JustProForex Review: Justproforex.com Cloned Scam

JustProForex (Justproforex.com) is a broker using another legit broker’s information as their own. It is purporting to take the side of investors when it comes to trading. The broker claims to offer 13 asset classes with over 1,000 trading instruments. Other empty claims posted on their homepage include receiving over 35 international awards. Scam brokers will do or say anything to try and sell their online reputation. Find out more in this detailed and honest review.

About JustProForex

JustProForex Review

Not much can be said regarding this broker, who is offering leverage of 1:1000. Such harsh trading conditions are associated with brokers who try and entice newbies to sign up. The broker claims to provide ultra-low trading costs with low commissions. Just Pro Forex is claiming to offer MT4 and MT5 trading terminals on their platform. These are false claims as we found out they are rolling out a custom-built trading platform. And this is just a tip of the iceberg regarding this rogue online trading platform.

Awards Posted

At the bottom of their homepage, JustProForex is claiming to have won some accolades. These awards include Best Execution in Germany, Best Forex Broker Germany 2013, among others. The list of best brokers in Germany from 2013 to the present has no such broker in existence. And this is proof these scam brokers are using false information to fool investors. A more in-depth investigation reveals the awards posted are mere logos and don’t have any names engraved. A real prize will come with the engraved name of the winner. And this is another concrete proof Just Pro Forex is a scam.

Crew behind Just Pro Forex

JustProForex is silent when it comes to who runs and operates the platform. They claim to have won numerous awards and fail to give us the name of any employee. And this is an indication we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. These are scam artists who have nothing else to do than steal from investors. What the broker wants is to throw off prying eyes when in case of complaints. Avoid signing up with online brokers who have nothing else to do than steal from investors.

Domain Details of the Broker

According to the records on most domain registers, the platform is barely a year old. Records show the website justproforex.com was created on 17th December 2019. And this is proof we are dealing with a platform with no proven reputation. Claims of being active in the industry for over five years are quickly refuted. These are scam brokers who have nothing else to do than steal from unsuspecting investors. Stay away from such illicit trading platforms as they shut down as quickly as they opened shop.

Trading Instruments

JustProForex is claiming to offer CFDs on bonds, commodities, Cryptos, indices, and shares. The platform also claims to trade, Forex, metals, and exchange-traded physical stocks. What we realized was the main problem with the platform is the lack of proper information regarding assets. Leverage is set at 1:1000, which is a trap to entice newbies to sign up. Spreads on these assets are not mentioned, which makes the platform unfavorable. Investors are signing up blindly, not knowing what the broker whether the broker offers harsh trading conditions.

Vision for the Platform

According to their mission and vision statement, they want to deliver better trading. Complaints from members quickly water down their visions as more and more victims come out. They claim to believe in transparency, which is far from the truth. Just Pro Forex is requesting to operate a pure agency model. They offer DMA/STP execution while keeping the interest of clients in mind. These are sales lingo meant to drive investors into signing up with the platform. The best way is to stay away from this ridiculous trading platform.

License and Registration of JustProForex

A look at their about us page reveals more than one regulatory claim status. The broker claims to be regulated by BaFIN, CySEC, FCA, and FSC. They also claim their overseas limited is registered to participate in dealing securities. These are all false claims as we reached out to these bodies for confirmation. All the above regulators have not heard of a broker with the name Just Pro Forex. And one of these regulators has issued a formal warning on the use of the broker in question.

JustProForex CySEC Warning

CySEC has posted a warning on its homepage regarding the use of Just Pro Forex. Just Pro Forex has been using false credentials to try and sell their online reputation. The license and registration numbers posted on the platform are random numbers. None of these numbers make sense, which means we are dealing with a hoax. They have even gone a step further and used the registration details of a known broker. And this is where we draw the line with such platforms. Any platform out to commit fraud should not drag a reputable broker down the drain. A genuine broker is one that makes sure your investment is safe.

Restrictions of JustProForex

Account Details

What is shocking in regards to the broker is the lack of information on accounts offered. JustProForex is quiet when it comes to the types of accounts on offer. The majority of the members we contacted claimed to have given control of their accounts to managers. And this is probably the reason why no one has posted details regarding statements. They want users to blindly sign up and give up control of their funds to managers. What is shocking is that these managers are not professionals; they are hired goons.

Contact and Support

JustProForex is using a chatbot to act as a live agent when communicating with members. The problem with chatbots is that they are not able to deliver accurate information. A real live agent will be able to understand the visitor more than a bot. They have also used an email and phone address as a means of communication. The problem with emails is members might wait for ages before getting a response. These scam brokers are using a virtual phone number to act as a UK number. The number rarely goes through.

Funding Accounts

The platform is using several depository channels available to everyone. These channels include Bank transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Skrill, and Visa. The problem with the website is it lacks proper information regarding depositing rules. Withdrawing funds remains to be the biggest challenge facing members. The members who contacted our help desk claimed to have been blocked from accessing their funds. And this is another proof of the rot happening within the platform.

Trading Platform

Although the platform claims to offer MT4 and MT5 trading terminals, this is far from the truth. A custom-built trading platform is what greets members once they sign up. The platform is unstable and slow at executing speeds. And this is one of the main reasons why members are losing funds. The platform is not compatible with mobile devices. Security is also an issue as the platform does not have proper features. Lack of vital software to protect investors put members at risk. Every platform should protect users from DDoS attacks instigated by third parties.

Security of funds with JustProForex

Another issue we must raise with the platform pertains segregation of funds. The broker is pooling funds in one bank account, which is contrary to set trading conditions.  These brokers have been laughing all the way to the bank with each deposit. Members have unknowingly been depositing funds into the scammer’s bank account. And this is why none of the victims can withdraw funds. The broker claims the funds are for services rendered to these individuals.

Scam or Legit JustProForex

JustProForex Trading Platform

After going through the facts, it is clear Just Pro Forex is a scam. Stay away from this ridiculous trading platform, or else risk losing your entire funds. Warn any loved ones on the dangers of using a platform with copied registration details. Mark any emails received from their email marketing team as spam. These scam brokers will even call investors and ask for their credit card details. Avoid sharing your bank credentials with these so-called account managers. After taking these precautions, block any calls associated with the platform.


Adding the platform to our scam blacklist will protect our readers. To trade safely when trading with digital assets, it is best to use excellent trading brokers. And this will lead to growth in your profit margin.

Stay away from any suspicious platform and continue reading our reviews for more.

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