Safety of funds with Jabrix scalper

After checking out the robot, it is clear security of funds is not guaranteed by the robot. With no money-back guarantee feature, investors are throwing away their $1,000. The program also fails to have essential software such as SSL encryption which is vital. Stay away from the platform if you want to trade safely.

Scam or Legit Jabrix Scalper

Jabrix Scalper is a scam and the evidence is there for everyone to see. Lack of winning results is proof of the robot’s inability to create any profit. Investors should ignore Eko and choose robots with a proven background.

Closing Remarks

To protect our esteemed readers, we have to add this robot to our scam blacklist.

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